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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

No Hye Sung please... But gimme Jun Jin ANYDAY =D

From LOUISA's blog:

Yeah, you got me. I had a dream a few nights before involving my sister being engaged to Hye Sung. It was so weird, and half believable, half unbelievable, and since it wasn't really finished, because it ended when my sister's phone started ringing the alarm. It was the song "Still" and I had to get up and switch it off. 

Anyways, after I told my sister, I was like "You know what? We should make a twist in it. We should say Yun Ho and Jun Jin came in at that moment and stopped the wedding. Then Micky will come in after that. Yun Ho and Jun Jin will do a dance battle and Micky and Hye Sung will sing to settle the score."

"As a conclusion, Yun Ho will marry you and Micky will be mine!!!"

But my sis is still torn between Jun Jin and Yun Ho. O_o Since they're both still at an o-kay age for her to consider =)

:P Hey, trust me, I'd love Hye Sung to be my husband, but for one, I don't want one and another, he's too old for me. Hello? 9 years difference is still considerably o-kay, but SIXTEEN years? That's too much.

Just so you people know, whatever immature phrases used above were constructed by my sis in HER blog. I just didn't know how to para-phrase her words (if it's possible in the first place) so I just cheated and copied-then-pasted it here.

Ah yes... Laugh all you want. I don't wish to deprive myself entirely of my girly-ness. If there's such a term. O_o And yes, this maybe hard to believe, but I like hot Korean guys. Well, 2 hot Korean artiste, to be precise. *winces at the huge amount of laughter*

Ordinarily, I wouldn't be blogging about something as trivial as such, but since I'm bored and the dream mentioned above is nothing I've ever had before, I figured I'd just mention it. =)

Leave it to my sis to dream about something THAT far-fetched. She's been watching too much of Hye Sung, I reckon. And too much Anime, to boot. Which explains the unrealistic-ness of the dream. For one, my Korean ain't anywhere near sufficient to communicate with a local, let alone have one as a boyfriend, on top of that, both Hye Sung and Jun Jin (let's face it) are WAY too old for me.

Sides, I'm not anywhere near attractive enough for a normal guy in M'sia, let alone some Korean hottie who's constantly surrounded hotter Korean (plastic-surgery-aided) chicks.

God, I'm making myself gag.

Never knew I was capable of sounding SO immature. Just to clear things up a little, as much as some may not believe, I'm no idiot. I know the difference between dreams and reality.

So just buzz off and leave me alone to fawn over them for the remainder of time I can afford to do so. ^_^


Tarrant said...

Again, brandishing your maimed self image in the throes of denial.

But yes, i was laughing quite a fair bit. XD

Clarissa said...

I'm not surprised about the laughing part in the least. But I do not agree with the whole "I'm living in denial" part =)

PianoGirl said...

wonderful. You can have Junjin and even though Lou says she doesn't like Hyesung as much as she wants to marry Park Micky, I'm gladly taking him away from her. I watch a lot of Hyesung too. Don't see him coming into my dreams. XD


Clarissa said...

HAHA. My sis has got too much vivid imagination. Apparently, it seemed very real to her... O_o

I've dreamt about Yun Ho once though... But it's too embarrassing for me to share. I'll tell you about it when you come back!! =P