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Thursday, 19 June 2008

3 things, 5 things... now 7 things???

HAHA! I found this highly amusing. Dropped by Aziff's blog and found this 7 things tag. And since I have absolutely nothing else to do right now...

7 Raw Facts about Me:
  • I hardly ever stop day-dreaming. (sometimes even when I'm in a middle of practice!)
  • I have been fortunate enough to inherit a generous amount of sarcasm, courtesy of my dad
  • I'm extremely into music
  • I'm obsessed with English Literary books.
  • I'm striving to improve my English (by reading =D)
  • I'm addicted to Yun Ho's dance moves
  • I absolutely detest Rock bands

7 Things That Scare Me:

  • Dropping my violin
  • Failing my music exams
  • Spiders (EEW!)
  • My mom, when she screams at her students (SCARY!)
  • Horror movies
  • Death
  • Anything grotesque

7 Current Songs: (do Classical pieces count??)

  • "Violin Concerto in G minor, 3rd Movt" (Max Bruch)
  • "Symphonic Dances from West Side Story" (Leonard Bernstein)
  • "Partners in Crime" (Jim Brickman feat. Dave Koz)
  • "Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire" (David Foster)
  • "Travel" (DBSK)
  • "Geu de Ji Geum" (Kim Jung Hee)
  • "El Amor No Fallara" (RBD)
7 Things I Say Frequently:
  • De? (Korean equivalent to "what?")
  • Excuse moi? (in an annoying French accent)
  • Oh Crap
  • WTF?!
  • What the heeellll???
  • Woman, if you do that ONE more time...
  • Rrrriiiiiiiggghhhhttttt... (in ALL sarcasm =D)

7 Most Valuable and Sentimental Things of Mine:

  • Photos with family n friends
  • Birthday/Greeting cards from friends
  • Letters from friends overseas
  • My Piano
  • Diaries
  • Holidays with my family
  • Sea shells collected from all the sandy beaches I've visited these 18 years

7 First Times in My Life:

  • first job at Claris, Sungai Long ( Jan 2008)
  • first emotional break down (2005)
  • first "love" interest (2004)
  • first Violin Solo Performance (2002)
  • first time kena "rottan" (2001)
  • first Diary (2003)
  • first BC (British Council) gathering (2005)

7 ppl you tag:

Hmm... I malas to think of names now so... I'll tag anyone who has the time to do this. =D

Monday, 16 June 2008

Electone Stagea vs. ?

Went for an Electone Concert last Saturday night.

A Mesmerizing Evening with...


Only it wasn't very "mesmerizing", and judging by the way the dude speaks (and by his actions), it was more of an evening with Ayako Saito (Girl's name) than Ayaki Saito (Guy's name)

I'm not kidding. When he is "communicating" with the audience, it's not unlike those Olden-Imperial-Chinese Concubines who go around waving their flimsy hankerchiefs everywhere. Come to think of it, he kinda WALKS like those concubines too. O_o

But he DOES play really really well. Okay, the pieces he played were a tad bit TOO Big Band Jazz-ish for my taste, but it was good technique and good showmanship. He even arranged "Saranghaeyo (JJLin)" which was surprisingly well-thought out. The only drawback (apart from his girlish-ness) was that he didn't bring out much contrast. Meaning his pieces sounded pretty much the same. Same Chord Progressions, same Genre, same "breaks" and the same Big Band-ish endings. Oh well, seeing that he IS still very young (he's no older than 23), he still has time to expand on his repertoire. I'll be looking forward to seeing him around again.

