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Monday, 26 May 2008

MPYO camp woes...

Though I had plenty of sleep last night, I still look like a zombie. I suppose the crazy practice sessions combined with late nights (mornings, even) are too much for me to handle. My skin complexion is detereorating yet again because of the air-conditioning I'm exposed to 24/7.

Anyways, I'm WAY too tired to go into long, elaborate details of what I've been up to these 9-10 days so I'll just sum it up in a nut shell.

Saturday, 24th May

Woke up at around 8am. Went to the market with my aunt and ate a quick breakfast before heading home to finish packing. I only managed to gather and stack up some random garments the night before. And I only did that to stop my mom's constant nagging. She kept asking me to start packing or I was bound to forget something. I regret not listening to her, because my love for last minute-ness got me rushing around the house like a mad woman from 9.30am until 5 minutes before I left for KLCC. Which meant that the "Ng" household had a mad-18-year-old-teenage girl running and screaming for help for more than an hour. And trust me, you wouldn't wanna be within hearing range of me when I start being frantic. It's not a pretty sight. -_-;

Anyways, I reached DFP at around 11.30-ish. Said "hi" to a few familiar faces... And THEN I remembered that I was supposed to get tickets for Tiki, Brandon and my parents, so I quickly rushed to the box office, praying that they still had tickets left. Thankfully, they did. Apparently, tickets sales are not so good this time...

We left DFP at 12 something and reached PERMATA training centre, Bangi at approximately 1 o'clock. Checked into our rooms... (oh God, do I HAVE to get started with this???)

I'll spare you all the hoo-ha of the room switching and madness of the 1st practice session. It's not even worth mentioning.

Anyways, moving on...

Sunday, 25th May

Awoke at 7am, had a quick shower then headed to breakfast alongside 3 of my room mates- Lu Ee, Poh Lee and Wen Chi (I think that's how you spell it =P) Lu Ee and I joined the Tribal Gang at their table.

After breakfast, we had our usual doses of crazy practice hours with only an hour break for lunch and 2 tea-breaks in-between "Tutti" sessions.

Dinner was at 7pm, then we went off to our rooms. I went online, chatted awhile, then somehow ended up in Kit Leong and Jebat's room.

David, Duncan, Lu Ee, Dylan and Eben were all there as well. How so many of us managed to crowd into their room is really a wonder... Kit Leong had the pleasure of beating me at his own game- PS2, cause I had beaten him flat at badminton earlier.

It was extremely amusing to sit there and watch them play cause they're constantly hurling insults at each other. Well, in Kit Leong's case, it's more swearing than anything else. Actually, I think he swears throughout most of the games. Especially when he knows he's losing.

Anyways, the rest of us got quite tired watching them (Kit Leong, Jebat and Duncan, mainly) swear at one another, so we managed to talk Duncan into bringing out his precious 1.8mil German-made-92-year-old-violin. I have to admit, some (maybe most) of our "judgements" regarding that piece of art might have been greatly influenced by the huge price tag placed on it. Jebat kept insisting that Duncan's violin "makes him play better." And he has this look of utter satisfaction whenever he holds the violin.

Hmm... I wonder...

So in the end, Lu Ee and I only left their room at 2.45am. We were supposed to leave a lot of times before that, but the guys somehow managed to detain us until we really couldn't stand it anymore. (And because Duncan's sentences were becoming less coherent the as time progressed)

Monday, 26th May

Awoke at 7am, washed up, changed and had breafast with the usual people. Our "Tutti" sessions were the same as the day before. Only we had sectionals with the MPO performers as well. The second violins were under Christine Yu. REALLY nice lady. And I think we all like her even more cause she let us off early. =P

Kevin wasn't very happy with us. We weren't keeping time, and our intonation sucked. He kept got irritated when he had to repeat what he already said yesterday, which made the atmosphere really tense.

Blehh... And I got my first violin hickey. =P

Seriously, my neck had a small red mark which really looked like a love bite.

My shoulder blades were burning in pain after the practices, but I still insisted on playing badminton with the guys. Didn't last long though... Cuz the multi-purpose hall was closed for the night and the car park lights weren't bright enough, so we decided to head back after half an hour of "blind" badminton.

I was really tired out, so I came online, chatted awhile with "him" then slept.

Tuesday, 27th May

Again, same schedule...

On the brighter side, Kevin was really happy with us today. I suppose we all improved after the 2 sessions of sectionals with the professionals. Our intonation was much better, and timing was better kept. We even managed to finish our last rehearsal earlier than planned.

I actually planned to sleep early, but my room mates and I got caught up gossiping about annoying brats with doting parents who think their child is some infant prodigy/angel. *A-hem* the topic came up because of a certain someone who drives me and Lu Ee up the freaking Great Wall of China practically everyday.

And so, we only dozed off after midnight after satisfying our need to b*tch about spoilt brats.

Wednesday, 28th May


Lol. Breakfast as usual, then we boarded the bus and headed to KLCC for our morning rehearsal. The rehearsal wasn't as good as the day before, but Kevin appeared satisfied...

Lunch was at "Signature" food court. I had my usual-beef lasagna, Lu Ee had spaghetti, Duncan and Jebat had McDonalds...

Speaking of McDonalds, Duncan, Jebat, Kit Leong and David were trying out the Big Mac Chant thing at the back of the "Big Mac" coupon from McDonalds. I can't remember the whole phrase, but it starts off with "2 beef patties..."

The guys were experimenting with new ways to say the phrase, which got the rest of us rolling about our seats in laughter. There were many versions, but one that left a huge impression on me was Duncan's reciting the phrase using the melody from the Carmen Suite, which we performed as an encore piece that night.

After our 2nd and final Tutti session, I hung out for awhile in the Musician's Lounge until I got a message from Bernard announcing his arrival. Tiki joined us later and we headed up to Chilli's, where the "Tribe" was celebrating Kah Yan's birthday.

I completely disagreed with Tiki about the way he(Bernard) looked. Okay, fine... His hairstyle sucked, but he still looked nice in the formal wear. Well, at least he looked better than Chicken, whose hair colour clashed horribly with his purple-ish tie.

Surprisingly enough, we spotted Dr. Mahathir and family seated at the Upper Circle during our performance. I couldn't really identify him, but I was wondering what the hell waiters were doing in DFP. And THEN I figured that it was to wait on them, since they...

Okay, I don't wanna be sued for abusing the right for "freedom of speech" so I'll just stop there.

Anyways, the night ended sooner than I wanted it to. I guess it's because...*inserts reason here* But honestly, I didn't feel too bad about leaving cause I knew I was going to be attending college the next day. My "surprise" plan was nearly ruined, but thanks to an unsuspecting someone, I still managed to pull it off convincingly.

Thurday, 29th May

The reaction I got from my college mates were hilarious. Especially Bernard, who stared as if he couldn't believe I was there. HAHA! I'm evil... =P

I was actually supposed to go back to Bangi after my mom finished teaching, but then I didn't wanna skip another Econs class, so I decided to stay another night. I didn't bother with surprising them again, but my presence was welcomed nonetheless.

