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Thursday, 15 January 2009


First day of AS exams itself gave me a huge headache. Bloody fussy people... I swear, I've never felt so annoyed in my life.

Stupid woman. Yes, you're doing your job, but can't you consider what you're doing to the state of minds of the candidates??? Genius Edexcel.

"you're suppose to have CLEAN copies of your texts"

F*ck you la.

Dr Shalini already told us, as long as it's not paragraphs, it'll be fine. So we all had to wait a f*cking half an hour for our lecturers to help us erase our carefully written notes. It wasn't the lost of the notes that I was irritated with. It's the fact that my precious book would now have liquid paper marks on almost every page. I hate it when my book looks untidy.

As a result, many of us, including Choon Hui and Amanda, were severely vexed that they took our texts away. And therefore, I had a hard time trying to settle down as my text was still not returned to me when my paper started. I had to do Friel first because my Keats was still with Miss Grace. The minute she set the book back on my table, I quickly snatched it and browsed through the pages.

The damage has been done. I'll post up a picture of it once the exams are over. My book now looks SO ugly, I feel like a kindergarten-er who's got something against his teacher. O_o

Yes, I hate Keats. I often wished to tear the book into shreds myself. But it's a different thing to see a book in perfect condition be slashed all over with blanko marks. I tell you, I wanted to cry.

Questions were okay though. I didn't waste too much time choosing which essay to write on. It was pretty clear-cut which one would suit my style of writing. Though I'm a little worried about the structure of my essays as I didn't spend as much time drafting as I usually do.

Choon Hui: Aiyo.. The worst that can happen is we fail then retake lar!

I don't wanna retake any papers larrr.....

Oh F*ck.

Econs tomorrow.

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