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Thursday, 4 December 2008


The way you made me feel

The things you said

And the way you said those things

That I trusted you

I could tell you anything

The way you held me at night

Sometimes so tight I could hardly breathe

But it was a nice feeling

That perfect spot on your shoulder I lay on

and we would talk until wee hours of the morning

When we were so tired we'd be rambling about the randomest things

The way you looked at me every morning

The warmth of your lips against my forehead

The husky tone in which you would say my name

Your voice when you'd refuse to get out of bed

And I would laugh and say you wouldn't want to be late

Our hands fit together like it was meant to be

Although lasting or not, remained to be seen

You never failed to keep me warm when my fingers were ice cold

How I'd miss you even when I just saw you a few minutes ago

All that has passed now

You don't look at me the way you used to

You don't talk to me the way you used to

Sometimes I'd wonder if there really was anything between us

Sometimes I'd think that it was only a game to you

I'd think about it at night

until the next morning

Throughout the past month, I'd managed not to shed a single tear

but I'd always remember

and regret

That I hadn't had more sense than to let you get to me, then allow you to break my heart into a million pieces. I blame myself for being free with whom I shared my heart with. I'm not resentful, only thankful that this experience has now made me stronger, and I'll guard my heart better so I don't get hurt all over again. I'll pick up the pieces and move on.

With that, I will forgive and hopefully will forget with the gradual passing of time.

Ignorance, is more painful than anything else you could have said/done to me...

X: It's okay. There are plenty of fishes in the sea!
Y: Yes, but not all the fishes have that special marking just by its fins...

H: The lyrics are important, just not as important as the melody
D: No. The melody is the physical attraction, sex...
H: I say...
D: But when you get to know someone, that's the lyrics.

I had gone too deep into the melody without paying more attention to the lyrics. In future, I'd read the lyrics carefully before immersing myself into a sweet melody.

The music is like your body, the lyrics are what reveals you as a person.

"Be careful with whom you share your music and lyrics with"

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