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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sphor, Lalo AND.... Mozart!

Haha. Just some random piano trios we're trying out. I kinda like the Mozart one, though my part's killer, but the melody's simple enough. It's just a lot of running notes, if you look closely enough. =) Looked a little at the 3 pieces earlier and the Lalo and Sphor just confuses me. O_o

I haven't been updating much, because there's barely anything to update about! I'd just finished my Lit 3 exam (Hamlet) a few days ago, and I'm free for 3 weeks till my next paper/MPYO camp.

Speaking of which, I'd better get those parts out and start practicing. Haven't even thought about the 8-bar thing yet...

OOHHH! And I STILL have not TOUCHED my Econs notes/books. I think my brain has shut off anything to do with Economics. Seriously, I'm not even joking. Everytime I memorize those darn theories, I forget them the minute I put my notes down. When I'm reading through questions, I think I know how to do them, but when I sit down and want to write my answers. nothing comes out. I have absolutely no idea why. Perhaps the subject is err... "not my thing" if that's the only way I can put it.


Oh well, like it or not, I'll have to scrape at least a "B" for it or my parents will have my head on a silver platter.

And so it shall be plain memorizing and regurgitating for me because I have no intentions of taking the trouble to actually understand the damn thing. Knowing my brain capabilities (which is not much, to be honest), by the time I understand why the hell they make up those effing theories which don't even bloody work, I'd have memorized all cases for Law.

I think that's probably why I've shut off whatever our dear lecturer has taught us after the topic of "Unemployment". Whatever I've "learnt" after that was bloody rubbish, because it's always: Ladidadida... this works for the long term BUT Yakyakyak; or Blablabla this applies to third world countries BUT the first world countries are the ones to blame; or this theory works wonders when you look at ONE commodity BUT doesn't do crap if you wanna analyse 2 commodities.

Then why effing ask me to remember stuff that don't work in reality?

I'm just not a statistics type of person. Gimme Maths anyday, I LOVE maths. But don't shove tables, graphs and theories in my face and expect me to memorize them IF I don't see a purpose for it.

I should've taken Maths or Physics instead of Economics. At least THOSE subjects are based on stone-cold solid facts... O_o

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Economics or Economists... I'm just not suited to the subject, that's all. I salute those who are genius enough to think up ways to improve the economy as well as those who study it. But then again, those theories are the very reason for our current economy to be going downhill.

Blehh... or maybe there's something hidden between the lines and I'm just too stupid to see it.

Perhaps I am, just an idiot. =)

So sue me