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Monday, 24 March 2008

Econs, Law, Eng Lit...

First day of college was... Interesting. Weirdest thing is, I made more guy friends than I did girls. (One of them makes a habit out of swearing.) And guess what? Tiki's there too. Got a shock when I saw him walk into class. Met an old school mate there too (fr. Kuen Cheng).

Didn't do anything much. We just had a short briefing on each of the subjects, and what they demanded. (Sacrifice, and a LOT of time) Eng Lit seemed interesting enough, but it would require a lot of understanding, deciphering and analytical thinking skills in which, (hopefully), I don't lack.

The lecturers seemed nice enough. I'm having a Dr. Shalini, Ms. Chiu and Mrs. Dharma. I think I'm going to like Dr. Shalini. Her English was superb and she gave us a really good idea about what we'd be facing. Recommended a few BBC productions to help us understand the texts as well.

Econs was really vague cause we didn't have much time, but alright, anyhow... Law was... Hmm, I suppose I would use the word intimidating. Mrs. Dharma seemed like the no-nonsense type. (Must be the lawyer in her) but so far, it should be bearable.

I haven't even got around to practicing yet. I'm SO dead tomorrow. Will post when I can.

Monday, 17 March 2008


Seems so empty today. I just finished my 1st session of practice and ate lunch with my mum and aunt. Played on the Stagea in Studio 7 for awhile before I came back home with mum. I LOVE the Stagea. And I love Izumi Takada. Her compositions and arrangements are su-perb! Another Japanese composer I'm currently into is Yukie Nishimura. Though I find her pieces sounding very much like Jim Brickman's, the chord progressions she uses are typically Yamaha.

There were a few upbeat tunes though. Gonna try and get my hands on her album next. =D

Left out something in my post last night. Completely forgot to mention my brother's birthday celebration. It was at Izzi Pizza's. Somewhere near the Grand Millenium Hotel. The parking fee was daylight robbery, but it was worth it. The food was fantabulous, service was good, drinks were bottomless (refillable) and the cake... Damn, the cake was G-O-O-D. Chocolate caramel. Yumm...

As usual, we had our share of laughter courtesy of my dad, sis and Mr. Sotong. I'm feeling guilty cause I ate a lot more than I should have. Lasagna, steak and pasta... Darn, I SO need to get on the treadmill.

Having class tomorrow with Liu Jian. Gotta practice at least another 3 more rounds if I don't wanna get kicked out of her house. =P I haven't touched any of the pieces she gave me the whole of last week, thanks to the MPYO music camp. I wanted to skip this week so I'd be more prepared, but mum insists that I go tomorrow as well. *Sighs* that's what you get for being an obedient daughter...

OK, I'm gonna start being extremely long-winded if I don't stop now. Ciao!

P/S: I'm SO not voting for *inserts political party here* the next elections.
P/S2: YunHo-oppa, Hwaiting!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

It's OVER!

The camp is finally over. The concert was quite a success, I would say. A few blunders here and there, but nothing too serious. Nex was complaining that he wasn't used to not having a page-turner. (I used to be sitting next to him, thus I had the pleasure of turning the pages)

Supposed to go for a concert earlier, actually, then Bryan called and said Jebat did a wrong head count so I couldn't go. And THEN this afternoon, at 15oo hours, he SMS-ed me and said there was a free seat. I was at KLCC, but I wasn't appropriately dressed and my mum was not going to wait an extra hour and a half just for me to have fun. =P

I was there for the education fair actually. Mum's pretty bent on sending me to Methodist College. It's cheap, nearer to home, and the timetable is not as taxing as compared to Taylors or Sunway. So I'd still have time for practice. I plan to audition for NUS next March. Hopefully I can get through...

I don't believe I'm saying this, but I actually miss the camp. Undoubtedly it takes a toll on my strength (health as well), but I like playing in the Orchestra. It's fun, though I still need getting used to the conducting, time-counting et cetera....

Anyways, NUS is not my only worry. MPYO will be having a (sort of) re-audition some time in November. Mum reckons I have to move more when I play if I want the slightest chance of staying. Apparently, I'm too shy. -_-;

Pui Yee, Dao Zhong and Samuel came for the concert. So did my family and a few other Claris' students. Dr. Morris came as well. I was glad he enjoyed the performance.

Okay, I have to go. Will update some other day. Anyong!

P/S: I might be into Classical music, but nothing beats Yun Ho and his dance moves. Damn, he's H-O-T!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

MPYO camp= pure T-O-R-T-U-R-E

God... I've never felt so tired in my life. It's only been four days and I feel as if I'm half dead. On top of that, I got my SPM results today which turned out to be... Not-so satisfying, so to speak. But seriously, I just thank god I didn't fail anything. I was shaking in my pants when my dad said,' you got...'


I'm laughing bout it now, but my emotions were quite mixed up earlier. Didn't know what to think or feel. I wasn't particularly sad, but I wasn't very happy either. Heh... So, to celebrate, I went and got myself a nice lunch in KLCC today. (Another full rehearsal)

Anyways, I met quite a number of people. Made friends with a few of them... Mostly from the Chamber group I'd be performing with this Friday. We're havin performances on Fri and Sat actually. Anybody interested? LOL

Went shopping for fragrances yesterday. And Jackets as well. For a new-found friend. Apparently, he wanted to go for a different 'look' and so, needed some "advice".

Had a VERY satisfying lunch this afternoon with a friend at Nippon Tei. It was right after I had the sectionals practice which was conducted by our dear Concert Master. Went quite well actually... And I talked to 2 other guys from Sarawak. One of them actually remembered me from the time I went to Liu Jian's place for a lesson. According to him, he was eating in the living room when he heard me play Mozart's Violin Concerto No.3. Heh...

Okay, I have to leave now as I'm kinda doing this illegally. (Supposed to be sending a mail on my mom's behalf) Cherio! =P

P/S: I'm still very much head over heels over Yun Ho =D

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


20) We can go for hours at a time.
19) The bigger the instrument, the deeper it goes.
18) We always follow the stick.
17) For better sound, we point our f-holes towards the audience.
16) We can shift from position to position with ease.
15) We're good at making up our own fingerings.
14) We're careful with our instruments and we clean them after every use.
13) We can do it fast or slow.
12) When we play, we can be loud or soft.
11) We love to vibrato whenever we have a chance.
10) We like to play in groups of four or more.
9) We can do it sitting or standing.
8) The first violin players always have to lead.
7) But the seconds are always willing to follow.
6) If we make a mistake, we do it over again for perfection.
5) We are always ready to play in any position.
4) We pay close attention to fingerings and accidentals.
3) We can improvise in any situation.
2) We always have at least one G string.
1) Unlike those band nerds, we’re good at more than just blowing.

Found this on Facebook. Thought it would give th guys something to think about. *eveil laugh*