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Monday, 27 April 2009

Love Story Accoustic Version?

I don't care, I love it. =) Not a huge fan of Taylor Swift, but I like this song. And this arrangement is even better... =D

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Jaw Lock?

Went to the dentist yesterday... He tightened my braces...

And changed the wires as well. 

For thicker ones.

Which hurt like crap.

Which, in turn, is causing any activity that involves moving my oral cavity to hurt like hell.

And ironically, includes talking. Yes, talking hurts. So does eating, brushing my teeth, yawning, swallowing, smiling...

Yes. Smiling.

Let me put it this way, I feel as if there are invisible rubber bands around my teeth and they're trying to pull my entire jaw off. O_o

Before I forget, I'd like to thank Choon Hui, Alex, Mei Xin, Brandon, Alexis, and whoever else who was involved with getting my birthday cake. You guys made my day... =)

Unfortunately, my lit results had to ruin that.

I didn't fail. Thank God. And I didn't narrowly pass either. But I'm still not happy. I did O-kay... But I'm horribly dissatisfied. I could've done a lot better if I had read deeper into the questions...

And, of course, if that bastard hadn't tried to freeze my hand off during my Pride and Prejudice paper, if the college hadn't suddenly develop a ridiculous want to ban slippers and shorts, if SOME people could be a little quiet moving in and out of the room because SOME of us were trying to concentrate, and if THAT lecturer would know how to keep her voice down and be a little set in her decisions.

But predominantly, I think it was my own fault. =)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Parents just came back from Korea. We looked through the pictures they took and...



I'm so freaking Jealous!!!

The view was so nice, and my parents took some really mushy photos that I'd never wanna look at for the rest of my life, and the food looked scrumptious I could feel my mouth watering!

At least they got us loads of stuff =)

They even bought me a Hard Rock T-shirt in Seoul!! I love it. Plus a lipstick, lip-gloss, a chopstick (to be stuck into my hair, not food =P), a bag and notebook (from the teddy bear museum), a music file and a nice set of Korean cutlery (Lord knows what for).

But I love 'em, and it only makes me wanna go there myself even more! Must go during Spring cause that's when all the festivals are on. It's the most romantic season in Korea, apparently. Thanks to the Cherry Blossoms, I suppose.

I will get my boyfriend to take me there someday. =)

Wrote quite a morbid poem yesterday...

But I'll save it for tomorrow cause right now, I feel all sunny-morning-ish. (If there's such a word)


Sunday, 19 April 2009

It's easier to be MEAN than be NICE...

I'm gonna take it easy from now on...

I am SICK and TIRED of swallowing all your nonsense.

I'm done trying to be nice to you, I don't even know why I bothered trying. The blog post saying all that stuff about me being feeling sorry for you having to suffer on my account??? I'm taking EVERY-SINGLE-WORD-BACK!

It's sickening how you chose to enter my life.

It's even MORE sickening that you opted to leave and felt oh-so-noble when it's me who GAVE you that fucking choice. (I'm done censoring swear words)

Have you got any bloody idea at all how much I risked having you on my back all the time? I nearly lost my parents' trust, lost my sister's confidence in me, and very nearly lost friends. But I didn't tell you all that. You wanna know why?

Cause you would SURE-AS-HELL go down on your knees and cry like you never meant to do it. And THEN come throwing everything back in my face by saying things like:

"How can you do this to me when I sacrificed so much for you?"

Sacrifice WHAT? Your fucking TEAR-GLANDS???

I'm done being strong. I am a girl and I have my weak moments, just as any human would. I know I put on a strong profile, but those who know me well know that I'm not as strong as I try to be.

So guess what? I've got news for you.

You're a real wuss.

I wish I had the mean-ness in me to tell it straight to your face the day you came crying. I want to rip you into pieces for making me feel sorry for your sad excuse of a bad experience.

You want a bad experience?

I'll give you one. 

You're the saddest thing I've ever seen of a guy. You're a disgrace to the entire male population! You're not even worth the letters I'm typing in my blog post but I'm doing it so I don't bloody DIE of anger.

My sis is next to me RIGHT now and she's worried that I'll punch holes in our new keyboard. According to her, I'm RED.

Guess what? It's red-with-FRUSTRATION.

Let it go, alright? I don't even know why I bothered trying to save our friendship. One minute you were ignoring me, the other minute you're talking to me again.

You know what??? Screw you. I'm through being nice. I've tortured myself enough, having to swallow my pride and talk to you JUST because I didn't wanna lose a friendship I THOUGHT was worth having.

The time, money and mental efforts I made to talk to you could've been spent on a whole host of other things that are more important to me than saving your sorry ass.

As to the question you asked me this morning, the REAL answer is:


Let this be a lesson learnt. Do NOT try to give people good impressions by being someone you're not. A wuss is a wuss. Poisonous toadstools don't change their spots.

I hope (for your sake) that you'll find a girl who accepts all your wussy-ness and selfishness.

Get off my back, cause I'm done cleaning up after you.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Leeds University. No Go.