Friday, 30th May

I got my Law essay back. Apparently it's very "encouraging", to put it in Mrs. Dharma's words, but I neglected a HUGE part of the essay-quoting cases. So I jotted down notes as she was elaborating on how we should write it: what points should be included, what should be explained in detail, what should just be mentioned in general, etc...

And since my parents were golfing somewhere further than Bukit Jalil, I had to waste a further 3 hours in college after my lessons.

I reached home, bathed, packed a few things and headed to Bangi just in time for our Chamber practice.

After we were done practicing, we headed to dinner and met up with the rest. We were watching some cliche Taiwanese Drama while eating. Dylan, Su Yin and I were critisizing the directing of the drama. Very unrealistic.

I managed to sleep early again.

Saturday, 31st May

I was kinda nervous in the morning... I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with the rest in the String Orchestra as I had skipped 3 practices prior to this one. Thankfully, the notes were relatively sight-readable.

Didn't do anything much until night fall. We had a rough run-through of our Chamber thing in Su Yin's room, then I watched some of the guys play pool.

After dinner, we headed to Kit Leong's room to watch a movie- Superbad.

We were actually supposed to start a little earlier, but because we were trying to get rid of a certain someone, we dispersed and re-gathered 10-15 minutes earlier. In the meantime, Lu Ee and I were in Duncan and Donovan's room.

Jebat soon messaged to let us know the coast was clear...

Kit Leong got stone-drunk on cheap Vodka that night. It was a little terrifying for me as he came close to falling on me a couple of times, but Duncan was nearby so I wasn't partcularly worried. =P

The movie ended at around 3am. Kit Leong somehow managed to whack me across my neck with a pillow just as I was leaving. Seeing that he was drunk, and had little control over what he was doing, I ignored him and left the room.

Sunday, 1st June

Had a short run-through of the concert repertoire in the auditorium before the actual concert began at 11am. My parents and aunt came to watch. Mom liked the Holst best, as did I. Generally, it was a good concert.

After I had sent my parents and aunt off, I headed back to the room I was in earlier. (I have no idea what you call it, but we were hanging out there before and after the concert) Eben and Chin Ning were taking random pictures and David and Dylan were having a jazz-jamming session at the piano. Weirdly enough, Chin Ning later managed to persuade Duncan and I to take some "scandalous" shots. We also had fun taking pictures of Eben "eating" Jia Rong's "mushroom" scrunchie.

Lunch was served at 2pm.

Tiki arrived about 15minutes before the Chamber concert began. We talked awhile as we headed to the auditorium.

I was shivering backstage prior to our performance. The bloody air-conditioning was turned on full-blast. Anyways, the performance wasn't a bad one, although I nearly messed up at one point thanks to my less-than-cooperative fingers.

After the concert ended, I took a quick shower and got invited up to Duncan and Tiki's room. We were exploring Tiki's Mac-he hardly goes anywhere without his Mac and camera- until Chin Ning came and challenged Duncan to a game of pool.

We had a BBQ dinner that night. I reckon this menu was the best in the 9 days we were there. As Tiki had his camera with him, we had fun laughing at Jebat, David and Duncan's weird eating habits. We even had ice-cream later on.

The rest of the night was spent in Duncan's room. As Donovan had already left, Tiki decided to take his place as Duncan's room mate/gay partner. It was Tiki, Duncan, Dylan, Kit Leong, David, Eben, Wen Chi and I at first. Amy joined us after she and Duncan had a 20-minute SMS session.

We talked and talked until none of us had anything to say. Wen Chi, Dylan and Eben left at 6am to sleep in their own rooms. Then, it was David, Tiki, Kit Leong, Duncan and I on the bed, and Amy on the couch.

Monday, 2nd June

Breakfast was at 8am. I looked like I had not slept for a week. My eyes were a little swollen and my face was as pale as a ghost.

I went back to my room to finish packing after I had eaten my fill. As messy as I was, I managed to stuff everything into my bags in 15 minutes. After that, I showered, changed and sat awhile in the lobby until Tiki messaged to invite me up to his room.

I wasn't surprised to find Duncan asleep on the bed again. Tiki and I were talking serious business until Wen Chi joined us. Tiki's parents came to fetch him at 11am, but his presence was later replaced by another of Duncan's "gay partners"- Howard, who also goes to YST. We had fun teasing Duncan about his weird quirks and vain habits. (He looks in the mirror even more than Ivan does.) Then we poked fun at his method of packing his clothes. He just stuffed the entire plastic bag of dirty laundry into his luggage and pressed it flat enough for him to zip it in.

We left for KLCC at 12 sharp. Kit Leong actually apologized for being an ass (when he was drunk) that night. I guess we could tell he was sincere, so we all forgave him. Duncan even gave him a hug, which looked quite gay from where I was seated.

Managed to catch 40 winks as the guys were talking about games, of which I couldn't participate in. I woke up when Duncan gently nudged me (I was sitting with him) and gestured towards the window-we had arrived at KLCC.

After we had left our luggages and instruments at the DFP office, we had lunch at Madam Kwan's. Didn't talk or laugh much cause we were all quite tired.

I joined my parents and siblings at "Spring Garden" at 3.15pm. Had a good laugh over my sister's jokes. I even related 2 of the ones I heard from David, which got all of them laughing like crazy.

I finally watched Narnia, Prince Caspian. AND got frozen in the cinema. Seriously, it was dead cold in there. Even my dad said he was cold.

Had dinner at Nippon Tei, then went to some watch shops to take a look at some new models for my brother. My sis and I got a little bored (and I was falling asleep on my feet) so we got Haagen Daaz ice-cream to keep ourselves occupied.

Reached home at around 10pm. I quickly changed, came online for a short while (Tiki wanted to tell me somethings) then slept (for the 1st time in my life) 13 hours straight.


LOL! I think that's just about the longest post I've ever done. Well, it could have been longer, but I'm just not in the naggy mood right now so I'll leave that to later posts. Ciao!

Friday, 23 May 2008

You took my heart away - MLTR

Okay... So I've still got that stupid perma-grin on my face... I really can't help it. All the cheery events have just caused my lips to curve into a smile 24/7 since yesterday. Even after all the facts have sunk in, I'm still feeling light-headed.

Anyways, it was as usual a Friday as any other. I went to college early and hung out in the hall with Tiki and Bernard (the only 2 peeps who come almost as early as I do) until it was time for Econs. Girls, let me tell you, being the only girl amongst a group of guys is never a good thing. Especially if they're open-minded, horny fellows. Honestly, some things they say just...

Frankly speaking, sometimes I wish I could just wring their necks.



On a second thought, I'd wring SOME of their necks. Trust me, when you get to know Kenneth, you wouldn't wanna try and wring his neck, cause he'd just end up tearing you into pieces. =(

Anyways, after Econs, I headed to the hall. (Tiki, Chicken, Bernard and Kenneth all had Accounts) Bumped into Wee Kiat, who was having his 10 minute break in-between exams, had a light chat with him and resumed my usual random playing on the piano.

