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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Picture time!

Pictures are NOT in chronological order! The rest of them can be found in Facebook. =)

Bye-bye Permata

Playing cards while waiting to get our boarding passes

Last night of camp

In the souvenir shop in Sabah's airport

Choir workshop with Susanna Soh

Waiting for Susanna Soh to arrive

Lunch time in DFP

Dinner time in Novotel

In the streets of Kuching

Dec 9th concert in DFP

After concert in KK

Seafood dinner in Kuching!

In a circle, as usual. Outside the Kuching hall.

LOVE this pic!

Outside the KK hall

KK hall

Kuching hall

Cards in Harbour View

Chillin' out

Our room in Novotel

David with Floppy. Su Yin looking on with horror

The "fire" incident

Pushing the van.

Christine and I with David's nephew, John

Christine and Lu Ee with David's nephew, John

The top I bought from Padini

Lu Ee in Donovan's shades

Me in Donovan's shades

Donovan, Kah Yan and Christine

Christine, me and Lu Ee

Eben and I

Placing our lunch orders

Ordering lunch in Secret Recipe

MPYO with Kevin, Audrey and Uncle Norman

Second violin "Family Portrait"!


Classic background. Love the colour

Group photo!

Kah Yan, Lu Ee and Me in the Airplane

James video taping Nex's cards for all to see. Naughty James =P

Buying Chocolates
In the bus


Tarrant said...

You go from wall of text to wall of photos. You really are quite something. XD

Clarissa said...

I'll take that as a compliment =)