I'm sorry. But 25% isn't nearly enough of a temptation for me accept. 

The lodging fee itself would kill me.

It's funny how one can feel so many things at one time, or one after another. Elated the first, dismayed a fraction of a second later. Why is it that we're always so filled with emotion if it only serves to give us pain after recovery, failure after success, sadness after joy??

I'd rather not feel anything at all then.

When I got accepted into YST, it was complete bliss... Then I was torn between two universities, the other which would definitely give me more exposure. I know I said YST is my first choice, but if I was honest with myself, it's only because I knew the other would not award me a full scholarship. And even if I got the scholarship, it would only cover tuition fees.

My parents are not multi-millionaires, If I were an only child, then maybe, MAYBE they could afford it. But as it is, my siblings need futures of their own and it would be terribly unfair to take them away, just so I can be a few thousand miles further from home.

I'm turning it down for a good cause, I know.

Then why the hell do I still feel like sh*t???

All this, on top of me having screwed up most of my trial papers in college, complete lack of self-confidence in my violin playing as well as my failure as a substitute piano teacher for my mom...

I am, therefore the perfect model of an emotional wreck.

This SO reminds me of what Ron said in one of the Harry Potter installments.

"One person can't feel that many things at once, they'll explode!"

To which Hermione replied: 

"Just because you've got an emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have, Ron."

I dearly wish my emotionall range was just the size (if not smaller) of a teaspoon.

Then why, (I hear thee ask) are you still looking at the website when it's making you feel worse???

I'm already an emotional wreck, what difference can it make?

Friday, 17 April 2009

Of Sweet Beginnings and Bitter Endings...

Econs Unit 6 sucked big time...

Pics are up on Facebook.

In the midst of a break from teaching my mom's students. Lucky her, she gets to go to Korea whilst I'm stuck here having to teach, study for exams and practice the violin.

And it's confirmed. I'm SO failing Economics this time. I don't even know whether I'll be able to pass Othello and Unseen Poetry. I'm starting to get worried about Law as well.

Seriously, this is the first time that I'm so disappoined with myself. Normally, I wouldn't be much affected by academic exams, but I really wanted to do well for Lit and Law at the least. Econs was always a lost cause, cause the lecturer wasn't helping much.

Why do I get the feeling that a lot of people are gonna be very disappointed with me...?

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


I'm going to be brutally murdered after next week. Just you wait. You'll see my name in the orbituary, saying that I died of unatural causes.

I'm actually quite serious.

And yes, Paper 1 sucked even more than Paper 2.

I spent about half an hour staring at my essays. (4 essays in 3 hours, mind you)

15 minutes correcting my mistakes. (grammar, spelling, the likes...)

20 minutes wondering what the hell am I supposed to write about equity and finally crapping something out.

35 minutes each spent on Natural Law and Statutory Interpretation.

45 minutes spent on Judicial Precedent.

It becomes clear now that I've got rubbish time-management in paper 1.

Econs 5 and Lit 5 tomorrow...

Someone shoot me, PLEASE!

On the bright side, I've got my pics uploaded into the Mac already, so they should be up on Facebook... Soon.

If I don't decide to die before that...

Or if by a Miracle, I don't f*ck up my Econs and Lit papers as well.

Monday, 13 April 2009


Looks like we've joined the "Mac" family.

Got it from Machines in KLCC yesterday. Ironic, isn't it? The Pikom fair was right within the same area yet we got ours from a non-promotional venue.

That's cause the offer in Machines was SO much better, and SO much more worth the money spent. Dad and siblings spent the rest of the night experimenting with the new "toy" whilst I had to tune out the noise and study for exams. O_o

But we were all watching Rowan Atkinson's stand up comedies at one point. Go Youtube and check out the one about Shakespeare. Hi-Lla-Rious.

A Villain with a physical defect. =P

Had dinner with Uncle Albany, his wife and daughter yesterday. A few others were there as well. Ms Wee Qin and her boyfriend included. Darren, Justin and my brother were having a "who can eat more" contest. No prizes for guessing who won...

Not my brother, I can tell you that much. He doesn't eat much, even for a girl. Hence, the stick-like form. =)

Anyways, being the complete idiot that I am, I drove off to college prepared for Law Paper 2, but equipped with Law Paper 1 material. Yes, I brought with my, the English Legal System instead of Contract Law. Which resulted in me feeling very insecure, and doubling back (after breakfast) to get my carefully written notes.

If I knew how crappy the paper was gonna be, I needn't have bothered.

We were literally shouting out various Acts and their Years at each other. I had the Criminal Law Act 1977 and Criminal Damage Act 1971 confused at one point. We were all hyperventilating outside the exam hall, except Elizabeth, who seemed to look quite confident.

I envy her.

The paper was... Well, crap. I mean, it wasn't crap, but it DID make me realise how shallow my knowledge about Law was.

In other words, I didn't study enough. Hopefully I didn't f*ck up the Offer and Acceptance question or I'll be skinned alive...