At 10am, I proceeded to room 3.6 for Law. Well, 5 minutes before 10 actually... I had my earphones stuck in my ears (lol, where else?) and I was so engrossed in the song I was listening to (Looking Through Your Eyes) that I didn't even realise Mrs. Dharma walking past me until I heard the prominent "bang" of our classroom door.

After Law, I followed Bernard and Kenneth out of college (they were going for lunch) but ended up turning back cuz our favourite "pork-noodle" shop was closed. Well, actually, that place has a lot more than pork noodles, but we just labelled it "the pork noodle place" for "certain" reasons. *winks*

My parents, as always, were late by a WHOLE hour. They only arrived at 12-ish. I came back home, ate lunch near my house, bathed and practiced.

I actually had a poem I wanted to post up, which was written "a long time ago" but I'm not in that much an emo state right now so I'll leave it to another day.

Gotta leave to teach soon. *curses*


Thursday, 22 May 2008

La la la....

It's funny how things turn out sometimes, no? Something BIG happened today...

Something good.

I won't say what it is, but that "something" has managed to put a HUGE perma-grin on my face. Which, unfortunately, makes me look like an idiot.

Funnily enough, I-don't-care. =P

The world's filled with unexpected things, unexpected events... some are cause for celebration, and some are bound to make you cry. But some could also make you do both- celebrate AND shed tears.

Tears of joy......

Blehh... I have no idea why, but I'm seriously not in the right state of mind to blog long-winded stories like I normally do. Perhaps my mind is still too fully occupied by other stuff. Heh.

So, readers, forgive me if this post seems very "potong stim" cuz really, I can't think of anything worth mentioning right now.

Well, actually I DO have a lot to mention, but I can't do that without disclosing a lot of names and events which are supposed to be strictly kept secret... And so, for once in my life, I'm going to be the considerate one and NOT simply blurt out whatever I'm feeling/thinking.

Alright, I shall stop here for tonight, seeing that I have to wake up ridiculously early tomorrow... =(


Monday, 19 May 2008

Thanks a bunch for tagging me, Lina

I've finally got around to visiting Lina's blog and guess what? I have been tagged YET again. =P
So here goes nothing...

3 Things Tag

3 Things that scares me: Horror movies, spiders (EEK!! *shivers*) and corpses.
3 People who makes me laugh: Bernard, Kent and my dad
3 Things I love: my laptop, my phone, my DBSK ORIGINAL album collection =D
3 Things I hate: Law essays, suck-ups and when my bro tries to be sarcastic... and fails =P
3 Things I don’t understand: uneducated bastards as our leaders, Linkin Park and Eminem.
3 Things on my desk: Photo frames, birthday cards and BOOKS!
3 Things I’m doing right now; answering this tag, chatting and feeling guilty about not practicing enough...
3 Things I wanna do before I die: Visit Rome, Japan and China
3 Things I can do: Dance (ONLY a little), play the violin and the piano, listen to a song and play it by ear.
3 Things I can’t do: Cook, house-keeping and sing
3 Things I think you should listen to: listen to your parents, DBSK's love ballads and Classical music
3 Things you should never listen to: Rock music, rap music and my brother singing =P
3 Things I’d like to learn: Korean, more complicated dance moves and play the violin like a pro
3 Favourite food: Po-po's home-cooked food (YUMMY), PIZZA! and lasagna. *praises the Lord for inventing mozzarella cheese*
3 Beverages I drink regularly: water, HL milk and teh tarik
3 shows I watched as a kid: Little Lulu, Barney and Friends (DON'T ask me why), Mr. Bean (I used to find him hilarious)
3 people I’m tagging: I would tag Bernard if he HAS a blog, but he doesn't. So I'll just tag Wee Kiat, Elizabeth and Tiki

I... I won't worry my life away...

Why is it that you can make me feel hot and cold at the same time?

Why do you always manage to get me to say what I feel no matter how much I don't wanna tell you?

Why do I feel so right when it's so wrong?

Blehh... emo much?

And people, I'm not in love.


It just surprises me that *inserts person's name here* somehow manages to weave information out of me, whether or not I want to give it.

*inserts person's name here again* also interprets my feelings correctly. SO accurately that it scares me sometimes.

I'm glad that such a person exists, but why do I get the feeling that it's gonna be short-lived?

Everytime I start to feel as if someone cares, Almighty He is bound snatch him/her away.

Everytime I start to convince myself this friendship shall last?

Well, put it this way, HE shall convince me otherwise...

I'm afraid to repeat my mistakes all over again. I've done it twice, I really don't wanna do it again. I'm not ready to face the consequences should I fall into the same trap for the third time...

Warning: the following content is STRICTLY GENERAL in nature, so don't misinterpret and misunderstand, capito?

He's your good friend. She's your best confidant. You have known each other for years and have shared meals, movies, hobbies and vacations. You have confided to each other about your latest love interest and turned to one another for support when the relationship(s) failed. You can't imagine life without your good friend.

But after a while....

You've felt jealous of his dates. You've been overprotective of her since she has been seeing the jerk. You've been having very strong feelings of attraction and a desire for something more than friendship. Could it be that your feelings for him/her have grown into something more? If so, your relationship may have developed into a "friend crush".

You don't know what to do. You know you want to continue spending time together- more time. But it's getting hard. Do you pretend everything is the same? Do you start distancing yourself- hoping your feelings will go back to the way they were? Do you actually TALK directly and honestly with your friend about how you feel?

What will happen to the relationship if you make the WRONG choice?

Just as all people are unique, so are the characteristics of their relationships with others. There is no one-size-fits-all answer or a win-win situation to this increasingly common dilemma. So, let's take a look at your options. You can:

* ignore your feelings, keep your boundaries in check and pretend everything is status quo.
In order to choose this option, you must be able to deny your feelings so well that even you don't know what they are. You will also have to continue being comfortable on the sidelines while someone else has the relationship with this person that you desire. You will most likely be asked what you think of this or that person and be expected to be happy and supportive of your friend when they meet the right someone for them. In return for all this, you will still have your friend.

* begin to spend less time with your friend (crush) while seeking out new friendships to pursue and strengthen.
This option will most likely cause confusion and hurt on the part of your friend who will wonder what happened. They may be understanding and accepting of your need to spread your wings and support you in doing what you need to do. Either way, you will see less of them and your relationship can weaken and perhaps disappear altogether as they move on with new people. If you can distance yourself for a while and no longer feel the romantic butterflies, you can always give them a call and may be able to pick up somewhere near where you left off.

* continue the relationship with your own hidden agendas - a desire for romantic intimacy and the hope that the person will realize that they feel the same way.
If they become involved with someone else in the meantime, you can work to sabotage their new relationship or you can leave them wondering where all your anger and hurt feelings are coming from. You can spend a lot of time and energy handling it this way, without anything to show for your efforts but the loss of a good friend.

* have an open and honest discussion with your friend regarding your new feelings for them
This is the choice that seems to be the hardest for folks to make. Often what I hear from people in this position is that they fear "ruining the friendship" if they discuss their feelings honestly. While this is a very understandable concern, it isn't well thought out. It is emotional, not rational.

