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Friday, 29 August 2008

Is he worth the wait, or are YOU in denial?

A friend of mine recently came to me in a huge dilemma. She's been waiting for this guy to make a move for a few months now (he was giving her a lot of hints), but apparently, he either has zero guts, or is simply not interested enough.

Dating is not always easy, and finding an interesting person to even consider dating is often challenging enough as it is. So when we do find someone interesting enough, we often hold on to them, with the hope that the connection will grow into something special.

The question you need to ask yourself however, is: How special is the connection between you and this “interesting” person?

As women, when we meet someone we really like, we often become infatuated quickly and without intention, create this illusion that leads us to disappointment and injured emotions that we do not deserve.

Have you met someone you feel drawn to romantically and want things to head to the next stage, but just cannot seem to get there? If so, welcome to a common situation many of us women find ourselves in. Is this new man in your life really worth your time and patience, or are you just in denial about how special the connection between you really is? It is important for you to be observant and pay attention to whether or not you are making excuses for him when he does not put in the effort you would like him to.

Making excuses for someone is something very common that people do, especially women. (NOTE: I am NOT being a sexist!) When we like a man enough, we convince ourselves that he is worth our time by making excuses for his lazy and inconsiderate behavior. Deep down however, you already know whether he is truly crazy about you too, or not.

Here are some signs of a man who truly does want you:

-He calls you and gets in touch with you (phone, e-mail, etc) as often as he can.
-Calls you when he says he will
-Pays attention to what you like (example: types of movies, flowers, food, music, so on) and then -invests efforts in making sure he can provide you with it. So for example, if he knows Italian is your favorite food, he will try to find a nice Italian restaurant to take you to, because he wants to impress you and make you happy.
-He expresses his feelings to you and lets you know how much he likes you.
-He does not mind doing most of the chasing

Now, here are some signs of a man who is not that interested in you:

-He takes his time to get in touch with you and does not seem very excited to talk to you again.
-Tells you he will call you, and then breaks that promise.
-Leaves you wondering about how he really feels about you. Not being emotionally expressive enough.
-Does not invest much effort in trying to impress you or set up nice dates.
-He seems relaxed and not concerned with chasing you all that much- leaving a lot of room for you to look for him.

If you find yourself making excuses to any of the signs above that point to him not being very interested in you, you are not alone. You obviously like this man a lot and like him enough at this time to feel he worth making excuses for, but…are you really happy?

Sure, there are exceptions where we should give people the benefit of the doubt, but there is a difference between a mistake we can of course excuse and forgive and man who simply does not treat you well enough.

So be honest with yourself and do not make excuses, no matter how much you like him. After all, you want to be with someone who wants you just as bad and shows it- not someone you have to run after and wonder about.

One Important Note: Avoid the “Busy Excuse”

Do not make the busy excuse for him. Yes, people get busy, but if you are not too busy to think about him, then he is not too busy to think about you either. If you really are on his mind, he will make the time, if only a moment, to let you know he was thinking about (whether through a phone call, text message or e-mail.).

Sometimes a person can have a crazy day and this is okay, but if it happens too often, then it has nothing to do with him being busy- it has to do with him being lazy, and you are worth more than that!

Bottomline is, even while you're waiting for a phone call from that special someone, don't put your life on hold. Continue carrying out your daily responsibilities and don't place too much importance on that one man. Plenty of choices out there, and if you lack no "consequence", why tie yourself down to an anchovy when you can have a blue whale? =D

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

More Pictures!

These were taken by Eben, via his less-detailed camera, which results in pictures which don't emphasize on details that don't want to be emphasized on; if you get my drift.

Anyways, here they are...

In the bus leaving KLCC to PERMATA, Bangi

From Left:

1st row- David, Lu Ee, Dylan

2nd row- Me, Kah Yan

3rd row- James, Jia Rong

Bus ride to Bangi

1st row: David, Lu Ee

2nd row: Me, Kah Yan

3rd row: Chin Ning (attempting to look "cool" in shades =P)

Me and Boss Su Yin =D

Darn, I look like I'm emo-ing

From Left: Kah Yan, Me, Lu Ee

From left: Kah Yan, Me, Chin Ning
Oh god... I look fat!!!
Clockwise from left: Lu Ee, Kah Yan, Annabel, Me
From Left: Duncan, Lu Ee, Me, Tiki
Them having fun with the instruments while I just watch and laugh =D
Bus ride from Bangi to KLCC. Concert DAY!!!
From Left: Christine, Me
Note: Christine was already getting ready to pose for the camera
From left: Christine, me
There... Not much, but at least I don't look so retarded in them. No offense to your photography skills, Tiki. But your photos are just WAY too revealing for people with as much facial defects as I do. =D

Monday, 25 August 2008

Emo-ness. LOL

I just realised that I haven't written an abstract essay in a long long time... About time I started again. =D

I did this during Law, when I was seriously falling asleep cause nothing she said made any sense to me. Well, I DID miss out on a whole week's of lessons so... Blehh. Anyways, here goes nothing...

It's been awhile since she's felt this way. The rush of excitement, the thrill of holding and being held... It's all coming back.

