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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

First "Blogpost" Response, if that's what ya'll call it. =)

I'm actually blogging about this in response to a blog post done by my sis not long ago which was entitled "Answering Questions". Not that I've got too much free time on my hands, but I thought I'd better say something about it because what my sis provided wasn't strictly accurate as she did not know the full details.

This "Ravendran" guy was the phoney doc in charge of my grandma after she'd fallen ill the week after her own sister (who comes by our place very often) passed away 2 years back. What she actually needed was dialysis,  because the level of toxicality in her blood had reached an alarming level. In short, her kidneys were malfunctioning, which caused her body to weaken.

Only we only found out when she was at the brink of death.

What actually happened was, my parents had told the Ravendran-bastard about her sister's passing, and he immediately diagnosed her condition as depression. Following the diagnosis was being transferred into the ICU after a mild heart-attack (more details to come) and 20 different types medications which were supposed to "strengthen" her "weak" heart.

Funny, because later, when we transferred her over to Sunway Med, the docs there declared that her heart was the healthiest organ in her body, and that the first blood test (Ravendran had taken TWO blood tests) would have told ANY doc that she needed dialysis.

To make things worse, her mild heart-attack (which caused her to be permanently bed-ridden) would never have happened if she hadn't been given blood transfussion on top of all the other chemicals Ravendran was pouring down her throat.

We thought the bastard was plain stupid. But then we found out that Pantai didn't have the dialysis equipment/machinery. I'll leave you guys to form your own conclusions, but it seemed to my family and I, that they were simply keeping her there so we would run up the hospital bills. The total expense of her stay in that sad excuse of a hospital cost my parents a whooping 40 thousand bucks.

Best part was, the impossibly inhuman animal could only manage a "I've tried my best" whenever my parents asked about my grandmother's condition. So in the end, we decided that if she wasn't going to get any better, we might as well bring her back home.

And you know what the effing monster said???

"It's up to you, but you should not move her around."

Thankfully we DID decide to move her, and we were already preparing for the worst as she could barely keep her eyes open. Our closest relatives came to visit and my aunt and uncle even prayed for her. My dad didn't want to give up, so he thought that we'd give Sunway a go after my aunt suggested it.

One look at the first blood test and she immediately underwent dialysis.

Slowly, her appetite returned, her body strengthened, but she never regained the use of her legs. Her taste buds had also been permanently destroyed because of the all the uneccessary medicines that Ravendran had been shoving down her throat.

I was never a big fan of my grandmother's, for reasons I shall not disclose, but that bastard is just BEGGING for his neck to be wrung.

SO whatever hospital it is, please PLEASE ensure that nobody you care about has the misfortune of being hospitalised in Pantai Cheras.

Err... that's about it, I guess. heh...


PianoGirl said...

Oh Wow. Thanx for the clear up. Lou is an absolute drama queen.

But, Gramps is definitely in a better place now. Did she visit on the first nite? Coz the dogs would have sense her return if she did. =D she's probably just making sure everything's OK...

Clarissa said...

haha. We saw a butterfly, so that might've been her O_o

I'm glad she passed peacefully, at least. But I swear, if that doc is still in practice when I have a lot of money, he's gonna wish he never entered med school =D