Since we're on the topic of Electones, my sis and I did a small performance in Mid Valley yesterday. I played "Hana" (means "flower" in Japanese), my sis played "Listening to the Music Box" by Yukie Nishimura, and we both played a duet of "Partners in Crime" (Me, on the Clavi, my sis on the Stagea). I think my performance was okay... But I was dead nervous before I went on stage. My sister's performance would have been perfect had she not STOPPED in the middle of the piece! She was so nervous that she forgot the notes! Thankfully, she managed to finish it off well. She made slips in "Partners in Crime" as well, but they were of the non-noticeable nature so... Yeah. =D

Had a good lesson with Liu Jian today. Brushed up on the 1st movement of Max Bruch. Though she reckons I can play it more "expressively". In other words, I play like a block of wood. =D

Oh god... I can almost hear my dad going,' motto romantique!'


Thursday, 12 June 2008

Music=Violin=Stradivarius= A HELL lotta money!

Went for a Violin exhibition yesterdat evening. Had to literally "dress up". Cause apparently it's a "black tie" event and many "important" people would be attending so we have to make an effort to blend in.

Funny thing is, my mom only told me about it last night.

And so, I took the entire afternoon to decide on what to wear. I raided my wardrobe and tried various combos of my tops and pants/skirts. But somehow, those that I usually wear to functions didn't look quite right this time. (WEIRD!) So I settled for the dark blue dress that mom got for me last year.

We were one of the earliest to arrive. (the function only starts at 6, we were there by 5.45) Since no one we knew were there yet, we sat ourselves comfortably in the hall and watched Markus Gunderman (Concert Master) do some last-minute practice on the precious 300 year old Stradivarius. Damn, it sounded good.

Anyways, after the Royals arrived, an Italian violin maker and a Japanese violin collector each gave their speech about violins and what makes them so special. Though they both had heavily accented voices, the parts where they talked about the majesticity (if there's such a word) of violins were definitely understood. And I found the Italian guy quite interesting cause his violin workshop is based in the world's most famous violin-making town. AND he was quite good-looking. =P

And then it was the Italian Ambassador's turn to deliver his speech. It was quite simple and straight forward. (Then again, it was probably written by his secretary) He introduced each of the instruments (2 violins, a viola and a cello-- all over 200 years old) then it was Chamber performance by the MPO String section principles. Of course, the highlight was on the Strad, which really sounded like a soothing voice singing the main melodies.

It was refreshments after that. Italian food, as predicted. Damn... The lasagna tasted heavenly. Haha! I drank wine as well (both red and white) and some syrup-ish drink which tasted not unlike those we had back in Sri Aman. O_o

Finally, we got around to looking at the violins. LOL! My parents seemed more interested in the food than the instruments! Psst! Don't tell them I said that. =P

Here's the best part of the evening...


Seriously, it was a 291 year old Strad. The second I bowed a note, I fell in love with it. The sound it projected was incredible! I didn't even have to put much pressure onto the string and it vibrated like... Wow! Even my mom was mesmerized. =P

I mean, who wouldn't be... It was a STRAD, for crying out loud!

The evening ended too soon for me. I really wanted to have another go at that violin, but unfortunately, I'd never own it so... I didn't wanna get too "attached" I guess. Haha!

Oh, and I've finally got my braces on. Blehh... I heartily wish I had the foresight to stop it from happening. I can't eat anything harder than porridge, or anything tougher than bread. So yeah, I really hate braces.

And the fact that it makes me look worse than I already do doesn't help either. This statement is backed by evidence shown by my students who were gawking at me earlier like I was some alien from outer space.

Alright, I shall now revert to doing more "important" stuff. *coughs* Ciao!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Right. I've been tagged yet again.

Got tagged by Mr. Tiki again. Blehh... Here goes nothing...

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?

Definitely after I graduate from whatever I'm pursuing. I'd like to get a job before I even think about marriage. Seriously, I don't plan to rely solely on the "man of the house"

2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?

Europe. Rome and Italy are definitely a must. I'd like to visit Tokyo and Seoul as well...

