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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tagged AGAIN!


I swear, this is gonna be the LAST tag I'm doing, Louisa!

#1Fill in the blanks.

I'm a [ girl ]
Because [I was born that way)
I should [whack my sis for tagging me)
Thank You [ WTF?? ] , for your advice.

Rules & Regulations:
-do not copy answers
-the tag questions must be 100% the same
-tag people after doing tag-no tagging back

I tag :

>Lu Ee
>Choon Hui
>Belle (no one else to tag edi larrr)
>Jia Rong

1.How do you know 1?

2.What would you do if you never met 2?
- David? Haha. I dunno. Camps wouldn't be the same without his signature "Ha-ha"(s). LOL!

3.What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?
- Jebat's pretty much taken. Alexis? She's hot, but I like guys, thanks.

4.Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
- Alexis and Kent?? They'll both chew each other's heads off!!!

5.Do you think 7 is attractive?
- Duncan?? *no comment* I know he cares a good deal about his hair though. =P

6.Do you know anything about 8's family?
- She's got 2 siblings. O_o

7.Tell me something about 9
- Whacky girl =P

8. What language does 2 speak?
- Err... English?

9.Who is 3 goin out with?
- No one... YET, right Jebat? *winks*

10.How old is number 4?
- 18


12.Who is 6 favourite singer?

- Michael Buble, I think.

14.Is 8 single?
- I would know that, because...?

15.What is 9 last name?
- Rong Rong =D

16.Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
- Lu Ee??? I wouldn't mind, but I think she's straight. =P

17.Which school does 2 go to?

18.What do you like about 3?
- Great guy to talk to...

Bali Trip '08 Part 1

It was...

I'll be posting up pictures along the way so I don't have to do a separate picture post. =)

At the airport In the Aerotrain
My bro, me, sis and aunt
Lunch at McD's
Checking in.

My sis and I spotted 2 really hot blond guys as we were waiting for the Aerotrain. I dunno what the hell was wrong with me, but we were giggling like a couple of bimbos.

But seriously, they-were-HOT!

Me in shades
Me and Sis
Bali's airport
Uncle Ho's family
Me and Mum. They gave us all flowers to be worn around our necks. Lol!
Waiting to get by Customs Waiting for dinner to be served. My sis is still obessed over her i-pod
My bro
The Chiam Family
Dad and Mom
At the hotel

The food. YUMM!

More food!
We were SO stuffed at the end of it. Could barely move!

Me posing =P
Breakfast at the hotel

Lunch near the Volcano =)

Cultural Dance

While having supper at Samudera
Beach-side dinner. Our hair was all windswept by the time we got back into the bus.
Dad and Uncle Ho. I thought this looked really gay. O_o
Sis, me and Mum.
The "musang" whose crap gets washed, and ground into coffee. -_-"

to be continued...

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Tagged by sis. yet again.

NO 1 ♥
01 your nickname : Clare
02 age : I am 16 going on 17... I wish
03 DOB : 12-40-0991
04 Zodiac Sign: *neighs* =D
05 interests : Music, Movies, Composing, Arranging, Badminton, Reading.

NO 2 ♥
01 crush ? : None of your beeswax
02 are you in a relationship ? : Look at it this way, if I HAD a boyfriend, would I be answering these questions right now?
03 live in happiness now : I GUESS you could put it that way....
04 if god gives you unlimited courage, what will you like to do ? : Ask "some" people to stuff it.
05 if one day, the one you love confesses to you ? : quote: how much did my mom have to pay you? (I'm KIDDING! alright?)

NO 3 ♥
01 the one who tagged you is : Louisa
02 she / he is your : Sister
03 how is she / he ? : A bit loony, but otherwise, fine.
04 how long have you been knowing her / him ? : since 23/02/1995
05 what do you think of her / him ? : Raven in the making. =D
06 what will you like to tell her / him ? : Lose weight

NO 4 ♥
01 your favorite show : I have a few, but I like Nodame Cantabile best
02 your favorite music : I'm not fussy, but rock is a no-no
03 your favorite season : Winter
04 your favorite cartoon : Anything but Spongebob *cringes in disgust*
05 your favorite person ( the one you love the most ) : My mom
06 your favorite color : Blue.
07 your favorite country : Is this a multiple choice question?
08 your favorite weather : I like it Bright and sunny! (my ass)

NO 5 ♥
01 if the god gives you three wishes : Grandpa alive, Mico alive, all the story books in the world.
02 are you a single-minded person ? : no comment
03 your most unforgettable and memorable memory is : I have a vast tank the size of the universe to choose from...
04are you a person who full with confidence ? : *laughs hysterically* Have you seen me before I go onstage to perform solo? I'm always a nervous wreck!
05 do you like to smile ? : Nope. The corners of my mouth start to hurt after a few minutes of smiling.
06 will you choose to give up current living status ? : nope.
07 what kind of life do you hope for ? : I'm happy with my current one, thanks.

