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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bali Trip '08 Part 1

It was...

I'll be posting up pictures along the way so I don't have to do a separate picture post. =)

At the airport In the Aerotrain
My bro, me, sis and aunt
Lunch at McD's
Checking in.

My sis and I spotted 2 really hot blond guys as we were waiting for the Aerotrain. I dunno what the hell was wrong with me, but we were giggling like a couple of bimbos.

But seriously, they-were-HOT!

Me in shades
Me and Sis
Bali's airport
Uncle Ho's family
Me and Mum. They gave us all flowers to be worn around our necks. Lol!
Waiting to get by Customs Waiting for dinner to be served. My sis is still obessed over her i-pod
My bro
The Chiam Family
Dad and Mom
At the hotel

The food. YUMM!

More food!
We were SO stuffed at the end of it. Could barely move!

Me posing =P
Breakfast at the hotel

Lunch near the Volcano =)

Cultural Dance

While having supper at Samudera
Beach-side dinner. Our hair was all windswept by the time we got back into the bus.
Dad and Uncle Ho. I thought this looked really gay. O_o
Sis, me and Mum.
The "musang" whose crap gets washed, and ground into coffee. -_-"

to be continued...

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