3. If you could have one word that'll describe your mood right now, what would it be?

Contented. Well, mainly cuz I had a good lesson with Liu Jian today. The Max Bruch concerto is not killing me (surprisingly) and I've improved on the Bach. Plus, I finally managed to chew on food slightly tougher than bread. Therefore, my appetite has greatly improved. (mom commented on how pale I was the day before due to the lack of nutrition/food intake)

4. Do you think money can buy happiness?

To a certain extent, yes. As much as I hate to admit it, we CAN'T survive without money. And it's always nice to shower people (and yourself =D) with gifts when you have that extra buck. But then again, if you have money, but no loved ones to share it with... That's just depressing.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?

If you're talking further ahead, I'd want to spend the rest of my life with that someone special. Right now? I just wanna focus on getting into the YST conservatoire.

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?

Frankly speaking, no. I mean, if I've got green fingers, that would be another matter. But I can't plant anything to save my life, and I will not consent to make mince meat of pets *glares pointedly at Tiki*, so... Yeah. Food would be a HUGE problem. And I absolutely refuse to go around clad in nothing but leaves. *glares at Tiki again*

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?

My family and friends. And of course, my i-pod, violin and handphone. Oh... and *a-hem*

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?

Bring my parents for a nice holiday to all the major cities in the world. And do major SHOPPING! To be honest, I think the money would disappear in a matter of days. Cuz my parents and I can be serious shopaholics when we want to. =P

9. How would you describe the person u like *at the moment*?

Who? Yun Ho? Oh boy, one word is good enough-- HOT!

I'm kidding, people... I don't really have a person I "like" so... Yeah... Yun Ho's just a "fantasy", if that's how you wanna put it. Nuff said.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you?

Aww... Tiki? Real fun guy to be around (Pt. No1). Though he annoys me occasionally with his "dirty" talks and (sometimes) gross "habits", he's the best "desk partner" you can have in Economics class--smart ass, generally (Pt. No2). Sides, he's the only one (apart from "him") who really understands me (Pt. No3)

11. What are the requirements that you wish from the other half?

Okayy... this is gonna take awhile...

1)Reasonably intelligent. I mean, he doesn't have to be a genius or anything, but I'd want someone who can at least, speak English reasonably well. AND be able to do simple Maths.

2)Has a sense of humour. But then again, I don't want a clown. Just someone I can share a laugh or two with. Having a tinge of sarcasm would be perfect. =D

3)A good conversationalist. If you know me personally, you'll know that I talk. A lot. So I wouldn't be able to live with a person who stays silent all the time. Then I might as well live on my own.

4)Good dress sense. No "la-la" clothes please. Preferably, he would be able to help me with MY wardrobe as well. Just give passing comments, at least.

5)Non brand-conscious. I mean, if you have the money, it's fine. Spend all you want. But don't expect me to do the same.

Right, I'm not in the right state of mind to do this. If you REALLY want the whole list, come and talk to me in person.

12. If you could rewind time would you?

OF COURSE! I'd go back and bloody turn the history of Malaysia upside down!

13. What's your ambition?

If I'm being un-realistic, a reknown violinist. Closer to Planet Earth? Get into a good orchestra and have a stable income.

14. Are you emotional?

Heck yeah... Depends in what situation though. I suppose I'm pretty composed most of the time... Though I can be a real water hose when it concerns affairs of the heart. Haha! AND anything to do with family and friends. (this includes my dogs as well)

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

Food, shelter, clothing, (God, I sound like Mrs. Chiu) friends and family. Especially my mom. =D

16. If you could undo doing one mistake in the past, what would it be?

Err... Too many mistakes to choose from? LOL! Well, actually, I have one that I would like to undo, but it's non-disclosable. =D

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?

I like myself. =P. KIDDING! I have the tendency to say things at the wrong time. So, if I could change that, I'd like myself a bit more. =D

18. What is the one thing you cannot do but you wish you could?

Bungee jumping. HAHA! I've always wanted to do it. But I've got no guts, sad to say...

