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Friday, 15 May 2009

Of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

Funny how things turn out sometimes, no? Some days you're sitting in your living room, stoning, and wondering how did you get to this stage in your life in a blink of an eye... Next minute you're up on your feet and doing something else, then you look back again and gasp...

Has that much time passed???

Or maybe it just happens to people like me who would like to take a step back from their crazy life and look at how far they've come. O_o

My dad and I were sitting infront of the Mac last night, browsing on Youtube, watching jazz musicians perform live.

Jazz musicians from 20++ years ago.

It started with Lina giving me a link to a Yamaha Clavinova recording of a Japanese girl playing the theme song from "One Piece" (an anime). My parents were there, so they watched it along with me. After that, my dad was like: any more?

Off it went from the likes of Japanese Junior Original Concerts to Max Takano, to Hiroshi Kubota, followed by Sadao Watanabe, then Lee Ritenour, Steve Gadd, Dave Grusin, Don Grusin etc. And the list goes on...

I've seen Max Takano twice, I think. He came to Malaysia on numerous occasions to perform and give lecturers. For those of you who don't know him, he plays the electone, and specialises in orchestrations. I'm not a big fan of electone-ized orchestral music, to be honest- because most of them come out sounding like crap, but with Max Takano, you could close your eyes and picture a full orchestra performing. His usage and combis of the registration available to him on the electone are just scarily amazing.

Needless to say, my parents love his performances and make it a point to go everytime he comes. As I watched the videos last night, I was left to think: if only I was a bit older, then I would've appreciated his playing when I heard it. As it is, I only remember his name and that he played the electone. I have watched countless of other electone performers and they're good, no doubt, but after last night...

I realise how blind I've been.

That's only a part of what I was thinking about as I watched these musicians and witnessed the extent to which they are passionate about what they do. I used to have this idea that all jazz musicians do are jam chords and play complicated rhythms that no one understands. Watching it live, it's a completely different experience, I had a small taste of that when Rachel and I went for the Fourplay concert in DFP. Then watching them up close on video last night... The smiles on their faces, the pure expression of complete bliss and the joy of being able to play on stage and love it.

And after last night, I wonder if I'd ever get the chance to perform like that, alongside close friends who enjoy it as much as I do, play music and love it. Doesn't matter if it's jazz or classical or even mainstream pop (though I'm sorry, I will not tolerate rock), just...

Not for the money, not for the glory, not because of the fame that comes along with being a good performer, not because it's the only thing I'm good at...

Just because I love it.

I wonder if _________ will cause me to lose that love... I pray not.


PianoGirl said...

wakakakakakak....you watched Lee Ritenour and the jazz greats...all from that link that I gave you?!?!

wahsai...youtube memang hebat.

this post is well said. *applauds*


oXYmoroN© said...

welcome to my world.. well at least a part of it haha

Clarissa said...

Lina: Haha. Yeah... Cuz my dad's a huge jazz enthusiast. Loves jazz music. I've been getting him jazz CDs on his birthdays for years!

David: hehe. Yes, I've stepped into the wonderful world of Jazz-mania =P