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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Confucius, Buddha and Jesus??

No, I'm not gonna blog about my post title. All you people need to know is, some Korean Missionary Singers were at my college and they were good at what they did.


Anyways, I'm debating whether to get my Macbook and phone here locally, or wait till I go over. According to a friend, it's cheaper over at Singapore, and I'd have to get a Singapore phone line anyways.


Was caught in an awkward situation earlier. We were doing the f*cking law question, so don't dare anyone misunderstand or I'll give you hell.

Just because someone gets bad results, doesn't mean they're stupid.

Just because two people spend time together, doesn't mean there's a scandal.

Stop Ass-U-Me--ing, because it's only gonna make U look like an Ass to Me. =)

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