19. Why are you feeling like this?

What? Contented? Like I mentioned, I had a good day. So generally, I'm in a pretty good mood.

20. MY QUESTION: Why do people fall in love?

DUH! Cause we're all humans with f*cking screwed up hormones. =P
I know I sound like a real miser, but yeah... Falling in love can be a rewarding experience, IF the person you're with is not a Jackass or a Bitch. =D

8 People I tag:
1) Kent
2) Sam
3) Aziff
4) Jia Rong
5) Su Yin
6) Lina
7) Duncan (again, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do it)
8) anyone who has the time to spare

Saturday, 7 June 2008

KLCC outing...

Not really an outing, actually... More of a reunion of the Tribe. =P

Anyways, a little recap of what I was up to before I went to KLCC...

Woke up with a HUGE aching sensation around my jaw. Damn, I felt as if all my teeth were about to fall off! And no, it's not an exaggeration. Had to brush my teeth extra slowly so I don't dislodge those dratted rubber bands. Blehh...

Practice a couple of hours before I showered, changed, dressed and listened to my sis practice the cello before we headed to KLCC.

Duncan and David were already there. I dropped my violin off at the DFP office and met up with them. We walked around for a bit... Then finally decided to have lunch at Chinoz. Since my jaw was practically useless, I had to settle for Mushroom Soup. Sad huh? Duncan had sushi whereas David had sandwiches (which HAD to be coated with mozzarella cheese. Damn... I can almost feel myself drooling. HAHA!)

Seeing that my hopeless teeth couldn't bite into anything without causing excruciating pain, I had to settle for Mushroom soup. (I almost laughed when the waiter laid a bowl with 3 slices of bread) Duncan had sushi and David had some really delicious-looking sandwiches (which HAD to be coated with Mozzarella Cheese. Darn... I can almost feel myself drooling. =P)

After lunch, we headed to Isetan. (Duncan wanted to get a bottle of wine) The 3 of us had fun browsing through the many types of alcohol. David and I were laughing when we didn't see the Vodka that Kit Leong was downing that night. Apparently, it's too low class to be on a shelf in KLCC. =P

In the end, Duncan settled for a bottle of desert wine, 9.5% alcohol, which cost about 51 bucks. Not too expensive, in my opinion. Then he wanted to get a corkscrew, and managed to get a fancy-looking one from Parkson. (Well, the price was more for design than function. It cost RM40)

We sat at the stairs of DFP and chatted about random stuff while waiting for Tiki and Kit Leong to arrive. Kit Leong came first, and then somehow the talk started to swerve towards the "blue" side. LOL!

"Denise went to Bangkok"

Innocent phrase, no?

But they managed to interpret the phrase into: Denise went to "Bang-c*ck"

And that's just a small portion of what I have to bear with in consequence to hanging around guys all the time. Maybe it's a sign that I should probably start building closer friendships with my fellow girl-friends? HAHA! Whatever.

Anyways, we talked, and talked somemore, until Tiki decided to give me a heart attack. (He jumped at me from behind) I leapt (figuratively =P) sky-high and reproachfully shoved him for surprising me like that.

Somehow, we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in the DFP office. Time passed quickly as we joked, laughed and took pictures to capture our moments together. And THAT's when the wine part comes in. =D

My dad called at 5 something to alter the original plan. (He asked me to go back before the dinner thing) So, Duncan decided to open the wine bottle before I left, cause apparently he "bought it cause he wanted me to try it". In any case, the taste of the wine was really intoxicating, and it has a fruity after taste. Unfortunately, I didn't want any of my family members to smell the wine on me, so I couldn't drink much. But I plan to somehow con my dad into getting that one the next time we go wine shopping. =D

I left after we took more random shots. Here are a few...

This was taken by David while we were waiting for our food to arrive. I like the flowers. =D
LOL. Another shot by David. The guys reckon this pic would be perfect for a watch advert.
Us in the DFP office. from left: Tiki, Kit Leong, David, me and Duncan.
From left: Me, Duncan.