What she thought of as a passing flirtation was actually quite real in nature. Maybe not the last time, but it is now...

9 days of utter bliss followed...

Day 1: filled with ignorance, which hurt her more than just a little. No explanation was given, so she was kept in the dark. Met new people (who, ironically enough, end up together) and were soon fast friends.

Day 2: finally, he approached her. She was happy to no longer be ignored, but was slightly baffled by what the conversation was about. Suspicions flooded her mind, but she tried her best to push them aside. In some ways, she succeeded, but she realised that it was constantly nagging at the back of her mind, ready to surface the second her defences were lowered.

Day 3: conversations were flowing more steadily now. A whole day of both work and play ended in a night of comfort and solace, which resulted in a morning of closeness and familiarity.

Day 4: everything was flooding back. Everything she thought she had forgotten, every detail she thought was gone came tumbling down upon her. The mixed up emotions caused a state of confusion, maybe even hurt.

Day 5: loneliness... At least she had her best confidant with her. She owes him a great deal for listening to her ramblings and giving remedies to her dilemmas. Later that night, subject returned. She was a little unhappy because little acknowledgement was given, but what happened after that erased whatever doubts she had on her mind.

Day 6: A morning of sheer hard work, an afternoon calmness and a night of fun, ending in warmth and happiness. Though awake for more hours than usual, rest was plentiful, state of mind was somewhat peaceful.

Day 7: Another morning of hard work, another afternoon of calmness, but an evening with an interesting string of events. Entertainment in games, reality in abstract advice and humour in conversation. However, it ended in a night of misunderstanding and signs of a dispute. She felt comforted when he was there to hold her as she slept her worries away.

Day 8: reluctance. She finally felt something building, sudden realisation told her it may well end in nothingness. Common sense told her to let it go, but her heart told her to take it as it comes. Some travelling involved, rest taken in between. Better prospects this time around. Whatever that had passed the day before had been forgiven and put aside. A day of sweetness and romance. Memories were made and kept safe somewhere deep in her heart. An evening of success, a night of fun despite the exhaustion. The night was long.. Regrets of not spending more time awake were greatly felt.

Day 9: hesitance and reluctance. Unwillingness to part gripped her like a vice. She was not ready to let go of what seemed like a beautiful dream. History had repeated itself, but the repeat had been greatly magnified. She couldn't help but wonder whether what they felt for one another could stand the test of time and space (distance). Emptiness and loneliness were her companions for the night.

There, that's done. Weird huh? Oh well, you can hardly blame me... I'm really rusty at it. Forgive me if it has tortured your sanity, but it's my blog anyways. =D

Sunday, 24 August 2008

MPYO camp. Saint Saens, anyone?

It is hard to accept that camp has ended and we now have to return to our daily routines. I'd give anything (And I mean, ANYTHING) to have camp once a month. Seriously.
The concert was a success. Quite a number of people showed up despite the rain, and I daresay we performed reasonably well. =D
Schedule was pretty much the same throughout the 9-day camp.
9.30-11am: Tutti rehearsals/sectionals
11.30-1pm: Tutti
1.30-2.30: lunch
2.30-5.30: Chamber/Auditions
6.30-7.30: dinner
7.30-9.30: Tutti/sectionals

I was abnormally free this camp since I didn't take part in any Chamber performances. So the afternoons were generally spent napping or watching movies. Movies were more of a night thing though... We watched Meet the Spartans, which was really stupid; Chuck and Larry, which was real stupid and funny; August Rush, which got some of us crying at the end; and Hot Chick, which was so bimbotic I felt like puking.
Nothing really special happened the first few days... Just that we were all happy to each other again. (except a certain someone who was totally set on ignoring me) My shoulders started aching like crap around the 3rd day or so, thanks to the hours we have to practice. And my violin hickey was showing again. Haha!
Ooh! We had Brian Larson for our tutor this time. Cause Christine Yu fell ill, so he took over for the 1st and 2nd violins. His wife, Toko Inamoto, tutored the violists. They even brought their son once, which got all the girls going," So CUTE!!!" I bet some o' the guys were going green with envy. O_o
The night they had the Chamber performance, Christine and I got "invited" to dine at Marriot Hotel, courtesy of the Yeow brothers. We walked around and explored the place. It's a lot different from the last time I was there... heh.
The food was good, for one thing. Well, at least I'm pretty sure they didn't have maggots in there. Unlike the food in Permata. Seriously, we had maggots and worms in our dishes in Permata, which caused me to pretty much lose my appetite. Imagine icky worms swimming around in your beef curry, I'm sure...

