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Thursday, 12 March 2009


*lets a wave of satisfaction wash over*



Got our AS Levels results this afternoon. =)

I got a "B" overall for Economics, and an "A" for Eng Lit. But I got a "C" for the Alias Grace paper, so I'm retaking it. That's the only paper I was horrified about. But then everyone who took the paper got no better than me, so... *grins*

I'm a happy girl =)

Carmen was hyperventilating next to me during Law, which resulted in Mrs Dharma letting us out early to "face our doom". She was laughing in an evil manner when we told her how nervous we were, and said that she was having a private joke with herself when we asked her why she was laughing. O_o

Anyways, hopefully I can get out of the house these 2 days. I'm absolutely dying to do SOMETHING! I'd understand if they wanna go ahead with the picnic (the BC thingy), but I could still bug my dad into letting me play badminton with my bro or something. Maybe I can invite Bernard and Chicken along... Hmm...

And yeah, I've got an arsenal of Photos that I've taken since Christmas and haven't loaded them. Will get to it once I come back from Bangkok.

I dunno if it's because you read my previous blog post, but thanks for talking to me again. It was a little awkward, but okay nonetheless. I'm happy.

Oh, and congratulations! (you know what I'm talking about =))

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