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Tuesday, 14 April 2009


I'm going to be brutally murdered after next week. Just you wait. You'll see my name in the orbituary, saying that I died of unatural causes.

I'm actually quite serious.

And yes, Paper 1 sucked even more than Paper 2.

I spent about half an hour staring at my essays. (4 essays in 3 hours, mind you)

15 minutes correcting my mistakes. (grammar, spelling, the likes...)

20 minutes wondering what the hell am I supposed to write about equity and finally crapping something out.

35 minutes each spent on Natural Law and Statutory Interpretation.

45 minutes spent on Judicial Precedent.

It becomes clear now that I've got rubbish time-management in paper 1.

Econs 5 and Lit 5 tomorrow...

Someone shoot me, PLEASE!

On the bright side, I've got my pics uploaded into the Mac already, so they should be up on Facebook... Soon.

If I don't decide to die before that...

Or if by a Miracle, I don't f*ck up my Econs and Lit papers as well.

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Babyboss Pictures said...

Tell me where to shoot...I'll do it. :)