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Thursday, 19 February 2009

And Then...

One Word:


I seriously can't believe I'm still shedding tears over what I spent __ months to forget. Well, I managed to forget it, but something (I won't say what/who) just brought it all back. And I found myself reminiscing the old times, yet again.

Yes, I know... I've got an emotional range of a teaspoon.

In other words, I break down really easily. Or maybe I don't "break-down" easily, but I get affected easily. I just don't let anyone see it.

Or try not to, at least. Right, Lu Ee? =P

Can't function when some thing's bothering me. It disrupts my sleeping pattern as well. I start having weird dreams (like the one I had of some cute guy-stranger offering to "piggy-back" me just cause I said I was tired), or I have trouble falling asleep.

Anyways, audition's in a couple o' days' time. Surprisingly, I'm not freaking out half as much as when I went for the AYO auditions.

I spent a good half of the day at Liu Jian's place yesterday. Was there from 2pm till 8pm. Yes, to practice. (Though I might've gotten a little distracted by Liu Yi at one point =P) Had lesson, practiced, talked, ate cheese cake, practice and another informal lesson. After that, Markus (MPO Concertmaster), his family and another German guy (according to Liu Yi, he's gonna be Concertmaster in MPO for awhile) came for dinner. Liu Yi and I were playing with Markus' son whilst I waited for my mom to pick me up. Liu Jian said it'd be okay for me to join them, but I thought it'd be too awkward. O_o

Mom came to fetch me at 8.15 or so, then we headed over to Leisure Mall. (I had Lasagna in Secret Recipe! Yumm...) Shopped around a lil' then went back home where I devoured a
California Roll and some sushi that mom got from Isetan. (Reminds me of the lunches we had during camps)

Speaking of camps, I may not be attending this one.

Dratted OB night's tomorrow. I have still yet to purchase a clutch to put my stuff in. I have a funny feeling that the "handbags" I have/normally use would not do for a formal occasion.

And my bloody phone's falling apart (literally). I need to get a new one A.S.A.P.

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