From left: Kit Leong, David, me, Duncan
From Left: again, Kit Leong, David, me, Duncan

Okay, this was not from the outing, but I wanted to post them up cause I really REALLY miss camp. =D

This was taken right before we headed to the badminton court. From left: David, Jebat, Lu Ee, Kah Yan, Kit Leong, me, Donovan, Nicholas, Nex.
During our last dinner (BBQ). Clockwise from left: Kit Leong, Chin Ning, Lu Ee, David, Duncan, Nicholas, me and Jebat.

That was pretty much all I managed to get. Brings back memories dunnit?

Shit! Time for me to practice or YST would only be a fantasy... O_o


Friday, 6 June 2008

I've been be-spectacled, and now I shall be be-braced..??

Went for a dental appointment I didn't know of until an hour before departure. My mom just walked in while I was still asleep this morning and went,' Clarissa, wake up! You've got a dental appointment at 10.45!' And so, I had to drag myself out of bed (darn, I really didn't want to leave it), wash up, change, ate a light breakfast and headed to the dental clinic. Apparently, the Doc's my mom's student's parent. Blehh...

Anyways, I went because my parents wanted me to (finally) get braces after about 3 years of procrastination. The good news was that I wouldn't have to extract any of my teeth. (I was SO relieved to hear him say that!) The bad news is that I would have to do scaling and have 8 rubber bands stuck in-between some of my teeth.

The scaling part was horrible. I reckon I've never bled so much in my entire life!


Okay, that was definitely an exaggeration. But still. He was really rough. And I swear, he got more blood out of my mouth than dirt/bacteria. Honestly, I think he just likes the sight of blood. Cause, as I was rinsing after he was done bleeding my gums, I saw blood, but no plague or cavities. O_o

After that, he "polished" my teeth and inserted those dratted rubber bands. Which, technically is not supposed to cause any bleeding right? Well, guess what? It did. My gums started bleeding again, so I had to rinse my mouth with cold water to avoid getting anaemia or something... =P

Then we had some discussion about what kind of braces I should wear. I wanted those cool, invisible, crystal-made braces, but unfortunately... Yeah, the money issue. Cause my teeth aren't seriously out of alignment, I would only need to wear the braces for about a year. So, spending 5k++ on something which would only last a year is not exactly worth it in my parents' dictionary.

Ate "Bak Kut Teh" for lunch with my parents. Went back home, changed, packed a few of my things, then my dad drove me to my grandma's place in PJ (he had a meeting in Yamaha). She got really excited and showed me what she got for all of us from her recent holiday in China. I got a really nice sporty-looking shirt, a silk scarf and a silk pillow case.

I LOVE my grandparents. =D

And then I had to get started on practice. After 2 hours or so, I bathed, changed, ate, then took over the wheel from my dad (he came to fetch me) and headed to Sg. Long for 3 hours of torture. (teaching)

I suppose I should stop before my student comes barging in. *smiles guiltily* I'll update some other time... Toodles!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Driver for the day...

Seriously, I drove my dad all over KL today. First, it was to send my bro to the doc's. (he was complaining of chest pains. Then of course, being the evil sister that I am, I told him: Why go to the doc when I can diagnose you at home? Chest pains right? Hmm... *frowns in concentration* You're about to die of a heart attack! =P)

Then to Ampang Plaza (Euro Music) cause I had to try out some violins for a friend. I fell in love with this German-made violin (I can't remember the maker's name), but unfortunately, the price tag just made my hopes go down the drain. (it costs 20k++) Oh well, dad said we might be going for the China Music Fest in October, so I'd have more choices then. =)

After lunch, I drove my dad to settle some bills, then to Public Bank, DBKL, then finally... I was so relieved to reach home, I very nearly forgot to turn off the engine before I got out of the car. Haha!

