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Monday, 30 March 2009


Medical check ups=needles+blood+me screaming


I hate needles.

I'm dreading the med-check up cause I haven't had one in more than a decade. Seriously. And I haven't had a jab since "BCG" in standard 6. I'm SO not looking forward to letting needles pierce through my skin.


Got the "info Packet" today. I'm gonna be under the tutelage of Mr Alexander Souptel. Liu Jian seems happy that I got him for my teacher =)

My sis can't wait for me to get out of her hair.

My bro seems to think that going to Singapore means getting rich. (Don't ask me why. his brains are wired wrongly)

Parents are giving me all sorts of advice. The usual: work hard, be focussed, study smart et cetera...

Grandma's hinting that if I don't graduate, she'll disown me or something.

They are, also telling me to be prepared to slave my ass off. But that, at least, I'm pretty prepared for.

At least, I think I am...

Having said all that,

Would I be considered deranged if I were to be excited about going?

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