Look again at the other options. Every one will bring about a change in your current friendship.

Once your feelings have changed, so does the relationship. Ignoring them, hiding them or distancing yourself will lessen your closeness and the positive dynamics that flow between good friends. You can't go back. You need to decide how you want to move forward or if this is an option for you. . . It is also possible in choosing this option that you will learn that they have similar feelings for you that they were afraid to reveal. Therefore choosing this option could result in romance and a love relationship based on true friendship. And hence, true love.

But really, how many of us are willing to take the risk? One word, just ONE word, can ruin everything. You just have to tell that certain someone ONE secret and it can either make or break the relationship.

I don't know about you, but I would choose to shut up about my feelings if I were ever unfortunate enough to be faced with such a situation. I'd rather keep a friend than risk losing a friend in the hopes of gaining a lover...

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Tagged yet again...

I've just visited "Tikipedia" and found myself tagged by Mr. Tiki Yong. So, being a very nice person, I shall respond...

Five things I found in my bag
1) Handphone (can't leave home without it)
2) Wallet
3) I-pod
4) Emma, by Jane Austen (in case I get bored)
5) Receipts

Five things I found in my wallet
1) picture of me n my dad (I look DAMN fair in that pic)
2) Popular Membership Card
3) cash =P
4) Mykad
5) my "P" license... =D

Five favourite things in my room
1) bed
2) birthday/greeting cards (the messages are damn bloody touching)
3) Laptop
4) Book shelf (did I ever mentioned that I'm a HUGE book worm? =P)
5) Photo frames

Five things I've always wanted to do
1) Visit Rome
2) perform in a dance group (that's already been achieved last year)
3) perform in a pro-like orchestra (done this March-MPYO)
4) find that certain someone
5) Meet Yun Ho! (to learn a few dance moves from him, DUH!)

Five things I'm currently into
1) Badminton
2) Jim Brickman's "Partners in Crime"
3) DBSK's love ballads
4) Yun Ho's dance moves
5) this, I shall not disclose as it is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. *laughs*

Five people I'm gonna tag
1) Kent (when he gets back from NS)
2) Choon Hui
3) Wee Kiat
4) Nikki
5) anyone with the time to waste =D

Friday, 16 May 2008


WARNING: Prepare yourselves for some serious, continuous swearing because I'm NOT in a cheery mood right now. If you don't wish to hear an angry b*tch ranting then I suggest you navigate away from this blog.

Screw you assholes for being inhuman to your own pets!

You should be burned to death for neglecting new-born puppies!

I hope you find yourself in HELL for feeding your dogs with POISON!

I'm referring to my wonderfully irresponsible neighbour who let 5 out of 7 of their puppies die. My maid got wind of them ill-treating the pups from THEIR maid, who bathes and feeds the pups.

They NEVER got vaccinated, they were NEVER fed the right kind of puppy food, and they were NEVER treated nicely by the residents of the house.

One died when it got out on the road and was run over by a passing car.

The others died of a contagious virus which mainly attacks puppies. According to the vet, it's through WHAT THEY EAT.

And thanks to my DEAR neighbour, Mico (our 3-month-old puppy) has got the virus as well...

We noticed something was wrong when Mico wasn't her usual hyperactive-self 2 days ago. THEN she vomited after eating and drinking this afternoon so we decided to take her for a check up. Especially after my maid told us that our neighbour's pups died in a similar manner.

We were quite calm and collected at the start of the check up. THEN the doc broke the news bout the virus and Mico only having a 50-50 chance of survival. It's a fatal virus which will only be killed if the pup itself has a strong immune system.

I almost cried when Mico squealed earlier. (They were injecting her) It felt as if someone had run a sword right through my stomach. The tears were threatening to fall, so I hurried out of the room. Even THEN, I could still hear her squealing.

I swear, the worst part was when we had to leave her behind. The way she stared after us as we were leaving really hit me like a tonne of bricks...

Alright, since I have promised someone I won't cry, I shall stop here because I can feel the tears building up again. Ciao.

P/S: I hope y'all ROT-IN-HELL!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The fear of loss...

It's saddening when news of deaths reach your ears. I've gone through the feeling of losing someone a couple of times, and it's a VERY horrible feeling. Doesn't matter if it's the death of a human being or an animal... The fact that a life was taken unexpectedly is...

All the same, death is not always a bad thing. When a person is suffering from a fatal disease, I think it's only humane to just let that person die, instead of keeping him/her alive via life-support machinery. I mean, what's the point of prolonging your presence on earth, in pain, if you know you're gonna leave it soon anyway?

Okay, I'm gonna turn to a VERY cliche prospect of "Loss", so if you can't stand cliche-ness, I suggest you stop reading here and go find some other blog which deals with non-cliche stuff.

Grief and loss are 2 of the worst emotions anyone can ever experience. ESPECIALLY if it concerns a close relation or a very good friend. The hardest philosophy for any human to understand is the idea that there is no such thing as death. They say death is the second most feared thing. The first being public speaking. The “death” bit is just a doorway back home. If we do not enjoy our life on earth, then we have wasted a journey of a lifetime.

Many people have said, “You are always ‘going on’ about enjoying yourself, Isn’t that a selfish attitude?” The answer is a simple one. When you visit a sick and dying person, what is more beneficial? To go into the room with a worried look or a joyful smile? A worried look will give them a negative feeling, and it will make their plight harder to accept. However a joyful exchange will lift their spirit and will either help them to recover or to travel home in a joy-filled, peaceful, contentment.

We all hold the spirit of all our loved ones inside us. Each cell, each neuron of our memories is connected to the universe and we are never departed from all our soul mates. That is why it is selfish NOT TO LIVE IN JOY.

As we all carry on with our lives, our dearly departed loved ones can enjoy our lives along with us. To be miserable and moan and groan is a very selfish act and is part of our conditioned mind’s ignorance of who we are.

When Ego rules, the results are fear, hate and self pity. When we listen to our soul, we travel an eternal path of love and joy. We will be in the infinite zone when we die, so why not live in it while we are in a finite body?

Many folks worry about aging and have to find artificial ways of hanging on to their “Beauty.” They say beauty is only skin deep and so it is. As we age, the beauty fades and gives way to creases and wrinkles. Each crease portrays a laugh, a sigh, a lost love, a found lover. Each wrinkle shows a birth, a death, a wedding, a divorce. A story of a lifetime written in each line. But we must read between our lines. We must open our vision and look beneath the physical outer shell.

When our awareness of our true identity is revealed, we find a soul filled with devotion and gladness, with peace and contentment. Waiting to fly to dimensions of truth and serenity where blue birds chant magnetic songs of tranquility. Somewhere over the rainbow of time and dreams. A place to kick off the shoes and release all the mortal attachments. To know we are home again. What wonderment to adore. A magnitude of resplendence living in immensity of splendor. Yes, home again and we know we have traveled far and wide exploring the four corners of the earth.

