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Monday, 9 March 2009

Effing Sick

It's depressing, really...

And of course, it doesn't help with the extra knowledge that I can't enjoy myself this weekend with a bunch of friends that I haven't seen for A-G-E-S thanks to me "fong-fei-gei"-ing a few times because of my auditions, JUST because I'm a f*cking girl, and therefore my parents have the extra burden of worrying about my "safety".

It's a f*cking picnic, and it'll be with 4 other guys and 2 other girls. IN a place where there'll probably be a lotta other people around.

AND, if they're gonna be so paranoid over my possibly getting kidnapped/raped/killed/into an accident, why not just F*cking LOCK-ME-UP-AT-HOME so that I'll be safe when (God Forbid) the sky decides to collapse when I'm on the way to college.

It's funny they only worry when it suits them. I don't see them being so paranoid when I drive to college, or to Liu Jian's place, or when I'm sending my siblings up and down, to and fro from school/tuition. It's easier for me to kill myself when I'm driving rather than out on a picnic, no? This SO reminds me of Emma, twisting reality to suit her purposes.

Well, I'm not gonna be "under-their-wing" for much longer, so what's the point of treating me like I'm some stupid, naive, innocent, compliant 9-year-old??

Sure, you worry. But like I said, I'll effing report every hour, or even every half hour. It's doing something different, and we're doing it because a friend's going to have a major operation overseas. And it just eats me from the inside and out that they're gonna have fun without me, and it was MY suggestion in the first place.

Yes, I'm ranting. But I'm only doing it because, frankly speaking, I've got no one else to rant to. I may sound like an effing spoilt brat, but that's only because I rarely get the chance to get out of the house. Haven't walked past the cinema in weeks, and I can't even remember the last movie I watched.

Have I ever told you that I hate my life?

Because I do.

I really, REALLY do.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my parents. But I just wish they could be a little more accomodating, a tad bit more understanding, and worry a little less, because I'm not a little kid anymore.

To the BC guys, if anyone of you read this, just go on with the plans and have fun kay? We'll go out some other time when my parents decide to let me out of my cage. Tell Shiuann I'm sorry I can't make it.

I'm gonna stop now because I'm so depressed I can't even think about what to ty-- think.

Oh, and I have still yet to look through the March camp scores.

Thanks A LOT for making my life SO enjoyable.
*prays someone notices the sarcasm*

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ChoonHui said...

dear dear...guess this is how a girl felt under her parents' wings huh? seriously speaking, i'm not gonna suck it up and pretend like others and say 'oh i understand ur situation' because clearly, as a close friend of urs, i wont simply put up with a lie just to show how 'concerned' am i...haha...but wat i can say is ur parents are just protective la...u see...not to mention u're a gal, sometimes my parents even scolded me for walking on a quiet street =_=' haha..dun worry la...u can always see ur frens in future...best friends will always take into consideration bout ur situations.. =D