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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Angels and Demons

The movie is a must-watch...

But the book is TO-DIE-FOR!

I absolutely couldn't put the darn book down! I only started reading it yesterday, and managed to finish it at 4a.m. this morning. 

Ssh... Don't tell my mom. I'm supposed to be studying for my A Levels, but frankly speaking, I couldn't care less about it. Ehehe... 

Gte the book, like... seriously. Especially if you're into the science/religion/history stuff... I'm not a huge fan of history myself, but the way the author (Dan Brown) wrote the book was SO captivating that I plan to get a book on Roman history after my exams!

Anyways, I have yet to practice today so... I'll leave the ranting to a less obligation-filled day.


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