Miraculously, I still managed to cram in 4 hours of practice between 3pm-9pm. Not bad huh?

All the driving somehow reminds me of today's headlines...

Petrol price up by 78sen- and will be reviewed every month

Okay, I think it would have been a REALLY smart move if they had thought of it a FEW YEARS AGO!

Honestly, haven't we (consumers) suffered enough?

According to our dear PM *note that I'm being as sarcastic as possible*, this would save the Government about RM13.7bil. Here's the irony: which will be given back to the rakyat through rebates and other subsidies.

Very funny. Half of that (maybe even more) would probably end up in their own pockets.

And then you get a whole bunch of idiots who think that queing up to fill their tanks right before the price increases would somehow save them a little bit of money.

Hello? Earth to fools, your car consumes petrol even as you're waiting in line. Besides, why sit in the car and wait for your turn to save a few pennies when you can sit at home and laugh at stupid people who think they can save 50 bucks by filling their tanks before the revamp takes effect? Seriously, you wanna save money? Just use your car less often! And make use of the public transport available.

LOL. Public transport just brings this to a whole new level...

Typical of Malaysia, our wonderfully mapped out Public Transport routes are... well, screwed up, what makes them think we would revert to...

Okay, take KTM for example. Frankly speaking, I would rather pay a few extra dollars and drive myself to work than risk losing my job by relying on the likes of KTM.

And then you get our equally screwed up bus routes and screwed up taxis (no offense to honest earners. I'm talking about bogus taxi drivers who go around robbing and stabbing poor, helpless damsels)

Oh well, what's done is done. Now all we can do is wait for the prices of all other goods to rise.

And THEN we can all be "Nicholas-es" when we see the price tags...

What the heeeelll?? =D

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Yet another tag...

Just visited Tikipedia and found myself tagged again. Well, here goes...

The rules are:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player than tags 5 people and posts their names, than goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they done got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

What was I doing 10 years ago (1998)?
1) Entering Year 2 in SJK (C) Kuen Cheng 1
2) Bullying boys in my class =P
3) Took part in a Chinese Calligraphy competition. And won
4) Got the shock of my life when I got 2nd place in class. (I didn't even study)
5) Had a nice holiday in Singapore during the end-year hols.

5 things on my to-do list today
1) Practice for at least 5 hours
2) Get started on some new piano masterpieces (I haven't learnt a new piece in ages)
3) Re-organize my room
4) Get my sis to practice her exam pieces
5) Watch "Water Horse"

5 Snacks I enjoy
1) Cheezels!!
2) Does wine count? I LOVE red wine =D
3) Haagen Daaz's Chocolate ice-cream
4) PIZZA! (hawaiian chicken... Darn, I'm craving for it now)
5) Grandma's french toast... YUMM

5 Things I would do if I were a multi-billionaire
1) Get my mom the full-size Steinway Grandpiano of her dreams
2) Get my entire family out of Malaysia (I've got 2 options here- it's either Singapore or England)
3) Buy my dad and Grandad each a car of their choice (and one for myself as well)
4) Get a Steinway for myself... And probably a Stradivarius violin as well
5) Get a HUGE mansion which is able to house my entire family plus 2 dogs (I'd make sure the place has an Olympic-sized swimming pool and 2 badminton courts)

5 of my bad habits
1) Biting my fingernails
2) Being ultra-lazy during the hols
3) Taking a long time in the shower
4) All my senses (except sight) are in non-function mode whenever I'm reading a good book (I don't find that too bad a habit, but my mom gets really annoyed when she calls me and I don't answer... -_-;)
5) Swearing (only when I'm in a f**ked up mood) =P

5 places I have lived in:
1) Taman Midah, Cheras (shop house)
2) Taman Midah, Cheras (terrace)
3) Taman Midah, Cheras (Corner House)--now
4) SS3/23, Petaling Jaya
5) Some cities all over China in 1999

5 people I tag:
1) Lu Ee
2) Maybelle "Mushroom" Gan Jia Rong
3) Dylan
4) Lina
5) Duncan (though I'm just about 99.99% sure he won't do it) =P


It's only been 2 days since camp ended and I'm missing it already. Frankly speaking, I wish everyday of our lives could be spent like those 10 days. Minus the no-sleep part, cause I would seriously just drop dead.

