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Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Parents just came back from Korea. We looked through the pictures they took and...



I'm so freaking Jealous!!!

The view was so nice, and my parents took some really mushy photos that I'd never wanna look at for the rest of my life, and the food looked scrumptious I could feel my mouth watering!

At least they got us loads of stuff =)

They even bought me a Hard Rock T-shirt in Seoul!! I love it. Plus a lipstick, lip-gloss, a chopstick (to be stuck into my hair, not food =P), a bag and notebook (from the teddy bear museum), a music file and a nice set of Korean cutlery (Lord knows what for).

But I love 'em, and it only makes me wanna go there myself even more! Must go during Spring cause that's when all the festivals are on. It's the most romantic season in Korea, apparently. Thanks to the Cherry Blossoms, I suppose.

I will get my boyfriend to take me there someday. =)

Wrote quite a morbid poem yesterday...

But I'll save it for tomorrow cause right now, I feel all sunny-morning-ish. (If there's such a word)


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