We can connect to our eternal self whist we still have “a mind” to do so. We are experiencing the journey of a lifetime, and we can be aware we live in heaven on earth. Our Joy will not change when we leave this mortal coil. If we cannot come to terms with who we are then we will miss an enchanted life on earth. Let us not live the man-made illusion of duality’s seeing life as good or bad. No sense can be made out of a human existence that has to be endured and suffered. No matter our plight, when we are connected to the Universal Spirit no “thing” can take away our love and joy. Let not our journey of a lifetime to have been in vain.

“This is the true joy of life—being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one and being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”
—George Bernard Shaw

And here's a poem to go along with it...

I cannot feel the pain you bear,
Nor the emptiness that comes with losing someone dear,
I do not know how many times you have wept,
How many dreamless nights you have slept,
I see, though, that you are in mourning,
Of a cherished soul that left before the day’s dawning,
My dear heart, I weep too,
In my prayers, I place you.
He hasn’t fully passed away,
Believe me, he’s with you everyday,
As long as he’s your treasured stone,
His love will comfort you when in pain you groan,
He takes every step you take,
Though his reflection may not appear on the face of a lake,
Like true soul mates you are,
He’ll be your guiding star.
Don’t you worry, he didn’t sleep alone,
The angels were there to guard their own,
That is why you should smile,
With your fate, you should reconcile,
Maybe his departure is a sign,
Maybe he is your passing angel, your future vine,
Bleed no more, you will be blessed,
You will be seen through this difficult test.

This poem is dedicated to a dear friend who has just lost both his grandparents, as well as Mrs. Dharma, who has just lost her husband. May God be with you and your family always... God Bless.

Sunday, 11 May 2008


Had Chamber practice in KLCC today. Woke up at 8.30am to practice Liu Jian's work before I bathed and changed into my concert attire. (Dad, my bro and I were gonna attend the 3pm concert at DFP) Met up with Su Yin, Dylan and Uncle Chew (Sorry, but I CANNOT bring myself to think of him as "Yew Chee") and got grooving, Mozart-style. The first movement went quite smoothly, except for certain details which needed fine-tuning; the 2nd movement was.... chaos? Well, not really "chaos", but we had to stop a couple of times cause some of us got lost. There were a lot of syncopated rhythms so all it needed was more eye-contact.

The third movement was alright as well. Not as good as the 1st movement, but okay nonetheless.

Then we REALLY got grooving with Joplin's "the Entertainer". I conveniently forgot to print the score, so we had to crowd around the piano. Again. It was a lotta fun, though the timing was quite messed up because Dylan was improvising all the way. Over-enthusiastic... =P

After practice, I had to trudge ALL the way to Nippon Tei for lunch with dad and Ivan. In heels. I was debating whether to take the escalator or the lift, when my feet started to hurt like crap. So I made a beeline for the lift cause there's no way I was gonna walk up 4 bloody flights of stairs just to eat lunch. I'd rather starve, thank you.

Anyways, I had the usual Chicken Teriyaki set and we all shared a serving of our favourite "Chef Salad". After dad paid the bill, we headed back to DFP.

The concert was not bad...

Conductor: Paul Mann, Soloist: Phillip Arkinstall (Clarinet), Orchestra: Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

I didn't like the first half though... Too fusion-istic. Not jazz, but not exactly Classical either. After the interval, it was Samuel Barber's Symphony no.1 followed by Bernstein's Symphonic Dances from West Side Story.

I fell in love with the Symphonic Dances. Seriously... The harmony in the strings sections were incredibly soothing, and the music was further enhanced by the majestic voices of the flute, harp and the piano. I especially loved the part where the melody-line rotated amongst the Concert Master, Principle Violinist (2nd), Principle Violist and Principle Cellist. *swoons*

See what I mean by being a hopeless romantic?

Okay, I'm running out of words to type so I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

My new Nike clutch bag on my lap.
Again, my Nike clutch bag on my lap. Notice my aching feet on the right side of the photo.

Random shot

Picture of my aching feet in those dratted heels.

Picture of my heels WITHOUT my aching feet in them.

Me in my room.

Major cam-whoring man...

My concert attire. Don't mind the messy wardrobe behind me.

My accessories for the day...

My favourite accessories...

Generally, that's all I've been up to the whole of today. Gotta get back to my Law essay preparation or I'm gonna get screwed again. Ciao!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Regret and Remorse...

Every breath I take hurts,
When I remember the times we shared together.
We laughed at our mistakes,
Back then, we loved each other no matter what it takes.

I swear I'll never tell another lie,
Smile for me and I'll give love another try.
I'd hate to lose you to someone else,
it's driving me as far as hell.

I'll hold you close and never let go,
I'll stay up and wait till you come home.
But all this will remain a mere dream,
If you don't come back to me...

Ever look back and and have the urge to kick yourself for being a fool? Ever wish you could turn back time and do it all over again?

It happens to the best of us... We all do things we regret at one point in our lives. (I DARE you to say otherwise) As long as you don't repeat them, it'll be fine.

Especially when it comes to us teenagers, affairs of the heart often catch us unaware, and most of them tend to end up in tears.

At 14, immature.

At 16, slight experience.

At 18, don't even wanna get involved.

I don't know bout you guys, but that's just what I think. Honestly, sometimes I feel as if we're better off existing as emotionless beings. I mean, most of the time, girls/guys cry over guys/girls who are not worth bothering with. And again, most of the time, girls/guys realise that the person they're crying over is not worth the trouble, but they still do it (cry) anyway. See the irony in the way which humans operate?

And I cannot comprehend how some people think. They call these people "stereotypes", and frankly speaking, we're ALL stereotypes when it comes to certain Morales.

Just because a girl likes to do sports, it doesn't mean you label her a tomboy.

Just because a guy cries, it doesn't mean you label him a sissy.

Men are human beings as well. Human beings with human feelings. Now, when women cry, they say they're "emo-ing", when men cry?

Oh, I've got sand in my eyes.

Cut the ego crap, seriously.

Confessions, in my opinion, should always be coming from the guy. (Ah, I can hear people screaming "STEREOTYPE!" at me already) Excuse me for being "old fashioned", but a guy should have the guts to tell a girl he likes her- and not get others to tell her about it.

And guys, don't be ashamed after a girl rejects you repeatedly. It's hard to let go (especially if you REALLY like her) but if she doesn't feel the same, there's no point holding on. It would only serve to torture yourself, and make her feel guilty. Wish her all the happiness she can get, then you can either retreat to a corner and watch her from afar, or move on. If you guys were meant to be, sooner or later, you'll end up together whether you like it or not. Fate plays tricks on us all the time, you never know what she's up to. Better spend time on (for teenagers) our studies so that we can get better job opportunities to support ourselves later in life, rather than brood over insignificant issues and end up on the streets. Especially for us girls, we can't be too dependant on a man nowadays. The world has changed. Marriages no longer last as long as they used to. So we'd better be equipped with our own source of living instead of depending on a rich husband who has a mistress in every country. No offense, guys, but loyalty hardly exists these days...

Bottom line is, love hurts. It's a fact, a way of life. Hearts will be broken, tears will be shed, but in the end, if you're with "the one", it doesn't matter how much you suffer; just cherish the happy moments, no matter how short they may be.

