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Saturday, 26 July 2008

the TRUTH always wins =D

Phew! Finally, the whole issue has blown over, and the hoo-ha of the problem has been solved. Admittedly it was more of a neutral solution, but a satisfying one at least.

It would have been a flawless, perfect ending had a bastard not opened his fat mouth and said things to me that really made me wanna kick him where it hurts. A friend and I came to a conclusion that he must be deprived of sex to be talking to me like that. Excuse the crude language, but if you had heard what he said, you would know how much my blood was boiling at that point of time.

Which brings us to another event which occured 2 days ago: parent-lecturer meeting.

I was a little panicky at first, seeing that I didn't do quite as well as my mom would expect. I passed everything, but I only managed to get satisfactory marks for Eng Lit. AND I was worried about what kinda comments I would be getting from my lecturers. I wasn't particularly worried about Miss Grace, cause I scored quite well for Eng Lit, but I wasn't sure about Mrs Dharma and Mrs Chiu.

Surprisingly, it turned out to be MUCH better than I'd expected. All three of them gave really good (maybe 'encouraging' would be more appropriate) comments. First to meet my mom was Mrs Chiu. She gave me one of her scary gazes as I sat next to my mom, which got me freaking out. I was already getting ready for the worst when she said:" Clarissa's a very attentive student." I couldn't help but smile when I heard that. It wasn't ALL good comments with Mrs Chiu though... Like I found out the next day, she told EVERY single parent that we're supposed to be studying Economics 2 hours a day. THANKFULLY my mom didn't take the 2 hours part seriously. What she said was,"actually, I'm pretty sure you can do it if you just put in one hour a day." I know why she said that. If I spend 2 hours on Econs, I would spend 1 hour less on practice. I place more importance on music than studies, so do the math. =D

Next up was Mrs Dharma. She too, gave encouraging comments. My mom, on the other hand, didn't seem to believe her when she said I had good potential and that I was improving and well on my way to getting As'. Typical. HAHA! And she also explained that our results are NEVER good the first time and that we always do better the second time. Provided we study, of course.

The meeting with Miss Grace was really brief, cause she was in the middle of a class. But according to her, there wasn't much to say in the first place. Which is a good thing.

I hope. =P

Later that evening, I went online and was chatting with a few friends when Mr Tiki came online. He IM'd me and went straight to the point: You've been moved up to the 2nd desk for the August camp.

See, a week before this, I had been quite depressed about the seating position. Not that it's a "status" thing, but I thought I had done badly in the auditions, and that's why I was left to sit at the last desk. (and I couldn't understand how a certain someone could be levelled up despite *ahem* certain reasons) I don't know why the seating positions had suddenly changed so drastically, but I'm not complaining. My mom even made a passing remark:"well, at least we would be able to see you this time." VERY funny, mom.

Oh, and I took part in MCKL's annual Treasure Hunt today. It was really tiring, but fun nonetheless. I was partnered with Bernard and we both teamed up with Choon Hui and Devina. Although we didn't win anything, the experience was one that I would never forget. I won't bother blogging the details, cause there's simply too many to remember, but I'll just roughly skim through what we had to do.

Generally, it was something like "Amazing Race", only we didn't get any further than KL. The route was MCKL---KL central---KLCC---Bukit Nanas---Lot 10---Bukit Bintang---Times Square---Tun Sambanthan---MAB. We started off at 8.50am, and our team made it back at around 12-ish. My feet were already killing me by the time we got to Times Square. As much as I wanted to sit, there wasn't enough time. So I assured myself that the faster we finish this, the faster I can sit and relax.

I actually left halfway through the prize-giving ceremony. There wasn't a point in staying back, and I wanted to get home fast. AND I didn't wanna stay under the scorching heat for too long... Hehe...

Okay, it's DINNER time! I'll blog the next time I feel like it. Ciao! =D

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Confused, scared and angry...

Okay, so a couple of things happened between the last time I blogged and now. There's good news and bad news... Wait, more bad news than good news, so I'll start with the "good news" first.

Wendy and I won the Badminton Tournament. The semi's and Finals weren't that much of a challenge. (no offense guys) But it was a breeze compared to our first match, seriously. I was literally playing the fool in the semi's, and I was only a tiny fraction more serious in the finals. Considering the fact that my right arm was killing me throughout both matches, I daresay it was a job well done. Of course, I could never have done it without my ever so steady and solid partner- Wendy!

