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Saturday, 21 February 2009

OB Night...

It's pure cruelty, I tell you. I came back home drained, exhausted and sleepy, yet I have to wake up at 8 and take the role of a clerk for 2 hours so that my aunt can do her usual marketting.

I'm still half awake as I'm typing this.

Anyways, it was fun last night. Though I was getting a little pissed before I left. See, the thing was supposed to start at 6.30 or so. I didn't get to leave the house till 7, thanks to my oh-so-responsible father who decided that he'd get Uncle Ti to send me there instead.

Uncle Ti finishes work at 6pm

He works all the way in PJ

It's extra jam on friday nights

Nuff said

Thankfully, I wasn't all THAT late. I came in just as the first performance was going on, so I really didn't miss much.

A few bands, 3 dance numbers, a "Copa Cabana" skit, lucky draws (Congrats to Kah Kiat and Choon Hui!), dinner, and a few crowning sessions later, the OB Kings and Queens had their first dance.

Then it was time to go crazy. =P

I sat back for awhile because people started pouring onto the dance floor. Then finally Devina and Snokee decided that they wanted to join in the fun and pulled me along. We went out after awhile though. Cause the drumming of the songs and the sweat was too much to bear.

Amongst the dancing sessions (which came in spurts, because we couldn't stand the heat for long) we took pictures and talked. Bernard and Chicken kept pulling funny faces and jumping into other people's photos. Oh, plus acting like a couple of "cool", though "apek", gangsters. =D

We were just complaining about the kinda songs they kept putting (most of them hip hop and rock) when suddenly, a slow song started. We were all like: finally!

And so, we walked into the ballroom again.

Since I didn't have a partner, Daniel danced with me first. The genius didn't even know where to put his hands. After he'd trodden on my toes a few times (it was painful, mind you), I danced with Choon Hui awhile (by the way, you're not a bad dancer) then with Alex (O_o).

It would have been fine if we'd just danced normally. The thing is, he seemed to like twirling me around 3 times and then catching me and pulling me close. As in, really close. A little too close for comfort. I could even... (okay, let's not go there) Thanks to my sense of balance, twirling around in circles 3 times is not enough to make me "swoon" and fall into his arms.

The fast songs came on again after that, so most of us walked off the dance floor to just sit around and watch other people go crazy.

I left at about 12.10 or so, having taken loadsa pictures and enough dancing to last me till next year.

Just got Audrey's reply. Looks like I can attend March camp for the first few days!!!

Shit. That means I gotta look through the excerpts.

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