Friday, 9 May 2008

SPCA=animals=dogs=horny Golden Retriever

Had a major screwing session in Law class today. I think Mrs. Dharma realised we were all very affected by what she was saying, but I quite agree that she should say it right at the start rather than wait till later. Then it would be too late for us to correct our mistakes.

Yes, we got our Law essays back.

Judging by the way she commented on each of our essays, mine wasn't so bad... (Alex's was the worst. She didn't even wanna read it) But bad enough to make me lose my appetite to eat.

I'm not joking.

Thankfully, the rest of the day proceeded in a more cheerful note. Honestly, if it didn't, I would be in tears.

Econs was a complete contrast. We were laughing throughout 3/4 of the lecture session. Although Mrs. Chiu can be really scary at times, at least she laughs along with us whenever someone cracks a joke. (And I don't mean those lame statements made by a certain fool in our class) And her classes are usually a lot of fun. I NEVER feel like dozing off during Econs. Unlike Law...

Anyways, I watched Hong Chin being filmed playing the piano (for MCKL's 25th anniversary) while waiting for Bernard and Brandon (we headed off to SPCA after their Physics class) He (Hong Chin) was playing Chopin-Fantasie Impromptu. I have to admit, the guys fingers are demonishly fast, but he plays the slow parts ridiculously fast as well, which annoys me a little because who the hell plays romantic pieces as fast as Maxim plays "Flight of the Bumble Bee"??... and it's all a matter of interpretation. Even Mr. Michael could tell he wasn't playing it right. His technique is a killer, but the notes are always too squashed up, and he plays even more emotionless-ly than I do!

After Hong Chin left, Chicken and I lepak-ed for awhile in the hall, with me playing (as usual) random songs/pieces on the piano. At around 12.20 or so, we headed to the student lounge. Wee Kiat was there, and cause it was his last day in MCKL, we exchanged words of encouragement- the usual "best wishes", "good luck", "all the best", "take care" etc. He even hugged me before he left, which surprised me a little because I've only known him for... 3 weeks? LOL

We (Bernard, Brandon and I) left MCKL for SPCA, Ampang at around 1pm and reached at 2pm. We cleaned the cages and pounds today. It was fun, in a "wet" kinda way. The dogs were all quite obedient, except for this one Golden Retriever who seemed to have the hots for Bernard. The minute we entered the pound, she headed straight for his crotch. God, it looked SO wrong. Then it further irritated us by poking its nose about and eventually got a handful of soap in Bernard's face. (Now you know why I say she had the hots for him?) In the end, she was kept away by Bernard's constant spraying of water. I suppose he didn't like the idea of a dog getting in between his legs all the time. =P

Dad dropped my sis off right after we were done with our jobs. Sat down and rested a bit while I waited for my dad to pick us up. The classic moment was the way my sister reacted when I leaned against Bernard and he put his arm around my waist.

She glared at him and said: don't touch my sister.

I couldn't stop laughing. It's amazing how protective my sis can get whenever guys are concerned. HAHA!

Nothing much happened after that. I went home, bathed, ate, went off to Sungai Long for 2 and a half hours of much dreaded teaching (I actually ticked off one of my students) , then came back home again.

I might be posting up another poem tomorrow. See if my "editor" approves of it first. Ciao!

Thursday, 8 May 2008


2 people who spend a lot of time together don't make them a couple.
2 people who have a lot in common don't make them a couple.
2 people who hug one another as friends don't make them a couple.

Just cause you're jealous, it don't make them a couple.

Thought I'd like to clear things up a little, because some peeps have been bothering me and a certain someone with well-meant questions. Not that I'm living in denial or anything, but there's-nothing-goin'-on-between-us. Seriously, as much as I feel comfortable around him, we haven't known each other long enough for any elaborate emotions to develop.

Right. Now that I've more or less cleared the air, let's get back to what I've been up to these couple o' days...

Saturday: For once, I had my afternoon free as yours truly wasn't feeling well. Went to Claris and played on the Stagea for about an hour while giving my sis the liberty of using my laptop till I snatched it back. Dinner was at "Summer Feels" as usual with my immediate family, my aunt and Uncle Ti. (and as usual, dad and Uncle Ti were so intent on watching football that they didn't even realise their food was set in front of them till my mom waved her hand in dad's face) Went back home, chatted online for awhile, then went to bed.

Sunday: Woke up REALLY early. Practiced for awhile before heading to KLCC. (there was supposed to be Chamber practice, but it was cancelled, so I decided to shop for Mother's Day gifts instead) Met up with Bernard at about 11am and walked around Isetan. Mom's present took main priority, though I had my aunt's and grandma's gifts in mind as well. I thought of getting my mom earrings, but the designs were either too simple or WAY too elaborate. After much wandering around, we found ourselves in Crystal Corner- a Chinese feng shui shop. They had a Mother's Day promotion going on, so I ended up spending RM160 on a pretty amethyst bracelet for my mom. After that, I got something ALSO very Chinese-y for my grandmother to be hung in her car. I have no idea why, but it was a very "Oriental" day fer me. LOL. After we had lunch at Nippon Tei, I finally got a nice, light green scrunchie from Evita Peroni for my aunt. My wallet has never bled so much in one day...

Monday: College, as usual. Did a bit of "morning exercise" with Bernard and Chicken- badminton, before I had to go for English Lit at 8am. After lessons, my parents came to get me and we had lunch at a restaurant near my siblings' school. Came back home, bathed, changed, practiced, then headed to Claris to make use of the wi-fi my dad had installed not long ago. Walked back at about 8pm when my stomach started lurching with too much gastric juice- I was hungry. =P Did a bit of research work before I turned in for the night.

Tuesday: Again, college. Usual intense dose of badminton, and the usual dose of accidents. I got hurt... again. Kenneth accidently whacked his racquet against the back of my right hand while trying to return a shot. The bruise has pretty much disappeared, but I still feel a dull ache when I stretch my fingers. Left college at 6.30pm, ate and rested awhile before starting on my homework. I couldn't fall asleep, so I literally looked like a zombie the next day.

Wednesday: Double dose of Eng Lit, as always. I brought my violin along because Tiki decided to pull a Josh Groban and play a piano-vioin duet of "You Raise Me Up". Me, on the piano and Tiki on the violin. Which might make you wonder, why bring MY violin? Well, apparently, Tiki's in love with my violin which, according to him, has a better sound projection than his. We experimented a bit as well... Tiki tried to play the entire Violin solo part on sul G. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out. After that, I headed back home, had lunch, then went off to Japan. =P. Yes, I had a nap. Woke up when my mom said it was time to get ready for dinner. (We celebrated Grandma's 67th birthday as well as Mother's Day in a Thai restaurant) The food was not bad, though the tom yam soup nearly severed my tongue. The rest of the night was filled with jokes and laughter. And red wine. =D

Today: All three subjects thrown at me. Thank God for the breaks in between classes or I would seriously go crazy. Tiki annoyed me a little during lunch time when he started snapping photos of me and Bernard on his DSLR. I wouldn't have minded so much if he hadn't said anything about posting those pictures on his Facebook. But anyways, Bernard managed to talk him out of it, so all's well... I think the "Physical Fitness Club" is going downhill... Only ONE person showed up today, which resulted in us loitering around, posing for Tiki's DSLR, and watching Kenneth show off his martial arts "skills". I left at around 6pm, so to avoid traffic, came back home, had dinner, bathed, then swung my violin out of its case and practiced till I somehow ended up in deep slumber on my bed. Woke up when my sis came knocking at my door, announcing the return of my dad's laptop, whose services I badly needed.

