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Saturday, 4 April 2009

2008 At A Glance

Aunt's Birthday (April 2008)
Claris Dinner (the "kids" table)
Claris Dinner 2008
Car Exhibition in PWTC
College mates playing badminton
I'm gonna miss our crazy badminton sessions...
A (body-building) senior from college.
Wee Kiat the semi-obsessive "macho" man

Ayaki Saito Concert in DBKL

Tessie's Open House
I miss these guys (girls)
Middle of June Camp in PERMATA, Bangi (Right before badminton session)

MPYO June Camp Concert in DFP

August Camp Chamber Recital. (Mozart)

August Camp concert in DFP

The Japanese anime gang. =P
Despite all the fuss and sleepless nights, I enjoyed arranging and tutoring you guys (and girls).

The 2008 Second Violin "family" =)

MPYO in Sarawak.

When In Bali... One of the best holidays I've ever had.