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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wee Hush Puppies!!

Got a new pair of casual-wear sandals from Hush Puppies, courtesy of my aunt who was in a very charitable mood today. Haha! Cost RM239. Most expensive pair of sandals I've ever owned. Lol.

Had a drink with Su Yin, Jebat, James and Andrew in A&W after I passed Jebat's viola strings to him. Heh. Had quite a heated discussion with regards to yesterday's badminton match: M'sia and China, to which (obviously) we lost, due to the lack of mental stability on Koo Kean Kiat's part. Boon Heong was the stronger player last night, and if Kean Kiat had kept his cool (and had NOT shown his middle finger at the whole world in the 2nd game due to temper loss) they could have won.

Korea lost earlier this evening. But at least THEY showed good sportsmanship. Both teams played well, but then HaiFeng and CaiYun got really agressive at the end so... It was a good game, nevertheless, and a joy to watch. Fantastic entertainment, compared to (in my opinion) over paid drama-kings on the football pitch. =D

Ate at Nippon Tei, got the neccessary "cosmetics" and a nice pair of white gold+diamond earrings from Swarovski. Wanted to get the Hugo Boss watch as well (Original price RM2099, discount 80%, you do the math) but I don't wear watches often anyways, so...

I don't like accessorising, to be honest. The current pair of earrings I have on now have not been changed for the last few months. =)

Gonna indulge in some heavenly Haagen Daaz Chocolate ice-cream now. Heehee.

I'm a happy girl