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Thursday, 5 March 2009


Something really amusing happened. It's so stupid that I simply HAD to post it up.

See, it was raining when I got back home from college so I didn't take my bag out of the back seat cuz I didn't wanna get wet. (The porch on the right side - where the Nissan is always parked- only covers the front half of the car) or so I thought.

After fetching my sis from her school, (it had stopped raining by that time) so I figured I wanna get my bag out.

To my horror, my bag wasn't there!

Well, turns out, I was so distracted talking to my mum over the phone, I actually carried my bag all the way up to my room instead of dumping it somewhere in the living room (which is what I usually do).

To think I was panicking about the wildest possibilities. I thought someone had stolen my bag! But it didn't make sense, since I ALWAYS lock the car after I get out of it. I even asked my maid about it, which resulted in her laughing at me and saying that "didn't you know you brought it upstairs with you??"

I still doubted it, until I saw it sprawled on my bedroom floor.

Which, at the sight of it, I burst out laughing.

Thank you Lord, for letting me have a circle of friends (not including YOU) whom I can always confide in.

Nothing much going on really. I went for a concert on Sunday with the Tribe. Had lunch at Nando's for the 4678986554322134th time, then laughed at the pianist's funny gestures after the performance. (oh, btw, does anyone have the recording of Dvorak's Roman Carnival??)

College was fine. Lit is becoming more stressful. Law's alright, cause I can actually remember the things she lectures us about. Econs is a goner, I've given up on listening to her altogether. I'd rather study on my own than waste my time pretending to understand what she's saying. Seriously, most of what she says sounds Greek to me. I can understand the ones which requires common-sense, but really... I'm not getting any input from her output. 0% efficiency, really.

Ha-ha. That sounds almost as lame as the jokes Bernard comes up with.

I miss the first 2 months of college last year. The endless badminton sessions, the talks, the hurried lunches...

It's all in the past. We all have such different schedules that it's lucky if we can even greet each other. But, we all know there's no way to turn back time.

But a girl can dream, no?

This line made a huge impression on me after I watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" a few nights ago. Benjamin was getting a haircut and he voiced his fear at the thought of losing the people he loves. The old lady's reply (Sorry, I forgot her name) :

"Benjamin, we're meant to lose the people we love... How else would we know how important they are to us?"

But losing them is a huge expense, isn't it?

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