Anyways, like Jia Rong/Maybelle "Mushroom" Gan Jia Rong has pointed out, I neglected one huge part of the camp---Jebat and Kah Yan's surprise party.

The original plan was to kidnap them and eventually lead them to the badminton courts, where we surprise them with a delicious-looking blueberry cheesecake. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be, as Jia Rong and Georgine fell off their bicycles earlier and got hurt. Jia Rong's injuries weren't of serious nature, just some really nasty bruises and a deep cut on her waist. Georgine, on the other hand, had to get 10 stitches on her forehead because she ran (head-first) into a tree. Poor girl...

In the end, we decided to go Karaoke first, while 2 others went back to my room to get the cake. (They decided to leave the cake in the refrigerator in my room) Jebat covered his face in shock and went "Oh my God, Oh my God!" when he saw Lu Ee and Jia Rong walking in with the cake. Kah Yan's mouth fell open while the rest of us just laughed at their expressions. We sang the Birthday song, they blew the candles together, cut the cake, took the candles out with their teeth and then it was Karaoke time!

It started with a few fast numbers, with David, Duncan, Kit Leong and Jebat doing most of the singing. (Or should I say screaming?) No matter. Anyways, they looked like a couple of monkeys, so the girls just sit back and laughed at their crazy-ness. Later on, Su Yin and I became the photographers of the night, taking random shots of the guys "getting their groove on".

When they finally got tired of singing and dancing around (they did "She Bangs" at one point), we finally got around to hearing some real music.

Jia Rong and Jebat did a really nice duet with "Getaran Jiwa"

Duncan showed off his Michael Buble-like voice when there were breaks in-between songs

Lu Ee and I sang to Michael Wong's "Tong Hwa"

Kit Leong and Jebat rapped and stomped their way through "We Will Rock You"

Jia Rong and I sang to "Because You Loved Me"

There were many other songs we sang and laughed to, but I can't remember them all. Bottomline is, it was a memorable night. One which I would never forget.

Some years ago, I wished my mom never signed me up for violin lessons...

A few months back, I wished I could stop violin lessons and just focus on my studies...

Last week, I wished my fingers were strong enough so I could withstand longer practice sessions...

2 days ago, I Thank God I've had the opportunity to learn and play this instrument well enough to join the MPYO. If not for my mom's insistance for me to continue, I would never have met this fantastic bunch of people I can now call "my friends".

And so, I shall now aim to take my musical journey a notch higher (a few notches higher, actually) --- Yong Siew Toh Conservatoire.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Picture time

Seeing that I didn't bring my camera along, I shall post some really bad pics taken from my ever loyal Sony Ericsson W550i, 1.3 mega pixel camera. You may criticize the low-quality shots, but I still love my phone. That's some of the guys playing pool. From left: Jebat, David, Nicholas, Nex (semi-hidden behind Duncan) Duncan, Kit Leong, Kah Yan and Dylan

Duncan looking ever so calm and collected.
Kit Leong's feet in Lu Ee's heels

From Left: Eben looking interestedly at Dylan, who's holding a glass with only his lips
From Left: Duncan, David and Lu Ee
Cute pic. Jebat, Kah Yan and Duncan. Jebat's the one with his mouth open, Kah Yan's the girl covering her face and Duncan's the dude with the "I'm so cool" pose
Chin Ning about to play pool
Duncan placing a shot while Chin Ning looks on...

Notice that I'm not in any of the pics. See, that happens when you're the photographer. For more MPYO camp pics, check Tiki's blog... =D