:Choon Hui
:Lu Ee
:Jia Rong

Monday, 22 December 2008

BC Gathering and Christmas Dinner

The British Council gang met up yet again on Saturday, 20th of December in One Utama. I had a lesson with Liu Jian that morning, which resulted in my having to run to the LRT station immediately after my dad dropped me off outside KLCC. (I was late, yes)

Dao Zhong picked me up from the Taman Paramount station and we headed for 1U. Talking about random stuff along the way, cause I hadn't seen him for a very long time. Apparently, I've changed. He reckons that I don't talk as much as I used to.

Hmm... Really?

Anyways, we met up with the others near the cinema. Watched "Ip Man". I thought it was a horror movie at first. And THEN I realised it was another one of those direct translations from the Chinese language. "Ip Man" is actually a man's name, who's famous for having taught Bruce Lee. (Martial Arts) Not a bad movie, though DZ and I got quite bored at certain points. (I was still tired due to the lack of sleep, aftermath of the 16-day camp)

Went to eat after that. DZ brought me around the place. (I needed to get some "thank You" cards for my dad and get something to munch on) And I didn't feel like hearing Shiuann and Kent bicker over their waffles and ice-cream. (They were at "Waffle World")

Jeremy has changed a lot. Both in terms of outlook and speech-wise. He's lost most of his "Cina" accent and speaks English quite fluently now. Shiuann, Samuel, DZ and Kent are still the same.

We left after that, cause I needed to get home by 7.30pm. Made a stop by Kent's place cause he needed to use the loo. I was playing with his Labrador (Soya) whilst waiting for him. Came back home, ate dinner, walked around the night market, then watched "Romeo and Juliet" with my sis till 3a.m. =P

Next up, Christmas dinner at Wee Qin's place. Huge feast. We were all stuffed by the end of it. Spaghetti, chicken, prawns, fried rice, cakes, pastries... endless.

Pics to be up soon!

Friday, 19 December 2008

A Little Too Not Over You

I'm not a huge fan of David Archuleta, but his songs are just... *sighs* Found this song through a friend's recommendation. (Thanks!)

It never crossed my mind at all
That's what I tell myself
What we had has come and gone
You're better off with someone else

It's for the best, I know it is
But I see you
Sometimes I try to hide
What I feel inside

And I turn around
You're with him now
I just can't figure it out

Tell me why
You're so hard to forget
Don't remind me
I'm not over it

Tell me why
I can't seem to face the truth
I'm just a little too not over you
Not over you

Memories supposed to fade
What's wrong with my heart?
Shake it off, let it go
Didn't think it be this hard

Should be strong, moving on
But I see you
Sometimes I try to hide
What I feel inside

And I turn around
You're with him now
I just can't figure it out

Tell me why
You're so hard to forget
Don't remind me
I'm not over it

Tell me why
I can't seem to face the truth
I'm just a little too not over you

Maybe I regret
Everything I said
No way to take it all back, yeah

Now I'm on my own
How I let you go
I'll never understand
I'll never understand

Tell me why
You're so hard to forget
Don't remind me
I'm not over it

Tell me why
I can't seem to face the truth
And I really don't know what to do
I'm just a little too not over you
Not over you

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Picture time!

Pictures are NOT in chronological order! The rest of them can be found in Facebook. =)

Bye-bye Permata

Playing cards while waiting to get our boarding passes

Last night of camp

In the souvenir shop in Sabah's airport

Choir workshop with Susanna Soh

Waiting for Susanna Soh to arrive

Lunch time in DFP

Dinner time in Novotel

In the streets of Kuching

Dec 9th concert in DFP

After concert in KK

Seafood dinner in Kuching!

In a circle, as usual. Outside the Kuching hall.

LOVE this pic!

Outside the KK hall

KK hall

Kuching hall

Cards in Harbour View

Chillin' out

Our room in Novotel

David with Floppy. Su Yin looking on with horror

The "fire" incident

Pushing the van.

Christine and I with David's nephew, John

Christine and Lu Ee with David's nephew, John

The top I bought from Padini

Lu Ee in Donovan's shades

Me in Donovan's shades

Donovan, Kah Yan and Christine

Christine, me and Lu Ee

Eben and I

Placing our lunch orders

Ordering lunch in Secret Recipe

MPYO with Kevin, Audrey and Uncle Norman

Second violin "Family Portrait"!


Classic background. Love the colour

Group photo!

Kah Yan, Lu Ee and Me in the Airplane

James video taping Nex's cards for all to see. Naughty James =P

Buying Chocolates
In the bus