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Thursday, 8 May 2008


2 people who spend a lot of time together don't make them a couple.
2 people who have a lot in common don't make them a couple.
2 people who hug one another as friends don't make them a couple.

Just cause you're jealous, it don't make them a couple.

Thought I'd like to clear things up a little, because some peeps have been bothering me and a certain someone with well-meant questions. Not that I'm living in denial or anything, but there's-nothing-goin'-on-between-us. Seriously, as much as I feel comfortable around him, we haven't known each other long enough for any elaborate emotions to develop.

Right. Now that I've more or less cleared the air, let's get back to what I've been up to these couple o' days...

Saturday: For once, I had my afternoon free as yours truly wasn't feeling well. Went to Claris and played on the Stagea for about an hour while giving my sis the liberty of using my laptop till I snatched it back. Dinner was at "Summer Feels" as usual with my immediate family, my aunt and Uncle Ti. (and as usual, dad and Uncle Ti were so intent on watching football that they didn't even realise their food was set in front of them till my mom waved her hand in dad's face) Went back home, chatted online for awhile, then went to bed.

Sunday: Woke up REALLY early. Practiced for awhile before heading to KLCC. (there was supposed to be Chamber practice, but it was cancelled, so I decided to shop for Mother's Day gifts instead) Met up with Bernard at about 11am and walked around Isetan. Mom's present took main priority, though I had my aunt's and grandma's gifts in mind as well. I thought of getting my mom earrings, but the designs were either too simple or WAY too elaborate. After much wandering around, we found ourselves in Crystal Corner- a Chinese feng shui shop. They had a Mother's Day promotion going on, so I ended up spending RM160 on a pretty amethyst bracelet for my mom. After that, I got something ALSO very Chinese-y for my grandmother to be hung in her car. I have no idea why, but it was a very "Oriental" day fer me. LOL. After we had lunch at Nippon Tei, I finally got a nice, light green scrunchie from Evita Peroni for my aunt. My wallet has never bled so much in one day...

Monday: College, as usual. Did a bit of "morning exercise" with Bernard and Chicken- badminton, before I had to go for English Lit at 8am. After lessons, my parents came to get me and we had lunch at a restaurant near my siblings' school. Came back home, bathed, changed, practiced, then headed to Claris to make use of the wi-fi my dad had installed not long ago. Walked back at about 8pm when my stomach started lurching with too much gastric juice- I was hungry. =P Did a bit of research work before I turned in for the night.

Tuesday: Again, college. Usual intense dose of badminton, and the usual dose of accidents. I got hurt... again. Kenneth accidently whacked his racquet against the back of my right hand while trying to return a shot. The bruise has pretty much disappeared, but I still feel a dull ache when I stretch my fingers. Left college at 6.30pm, ate and rested awhile before starting on my homework. I couldn't fall asleep, so I literally looked like a zombie the next day.

Wednesday: Double dose of Eng Lit, as always. I brought my violin along because Tiki decided to pull a Josh Groban and play a piano-vioin duet of "You Raise Me Up". Me, on the piano and Tiki on the violin. Which might make you wonder, why bring MY violin? Well, apparently, Tiki's in love with my violin which, according to him, has a better sound projection than his. We experimented a bit as well... Tiki tried to play the entire Violin solo part on sul G. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out. After that, I headed back home, had lunch, then went off to Japan. =P. Yes, I had a nap. Woke up when my mom said it was time to get ready for dinner. (We celebrated Grandma's 67th birthday as well as Mother's Day in a Thai restaurant) The food was not bad, though the tom yam soup nearly severed my tongue. The rest of the night was filled with jokes and laughter. And red wine. =D

Today: All three subjects thrown at me. Thank God for the breaks in between classes or I would seriously go crazy. Tiki annoyed me a little during lunch time when he started snapping photos of me and Bernard on his DSLR. I wouldn't have minded so much if he hadn't said anything about posting those pictures on his Facebook. But anyways, Bernard managed to talk him out of it, so all's well... I think the "Physical Fitness Club" is going downhill... Only ONE person showed up today, which resulted in us loitering around, posing for Tiki's DSLR, and watching Kenneth show off his martial arts "skills". I left at around 6pm, so to avoid traffic, came back home, had dinner, bathed, then swung my violin out of its case and practiced till I somehow ended up in deep slumber on my bed. Woke up when my sis came knocking at my door, announcing the return of my dad's laptop, whose services I badly needed.

That's pretty much all. Now you know why I haven't bothered with daily posts, because they would've been exceedingly boring.

And now, I shall revert to my "responsible" self. Econs homework... -_-;


*~aLeXiS~* said...

o.O KL feng shui shops are expensive! My bracelet was approximately RM28.. It was RM60 for a whole string of beads.

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