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Monday, 2 February 2009

The Aftermath...

CNY craze has come and gone. My family and I spent the entire week before spring-cleaning the house. My room in particular. I can hardly recognise it now... It looks neat and tidy and clean. And where there's usually a pile of my worn-but-still-clean-clothes, you can now see a chair. =P

It was fun though, cleaning and chatting and quarelling over where to put what. Parents went nuts and bought a few beautiful sets of flowers, 2 of which were displayed in the house and a few others put around the garden outside (I took pictures of them too!). Dad actually likes looking at plants. Amazing. Usually men don't find much interest in that area.

That aside, we've been gorging ourselves on huge lunches and dinners, courtesy of family and close friends. I've put on so much weight that those who haven't seen me for awhile would probably not recognise me. I blame it on those addictive titbits and my parents who insist on organizing dinner after dinner after dinner.

OOHHH! And we've been playing Scrabble every night since the eve of CNY. There was once where I had the worst of luck and had 4 A(s), 2 O(s) and an 'I'. Shitty tiles spoil the whole game. O_o But I've won a couple o' times. It's fun though, since we sometimes make up our own rules to make the game more challenging. Heehee.

Scrabble has taken over playing cards/gambling in my family as a CNY tradition. Have been doing this since my dad bought that fantastic Scrabble set which bloody REVOLVES!

Sorry, a bit whacked up now cause of some stuff on my mind that...

I can't tell you!

Anyways, college started last Thursday and I already have assignments. And so, I'll leave further details to my next post, which would comprise of all the random pics I took throughout the whole of CNY. =D

Screw Othello and Hamlet and Heaney and all other darn poets and playwrights who have no other better work to do than to torture me. (And Choon Hui =P)

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