Gotta practice. Toodles!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

A Levels...

f*ck it la. Exam's on monday and I haven't even covered half the stuff I'm supposed to have "at the tips of my fingers" as quote from Mrs Dharma.


Had a study session with some friends yesterday, and yeah... at least now I know what I gotta focus on.

But there's no point if I don't start memorizing the darn theories and cases right?


So what am I still doing sitting around doing everything and anything BUT studying???

Ahh... Lack of motivation. But that ain't an excuse. Wish it were back in the Primary School days where my mom would nag me into studying. Not that I'd do it voluntarily, I just did it so she'll stop nagging. The ONLY thing she ever nags me about now is practice, practice and practice.

Looks like I'm gonna flunk everything but Eng Lit in trials.

Let's see, so should I wait for Mrs Dharma to murder me, or should I do everyone a favor and walk into my own coffin?

I won't mind being in a coffin so long as someone turns me into a vampire first.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Smart Alex???

Haha. I still crack up when I think about that.

Mrs Dharma was doing a paper 2 question with us this morning and she said something like: So don't be a smart aleck and...

Elizabeth actually heard "Smart Alex". She stared at Mrs Dharma like she couldn't believe what she just heard. Needless to say, it went off into one of those infamous "Insult Alex" sessions, of which Mrs Dharma also takes part in sometimes. =)

And then after class, when he was talking to some girls, one of them asked him,' how could you be so dumb?' (or something along those lines) and I said...

'That's why it's smart "Aleck", not "Alex" =P'

Hyper-ventilating a little (just a little) cause exams (trials) are coming up. But err... I have no idea why I'm still not studying. Lit and Law are okay, but I'm a goner for Econs. So I really should try passing the damn paper instead of practicing right?


It doesn't help that our dear lecturer is trying to bore us to death. Seriously. I get so bored that I'm sometimes tempted to just walk out of class.

But that would be disrespectful, no?

Nothing much has been going on... Went for "Ching Beng" on Sunday. Woke up at an unearthly hour (5a.m.) which resulted in some of us being a little cranky, did what was neccessary, had a scrumptious breakfast, then headed home. I felt a little sorry for the dead folks residing there cause we have got to be the noisiest visitor they get. Leave it to my family to crack jokes in the cemetary. O_o

College has been the same. Go for class, breakfast, class again, lunch, class again, then back home... Only diff is, I think the "Kumar" and "Hossan Leong" clips have circulated to almost everyone in college already, which explains why everyone's talking about "Ok, I'll be the minister of Internal Affairs", or "I don't do SMALL talk". Shows how "exciting" life in MCKL can be, huh? =D

Yes, I was being sarcastic. Sheesh.

I really hope someone clears the shit (Najis) that's pouring around our soil right now, soon.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

2008 At A Glance

Aunt's Birthday (April 2008)
Claris Dinner (the "kids" table)
Claris Dinner 2008
Car Exhibition in PWTC
College mates playing badminton
I'm gonna miss our crazy badminton sessions...
A (body-building) senior from college.
Wee Kiat the semi-obsessive "macho" man

Ayaki Saito Concert in DBKL

Tessie's Open House
I miss these guys (girls)
Middle of June Camp in PERMATA, Bangi (Right before badminton session)

MPYO June Camp Concert in DFP

August Camp Chamber Recital. (Mozart)

August Camp concert in DFP

The Japanese anime gang. =P
Despite all the fuss and sleepless nights, I enjoyed arranging and tutoring you guys (and girls).

The 2008 Second Violin "family" =)

MPYO in Sarawak.

When In Bali... One of the best holidays I've ever had.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Time and Time Again...

I can't believe my college life is fast coming to an end. After the A2 examinations this May-June, most of us will be heading our separate ways. Keeping in touch may seem possible, but people inevitably draw apart. Friends who have families out of KL will be going home, others may start work, others may head overseas...

I don't doubt for a second that I will miss going to college once it ends. As much as I moan and groan about the amount of homework we get, and how early and packed our classes are, fact is, I'd truly miss it. The mad rushes to Mrs Dharma's classes (for fear of getting locked out of the classroom), "bombing" Alex during Law and Lit, trying VERY hard not to fall asleep during Econs, distracting Mrs Chiu, cursing the existance of Keats, celebrating the birthdays of fellow classmates, attending the social functions, et cetera... They're all memories I hold dear, and would probably shed a tear ot two when I look back on them in future.

It saddens me even more that I'll be leaving so soon. July 13th, to be exact. To think I'd be leaving so many things behind for 5 months (I think we get a holiday from 6th Dec-10th Jan), family and friends, amongst them.

Reality still hasn't sunk in yet, I still haven't come to terms (fully) that I'd be leaving in less than 4 months. I guess cause I've been thinking of it as a dream for so long, I'm still waiting for that final pinch that would wake me up and make me realise: hey! You're gonna be on your own now! And it's gonna be T-O-U-G-H!

SO much for not being pampered, huh? I've been sheltered the whole of my life that after a full week, I'm still too lazy to take things seriously.

Got put on the "reserved" list for AYO. I should be happy, no? =)