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Saturday, 11 April 2009

A Levels...

f*ck it la. Exam's on monday and I haven't even covered half the stuff I'm supposed to have "at the tips of my fingers" as quote from Mrs Dharma.


Had a study session with some friends yesterday, and yeah... at least now I know what I gotta focus on.

But there's no point if I don't start memorizing the darn theories and cases right?


So what am I still doing sitting around doing everything and anything BUT studying???

Ahh... Lack of motivation. But that ain't an excuse. Wish it were back in the Primary School days where my mom would nag me into studying. Not that I'd do it voluntarily, I just did it so she'll stop nagging. The ONLY thing she ever nags me about now is practice, practice and practice.

Looks like I'm gonna flunk everything but Eng Lit in trials.

Let's see, so should I wait for Mrs Dharma to murder me, or should I do everyone a favor and walk into my own coffin?

I won't mind being in a coffin so long as someone turns me into a vampire first.