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Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I should change my blogskin soon no? It's been looking really morbid for awhile now.

Looked through some sun-shiny blogskins earlier, but somehow I still find myself attracted to the more dark-coloured layouts. O_o

I'm not a very bright person, to be honest. Down to my dress sense, it's always plain and simple, and in monotoned colours. I have brightly coloured clothes, but I just don't wear them. =D

Very VERY inspiring talk in college earlier. President of the Bar Council, Malaysia- Datuk Ambiga delivered a speech and answered a few questions with regards to the Malaysian Constitution.

I won't put in details, lest there be trouble, but I give you two words:

She rocks!

Growing a beard waiting for OB pics to be uploaded. Hurry up, people!

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