Second piece of good news... (actually, it can hardly be classified as "news" but I just need to mention something of the happy nature because what follows would be seriously depressing) I got 2 new dresses from Tangs, Pavillion. I've been dying to go there these 2 weeks (cuz of the massive sale they're having) and finally managed to satisfy my shopping needs last weekend. Hehe. I wouldn't say I'm a shopaholic, but hey, a girl's gotta shop when she's gotta shop! HAHA! I nearly got a bag from ELLE as well, but finally decided against it as it wasn't worth what I would have to pay.

And now, for...

*drum rolls*

The bad news.

I won't specify what it is about and I won't mention details, but I just need to blog vaguely about it to get it off my mind. (not that it would work, but it's worth a try...)

Something happened yesterday, after class, in college. It would usually be passed off as nothing, but unfortunately, it's been made such a HUGE issue that I'm sure the whole f*cking college knows now. And it just because some f*cking b*tch has got her f*cking eyes stuck up her f*cking *ss and who, of course, can't keep her f*cking yak shut. Just cause you've got some effing strict "moral principles" stuck up your sad excuse of a brain doesn't mean you have the right to gossip all you want about other people. Okay fine, gossip all you want, but at least don't make it known to the people you're gossiping about. It's not so bad if you're gossiping about things that actually happened. But no..... You HAVE to pour oil on fire and rub salt into the bleeding wound. In case you don't know what that feels like, it really REALLY hurts.

And of course, the situation becomes worse when one of your classmates, who don't know what should be told and what should be kept private, go around spreading the rumours. Which, obviously, does NOT help at all.

Thankfully we have a couple of friends who still believe in us, and agree to stand by us. Or I would seriously go mad and run around college screaming and pulling my hair out. =P

So, to those who are on our side, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means a lot to me that I have friends I can trust, and who trust me. (you know who you are)

To random readers, if this is the 1st time you're reading my blog, I apologize for all the swearing in the later paragraphs.

To regular readers however...


Just kidding. =D

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

100th Post

Okay... So the badminton thing was not to be a walkover. (and it doesn't help that we now have 6 teams instead of just four) Quite on the contrary, Wendy and I were relatively close to losing. It was thanks to sheer will and a little brain work that we won in the end.

In the guy's game, it was all done in straight sets. Mine was a rubber set which lasted 40 minutes, according to Kian Guan.

Wendy and I won: 21-18, 12-21, 22-20

Close call huh? I was convinced that we were gonna lose after the second game. I played like crap the first 2 games, but we won the first match cause Wendy was playing really well and I made a few good serves.

The second match was a catastrophe. I played even worse cause I was really tense, and my arm was killing me. (I had conveniently injured my arm before the match) And Wendy was making mistakes as well, though not as much as I did. She's a lot steadier than I am. Plus, we both went completely out of co-ordination. Our footwork was all over the court, zero teamwork.

Before the 3rd game started, I was panicking like crazy because I could barely lift my arm without feeling a huge stab of pain. But seeing that the game can't be delayed, I just grit my teeth and continued. We were trailing 5 points behind our opponents during the first half of the game, but then somehow managed to level it up to 16(us)-18(them). Then we caught up to 19-18. Just when I thought we could finish it off, they led the game to a deuce: 20-20. And so, Wendy and I just gave it our all, attacked as hard as we could and forced it to 21-20. After that, it was my serve, and I knew that girl I was serving to can't really take far shots. So I directed my serve as far as I could, and it paid off. Thank God. =P

It's actually all thanks to Wendy. If she wasn't so steady and calm, we would have lost. I was seriously blubbering on court yesterday. I made mistakes that I would never make whilst playing with my friends. AND she covers the court better than I do. Therefore, I owe her a HUGE thank you.

Hopefully we get through the Semi Finals tomorrow, and then move on to clinch the Finals. Wish us luck!

P/S: Thanks for your support! (you know who you are... =D)

Saturday, 12 July 2008


So, a couple of things happened lately... I got my 1st semester exam papers back, MPYO auditions last week, and a badminton tournament coming up.

