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Monday, 29 June 2009

Current Favourite Phrase...

or punch-line, or whatever you wanna call it.

Got this from "swan Princess" actually, call me lame but I found it pretty funny, and I do plan on using it on any of my guyfriends who (most of which) are clueless about girls and their whims and fancies. =P

"You should write a book, on how to offend women in five syllables, or less."


Yes, I've been THAT bored. Well, it's only because I haven't got exams to study for anymore, and have been doing nothing productive apart from daily 6-hour practices. And watching Brian Joo's funny antics on "Loveletter". =)

Maybe that's what's driving me insane. O_o

I meant the practice! =)

Not Brian, though I think fan-girling over him MIGHT play a part. 

Go check it/him out (if you, like me, are abominably free) he's interviewed  people like Mariah Carey and Ne-yo, sings like an angel (to me at least), dances well, speaks English FLUENTLY and has an incredible sense of humour.

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