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Monday, 22 December 2008

BC Gathering and Christmas Dinner

The British Council gang met up yet again on Saturday, 20th of December in One Utama. I had a lesson with Liu Jian that morning, which resulted in my having to run to the LRT station immediately after my dad dropped me off outside KLCC. (I was late, yes)

Dao Zhong picked me up from the Taman Paramount station and we headed for 1U. Talking about random stuff along the way, cause I hadn't seen him for a very long time. Apparently, I've changed. He reckons that I don't talk as much as I used to.

Hmm... Really?

Anyways, we met up with the others near the cinema. Watched "Ip Man". I thought it was a horror movie at first. And THEN I realised it was another one of those direct translations from the Chinese language. "Ip Man" is actually a man's name, who's famous for having taught Bruce Lee. (Martial Arts) Not a bad movie, though DZ and I got quite bored at certain points. (I was still tired due to the lack of sleep, aftermath of the 16-day camp)

Went to eat after that. DZ brought me around the place. (I needed to get some "thank You" cards for my dad and get something to munch on) And I didn't feel like hearing Shiuann and Kent bicker over their waffles and ice-cream. (They were at "Waffle World")

Jeremy has changed a lot. Both in terms of outlook and speech-wise. He's lost most of his "Cina" accent and speaks English quite fluently now. Shiuann, Samuel, DZ and Kent are still the same.

We left after that, cause I needed to get home by 7.30pm. Made a stop by Kent's place cause he needed to use the loo. I was playing with his Labrador (Soya) whilst waiting for him. Came back home, ate dinner, walked around the night market, then watched "Romeo and Juliet" with my sis till 3a.m. =P

Next up, Christmas dinner at Wee Qin's place. Huge feast. We were all stuffed by the end of it. Spaghetti, chicken, prawns, fried rice, cakes, pastries... endless.

Pics to be up soon!

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