That's pretty much all. Now you know why I haven't bothered with daily posts, because they would've been exceedingly boring.

And now, I shall revert to my "responsible" self. Econs homework... -_-;

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Big R, for Relationships

Have you all ever wondered what are the causes of failed relationships? Or did you just sit there, cry and lament; pushed all the blame to the opposite sex?

This is more than just the case of egoistic guys and flirtatious women; It always takes two hands to clap, as a matter of factly, but most refuse to take the blame.

1. The Big Vitamin M; MISCOMMUNICATION, NOT Money

Ever feel frustrated because your partner and you are walking on different routes and going towards different directions? Ever feel like you're talking ABC's while he speaks in 123's? He wants your attention and you want his. It takes more than just the ears to be able to listen to what he has to say, but also the patience to let him finish up his conversation so you can start on your topic. The funny thing? Most do not have the patience. Most arguements start small; when couples are in their so called "honeymoon period". To tell you the truth, the so called "honeymoon period" NEVER exists once you stepped into a relationship.

Think back; when was the first arguement you had with your new boyfriend? Within 1, 2 or 3 months? Isn't that during your honeymoon period?!Let me derive an example."Hey baby, my exams finish this coming weekend. How about dropping by the usual for a mini cycling trip, just the both of us, in remembrance of the first time we met." says the girl. And the boyfriend fell sick, so, they had to change the plans for that coming weekend.And so, they met up near the boyfriend's house after the girl had waited for an hour or so. And my, she was utterly disgusted with his attire. "Didn't I mentioned that we'd be going on a cycling trip?" as she notice him clad in t-shirt, jeans and black office shoes.

See what i mean by going different directions?

Moral of the story? Look for someone that goes in the same direction as you, and not make him change his ways.

2. A for Apologies

Guys, put away the male egoism of yours. Stop being so high and mighty, because girls can be egoistic as well. So, instead of continueing the arguement, how about saying" Hey sweetie, I'm sorry for what I've done. I didn't mean to butt you in but i personally feel...". Sometimes (for both guys and girls), if you feel that apologizing is so hard, instead of just standing there and doing nothing (or shouting back at him/her), pull your partner to you and hug him/her. *Trust me, it works most of the time* If he/she struggles, all the better! Hug your partner tightly, and hearts will be melted (usually, the girl's) and all shall be forgiven. And everything would be alright.

Try sorting out things after everyone has cooled down and when one could think better. It's always better to resolve any conflicts with a calm mind than to continue yelling at one another and nothing gets into each other's head. (If your parents ever argued, you'll know what I mean)

Also, hugging may not be the solution to your problems if you just hug and make out and forget about the matter. Things will be much worse if the same mistake happens again.

3. My World Doesn't Revolves Around Y-O-U

Give each other some personal time/freedom to spend some time alone, and with friends, colleagues whatsoever. Do have the ABSOLUTE trust (though it'll never be 100%) in your partner, else, your relationship is a mistake in the first place.Though times where your partner could be spending a tad too much time out with his guy friends watch soccer and drinking beer/painting the town red and only to reach home in the wee hours of the morning. At times like these, it's always good to sit down and talk to your partner. How about a change? You invite him over to your house and watch a soccer match together. Shout "GOAL!" when his favourite team scores. It always feels good to have your partner sharing the same hobby as you. Though it may have been forced on the girl's part, at least the guy would be touched that she took the trouble.

For guys, girls don't need your companionship with your golden teeth while shopping. Open up your mouth, give some opinions "Hey darling you look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in this dress. BUY IT and I'll pay (optional). I'm sure this would make your girl beam and smile the whole day because what matters to them most is your valuable opinion (NOT flattery); from someone they love the most.

And while waiting for your partners to be home and you REFUSE to go to bed first, try finding something productive to work on; making cards for his coming birthday/anniversary, flash videos and powerpoint slides, some random presents that reminds him/her that you're thinking of him/her and that you care. Who knows, by the time you're done with the present, your partner would be home and you could go to bed in peace.

Of course, there are more reasons that leads to a failed relationship. No matter what, if you really love someone, do what it takes to have him/her. I'll end this entry with a nice story, and you'd all know why I say to do what it takes...

It was the rainy season, and a countryside was severely flooded. A very religious old man sat on his roof top, waiting to be rescued. A sampan approached him and a young man lifted out a hand to help the old man, but the old man shook his head and said, "God will save me."

After a few minutes of failed persuasion, the young man gave up and left.

Soon, another sampan came... The same thing happened. The old man simply refused to be saved.

"God will save me."

After the second sampan left, 2 more came but the old man still stubbornly refused their assistance.

In the end, the old man died and went to Heaven...

Old Man: Why didn't you save me???
God: I tried. I sent the boats to you but you refused to get on them!

Moral of the story: Opportunities aren't handed out on a silver platter. The girl/guy in front of you may not be good looking, or the one of your dreams. (Darn, I'd have to give up on Yun Ho then...) But if they have a kind heart and a good character, grab hold of him/her before he/she's gone. When God has offered a blessing, take it before it's too late. Ideal partners are hard to come by, these days. If you really love your partner, you'd be willing to go through all the ups and downs with him/her. Most importantly, you'd do whatever it takes to make him/her stay. AND would stop anyone from harming/snatching him/her away.

Monday, 5 May 2008


Couldn't sleep well last night... My guess is that my thoughts were on...

"Precedent is a legal principle created by a court decision which provides an example or authority for judges deciding similar cases later... Stare decisis... Likely outcome of cases..."

Yeah, my wonderfully screwed-up Law essay. Hopefully Mrs. Dharma's in a good mood when she marks our work. I wouldn't wanna see her in a rage, seriously.

Anyways, this is what I was up to in our Law session earlier. (Ssh... Don't tell my mom =P)

Bittersweet love story,
I pray it shall last.
When your arms surround me,
My heart melts hard and fast...

Your fingers play across my arm,
Like on a piano, but without sound.
You whisper a song in my ear, a charm,
It bewitches me, my soul is found.

Suddenly, I feel empty,
Your arms are no longer around me,
your whispers no longer reach me.
My heart breaks, in all ways but sweetly..

The nights grew longer,
Time took an eternity to pass.
I could all but ponder,
How could I expect our love to last?