Anyways, dinner was good. Buffet style. We talked and laughed when the Yeow brothers got embarrassed by Gosia. (her kids are adorable, by the way) They were practically blushing! Haha! =P We left Marriot about 10 something after picking up a Pepperoni Pizza for the others.
A huge drama unfolded when we got back to Permata. Apparently, some of them weren't very pleased cause we missed their performance. I felt as guilty as sin when I saw their disappointed faces. I didn't actually plan on going (to the hotel, I mean), but it would have been awkward if Christine went with the brothers alone. So there.
Anyhoo... All had been forgiven (I dunno about forgotten) the next day so... We proceeded to give the performance our all. Literally. I felt so tired after the concert that I was sure I was gonna sleep immediately after we reached the hostel. But surprisingly, I (well, we) only ended up sleeping at 4am or so. I didn't even realise we actually fell asleep until I awoke suddenly at 8.10am. I'll save you all the uneccessary details kay? =D
We packed, checked out and left for KLCC. The Yeow brothers had to leave early, so we said our goodbyes (damn emo larr....) then headed to "The Apartment" for lunch. Damn, my poached eggs and bacon sandwich was darn good! The only part I didn't quite like was the chips. Which had a really oily and buttery after taste.

After paying up, we headed back to DFP. I picked up my luggage and met up with my family. Did a bit of shopping with mom (a pair of new shoes and earrings =D) then headed back home.

Ok, I nabbed these from Facebook so... Enjoy
Me fiddling around with Tiki's Grandpa's violin.
A closer look
Random shot

During lunch with everyone. From left: me, Lu Ee

The Yeow brothers showing some "muscle". FYI, Derrick's the one with pointy biceps =D

group photo! fr left: Christine, Derrick, Duncan, me

Random. Fr Left: Jebat, me, Duncan, Nicholas

Me doing last minute practice before Tutti started

My desk partner, Anthea

From Left: Duncan, me. Looks like he's trying to hold my hand dunnit? Haha!

Us having dinner in Burger King

Fr Left: Annabel, Jebat, me

The couple =D. Derrick and Christine

Us in A&W

Us in A&W

VIPs for the day
Me and Duncan playing "Holst". Duncan looks like he's in a trance or something =P

Tribal Photo!
More to come soon! =D

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

BBQ nite

I just realised I haven't blogged about the BBQ nite yet. Heh. It was held in the college grounds last Thursday and I DID intend to blog about it... Err... Just that I never really got around to doing it.

Until now. =D

It was a normal college day like no other. We had class until 12pm, after which we would only be needed at around 5.30pm for the final sound check and all. Pradhivan, Kart, Steven and Eric wanted to stay back awhile to run through our songs so I was forced to ignore my growling stomach and practice with them.

Immediately after we were done, I leaped from the piano bench and almost ran out of college. =P

The initial plan was to eat lunch in Mid Valley then just loiter around. But since Brandon was gonna head home straight, the most convenient stop would be KLCC. So we ended up eating at the food court (I landed with the beef lasagna, as usual) then walking to Pavillion. Tangs was still on sale, so we all went in to take a look.

After Brandon left at about 3 something, we had ice-cream in Baskin & Robbins. I had my usual Orange Sherbet. I dunno why but I just love that stuff.

Anyways, after stuffing ourselves silly with ice cream, we made our way back to KLCC, then took the LRT back to KL central, then walked back to college.

Since Pradhivan and the rest of the band wasn't there yet, I rested in the student lounge to while away the time... Steven and Eric soon arrived, but Kart and Pradhivan were nowhere to be seen. So the guys started playing cards whilst I sat back and relaxed. =D

Kart soon arrived and we started panicking cause Pradhivan was STILL nowhere to be seen. The genius even switched his phone off, so we couldn't contact him. It was already 6 something, and things were running late as it is.

Our dear VIP only arrived 10 minutes before 7pm. Steven and Eric were really pissed with him. He actually fell asleep, and only woke up at 6.30pm. Anyways, there wasn't time to question him about that, so we just got around to rehearsing...

The performances officially started at around 7.15pm-ish. Our band was the third item. Let's see... It was Eric on guitar, Pradhivan on bass, Steven on drums, Kart-vocals, and yours truly on the keyboard. We did a medley of Jet Plane and Jail House Rock. Everyone liked the latter, cuz it was more funky, and Kart's voice was more steady. I even did a small 8-bar solo which ended with a glide. (which really hurt my thumb) But I figured that it was worth it when the crowd went wild after I did that. =D

The second half was our "fashion show". I was supposed to be Persephone, Hades' wife (god of hell) so I wore the black dress that I got from Tangs. I think the funniest part of the whole catwalk was Pan (Bernard), who had to "chase" after 3 nymphs (Elizabeth, Denise and Alexis). Some really convincing acting. Haha!

My third performance was a dance. (Enrique Inglesias and Step Up) They were having some f*cked up problems with our CD at first, so we were left standing at our positions like idiots for a good 10 minutes. Thankfully, one of our friends managed to get it right and we just put our best foot forward and danced the night away...

After the last performance was over and done with, they opened the dance floor, so Kart and I went crazy free-styling, occasionally stopping to catch our breaths. Of course, I had eaten a little of what was left of the BBQ food or "someone" wouldn't let me step out of the lounge. I literally had my mouth stuffed at one point. Haha!

I only left at around 11.30pm. Came home, bathed, washed my hair (I had a bit of flour stuck in my hair. Don't ask me how it got there), changed, then hit the sack. =D

That's all for now. Will blog again when I feel like it. =)