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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Before and After =)

And After...
Yes... It's DARN short.

But I like it. So sue me =D

But dang... I look like I'm 12 or something. That's the same hair style I had back in Standard 6, just with a more stylish fringe. O_o

My mom still tried selling the whole bob-cut idea to me.

I didn't buy it. =P


Lina26435 said...

frighteningly in a good way, u look like your mom. And, I can see the female version of ivan. XD

shh..he'll death-stare me.

Babyboss Pictures said...


Clarissa said...


Aigoo... It's just a hair cut. All I did was chop off about 6 inches off my hair.

Ya'll make it sound as if I did a mohawk or something... XD

Amelia said...

woah. drastic. =)

Clarissa said...

Does it look THAT bad?? *frowns*