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Saturday, 20 June 2009


This video actually made me cry. O_o

I probably wouldn't have if I was watching with say... my sis, but I was alone in the middle of the night so... Ehehehh =P

May be going out with my brother later. Dunno. Depends if my parents are alright with it since he hasn't completed his Geo project yet. It's nothing for me, just that HE is dying to get his hands on whatever it is he wants me to get for him since I promised him I'd get him something as a birthday present before I leave.

We can always wait till next week.

And I'm planning to re-watch "Over The Rainbow". I've watched it before, but that was BEFORE I knew Hwanhee's from FTTS. =P

I tell you, his voice is just... *swoons*


Okay so maybe I should leave the girly stuff to the girly girls. O_o

On a brighter note, I'm done with A Levels! Gonna paint the town RED.

Taking off the darn braces on the 9th, getting them retainers on the 11th, one day before I leave.

Come to think of it, in less than 4 weeks I'd be venturing into a whole new experience, a whole new world... And it still hasn't hit me yet. I left college yesterday night with a little less than hard feelings, glancing briefly back at the college building, knowing that I would never set foot there again, remembering what joys and pains it gave me, the new people I was glad to/should never have met...

Plan to go visit Sri Aman before I leave for Singapore. I haven't been back there since Datin's farewell, which was almost 2 years ago...

Hope my teachers are still around larr.

*Dang... didn't that sound SO Malaysian?*

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