Don't ask me if I'm in love at the mo' or something, cause I'm not. Thanks to a certain someone, a few less-than-pleasant memories flooded into my system, so I was just in a temporary "emo" mood. I can confidently say so, because when I tried to do the same thing (write another poem) in English Lit class, I couldn't. The words just wouldn't come. And trust me, when someone's "in love", the words come whether they want it to come or not. Of course, it also depends if you're a poetic person... As you can see in the past 2 poems I've posted, I'm NOT a poetic person. =D

To BE a poetic person, I'd have to have compassion and love. According to most people who know me, I'm incapable of either emotion. HAHA! It's hilarious when they say things like: Oi, where did you get that from ah? Which website? or: OMG! Which song's that from???

I LOVE the reaction on their faces when I reply: I-wrote-that-my-self

I'm evil...

Friday, 2 May 2008

Headache, fever and cough...

Blehh... Saw a few streaks of blood along with my phlegm in the basin when I was coughing my head off earlier. I was sneezing as well. I suppose the trip to SPCA didn't help, cause I inhaled more smoke than oxygen in there. We were helping them out with the jumble sale stuff. I swear, more than 3 quarters of the stuff were women's clothes. As Bernard says, women are the main culprits of waste of resources. HAHA! I actually agree, because more than half the clothes were still in PERFECT condition. I even saw a top from DKNY. It LOOKED genuine, seriously.

I was really tired out after we finished our tasks. We didn't do much at first, just laid some newspapers in the cages and took a dog out for a walk around the compound. Then the manager asked us to help out in the store room.

After our work was complete, Bernard and I rested awhile near the door with my head pillowed against his shoulder. I was REALLY exhausted. I reckon the worse part was when we annoyed the staff by acting all lovey-dovey-ish. Since I was practically on the verge of fainting, Bernard sorta insisted that I lean against him and rest my eyes before my dad arrived. I think the receptionist got a little irritated. We were actually chased out at one point. I suppose the dude couldn't stand the sight of us huddled up so close together.

In a really weird way, that incident reminds me of a lousy poem by yours truly... =P

Your arms are around me,
warm, loving and reassuring.
My eyes are closed, I can't see,
But then again, love is misleading.

The longing I feel,
The comfort you provide,
I could sleep for eternity,
With you by my side.

Broken pieces of flesh sewn together,
My heart shall be one again,
Our love will last forever,
though through gain, there'll be pain.

Alas, life is short,
There's not a time I loved you less,
Instead, everyday I'll love you more,
Till the tide washes us both away...

Wrote this 2 years ago, I think. Real cliche, I know... But hey, I WAS young and foolish.

Not that I'm not young and foolish now, seeing that (thanks to Bernard) my head is constantly filled with images of romantic scenery and cherry blossoms. I seriously plan to con my future husband into bringing me to all the romantic spots in the world for our honeymoon. Japan, Rome and the countryside of China would be compulsory stops. Japan- cause I wanna see those lovely cherry blossoms again, Rome because it's like the definition of romance and China...? Well, the scenery was breath-taking in "Forbidden Kingdom", so... *smiles sheepishly*

Unfortunately, chances of me ever getting a husband like that would be-nil. So it looks like I'm gonna end up bringing myself there...

But of course, it would be rather depressing... I mean, can you imagine yourself being the only single female standing like an idiot under cherry blossoms amongst hundreds of kissing couples? Or buying roses for yourself in Rome, and mutter words of admiration for the greenery in China to no one to hear but yourself?

Oh boy, I sound like an old maid already...

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

Went to KLCC earlier with Bernard, Chicken and Kenneth to watch "Forbidden Kingdom". That was after we had lunch in California Pizza and shopped for Tess's present.

En route to KLCC, I dropped by KL Central to meet Bernard for "breakfast". Since I'd already eaten before going out, Bernard ate while I sipped on a cup of "teh tarik". We talked for awhile before leaving for KLCC. (actually, we only left hurriedly after Chicken called to say he was already there) On the way, we talked about pranking Alex...

"yeah... ask him to go to Times Square and meet us there"
"then change venue to Mid Valley"
"No la, Gardens more expensive. Make him buy something there first"
"Then say we decided on One Utama"
"and THEN we call him and cheerfully wish him 'Happy Labour Day'!"

Of course, we didn't actually carry out our "plans". I mean, if we really did that, we'd be doing almost the same thing he's doing to his girlfriend. Pity though, I would LOVE to see his reaction when we say the last sentence. In the end, we all agreed that we'd just get our "Stanlakes" (Econs textbook) on standby tomorrow so we can throw them at him in unison the second he makes a stupid comment. =D

Met up with Kenneth and Chicken (who was munching on donuts) about 1/2 an hour later, then went shopping. Kenneth bought himself 2 new pairs of jeans and I got Tess's present from Teddy Tales. We then headed for lunch. The pizza was not bad, but my drink was not so satisfactory. I still prefer Starbucks. =P

I can almost see Mrs. Chiu rolling her eyes and saying,' you're only paying for their publicity and rent.' Well, sorry, but I think their drinks are somewhat of higher quality compared to the average "kopitiam".

Admittedly, Forbidden Kingdom is one of the best Chinese/English movies I've ever watched. Jackie Chan was as humorous as ever and his squabbles with co-partner Jet Li were hilarious! The American dude who acted (I completely forgot his name) was pretty good as well. Not the macho-hot kinda guy, but he was super cute. =D

The 2 actresses in the movie were complete contrasts, both in style and character. "Sparrow", as she is referred to in the movie, had pure, innocent and natural beauty. Sophisticated in her own way, she becomes the love interest of the American misfit in the Chinese era. Her attractive-ness is further enhanced by her martial arts skills. The other female character takes the role of a witch with billowing white hair. Another beauty, but as with most villains, had the personality of a bitch. She's one of those women Kenneth would classify as "hot". Though Bernard and I completely disagree. But I DO think she's sexually appealing.

The storyline was quite predictable, but the humour woven in got us rolling about in our seats. Especially cause we were passing comments as the movie was going on. Bernard and I were arguing about whether the "Sparrow" or the "American misfit" were more attractive. Eventually, we came to a truce - both were as attractive, and therefore made a perfect match. The rest of the time were spent teasing Bernard 'bout him being the "Monkey King".

After the movie, we wandered about aimlessly. In the end, we found ourselves near Tower Records, so I suggested ice-cream. I don't know why, but I was feeling really stuffy although my fingers were practically stone-cold. I left the guys and came home after my Chocolate ice-cream had fully gone down my throat. (Again, Bernard and I had a disagreement about whose ice-cream tasted better- his had chocolate chips mixed in but mine was pure chocolate) I STILL feel mine's better. *sticks out tongue*

Oh, and the ride back to Taman Bahagia was by far, the least pleasant I've ever experienced. I was, literally, squashed in there like the fillings of a tuna sandwich. Only the people around me didn't smell as good as tuna sandwich. Quite on the contrary, it was a disgusting mixture of bad body odour mixed with sweat and cheap, "ciplak" perfume. Boy, was I relieved when the passengers started leaving as the journey progressed. Jokes aside, I would have seriously puked in there if I had to bear with that kind of smell throughout the journey. I'm feeling nauseous just thinking about it...

Will be going to Tess's BBQ party later. Gotta take a shower first or I'll seriously stink up her house. (KIDDING!)