Well, first things first. Exam results. They were far from my liking of course, but I can hardly complain, seeing that I hardly studied in the first place. Econs was expected. I didn't open my books till the night before the exam so... It's a miracle I actually scraped more than a pass. English Lit was a real let-down. I mean, for someone who's been getting marks like 48/50 for her essays all her life, I'm not accustomed to see a 38/50 on the front of my paper. I know that's an "A", but still... According to Ms Grace, my essays were good, but I neglected a few bits and pieces here and there. Which apparently were VERY important bits and pieces. If I had opened my eyes and read the question MORE carefully then I did, I could have gotten higher marks. Overall, I did well for the Alias Grace paper, ("...impossible to have one fixed narrative") not so well for John Keats, ("Keats' poems provide an effective mode of escape from reality") and quite badly for Friel, ("Translations often signifies a loss").

However, the paper I really don't want to get back is the Law paper. Cause I know I didn't do well. Heh. And so, I'm gonna get screwed this Monday.

Right. MPYO auditions. I wouldn't say it was a catastrophe, but Kevin's comments were sort of in the "sitting on the fence" nature. I played the excerpts 1st, 2nd movement, followed by the 1st. Then he sorta interviewed me a little. Asked me how old I am, what I'm doing now, what I plan to do in future... And then came the part I dreaded the most-sight reading. First thing I noticed was the amount of flats the passage had. All bloody 6 of them. Thankfully it was in D flat Major, not B flat minor, so I didn't have much of a problem with intonation. On top of that, it was a slow passage, with notes not involving multi-ledger lines, so I think I did okay. He did say I had some good, strong playing, and good rhythm sense. So hopefully, I managed it. Cause frankly speaking, I didn't touch the excerpts until the week before the auditions.

A few awkward things happened before I went into the audition room, but that's for me to know, and for you NOT to know. So as much as I would LOVE to blog about them, I shan't. =D

Badminton tournament this Tuesday. According to Pradhivan and Bernard, Wendy (my partner) and I have a big chance of winning. Since there are only 4 pairs in the women's doubles, and one of them are just joining for fun, and the others don't actually play the sport, we have nothing to worry about. Which tachnically, I'm not so happy about. I'm actually hoping that at least ONE pair would give us a challenge. If not, then where's the fun in winning??

The men's doubles ended yesterday. Ka Hui-Darren vs. Joseph-Kian Guan. Ka Hui and Darren were the winning pair. It was a good match, though I think the latter could have played better. But as Joseph himself pointed out after the match, he made a lot of mistakes. Best part is, all Kian Guan did all this was... smile. Even after they lost, he still had his signature goofy grin on his face. Good natured guy larr...

Okay, I've got a lesson with Liu Jian this Tuesday, so I'd better get cracking. Ciao!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Effing sick... heh

Wow... It's been awhile since I've blogged. Almost a month. Well, I could hardly find time to breathe, let alone blog about my sad, sad life. =P

Not that I didn't have time to blog... I just had nothing to blog about. The whole of June was spent purely on studying (yea right) and improving on the Max Bruch concerto.

Technically, I wasn't studying until the last week before the exams. I mean, I DID study during the month, but I only focussed on Law. I didn't touch Econs and Eng Lit until the last week of the hols. Trust me, I regretted not studying more. Though, on the plus side, my playing (violin) has gotten a lot better and Liu Jian seems happy with my progress.

Therefore, I can now conclude that the opportunity cost of practicing the violin would be doing well in my studies. =D

Not that I care anyways. I'd rather do well in music than academics anyday...

The exams weren't as bad as I thought it could have been. I had Law on the first day. Hopefully I didn't screw up the case names and mess up my definitions. Or Mrs Dharma would screw my paper and mess me up. Haha. Next up was Econs. It was surprisingly okay. Though I would've liked it better if we were given more time. I could barely finish all the questions. I had 2 days to revise and recap on whatever Dr Shalini had taught us before the "big day". I think Eng Lit is the only subject I've got confidence to score reasonably well in. I'm just praying hard that I didn't fly off-context for Alias Grace...

Technically I should be enjoying myself since exams is over. But no... I've got the MPYO audition in 2 bleeding days. AND the fact that I'm as sick as a dog right now seriously doesn't help. The combination of cough-flu-fever is just killing me. My throat feels as if I've got needles stuck in there, my nose is blocked most of the time and my head spins whenever I try to get up and walk.

One word-Depressing.

Anyways, I'd better get on with practice or I'd be one of those getting kicked out for next season. Ciao!