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Friday, 15 February 2008

Why the hell do I hafta write a title? O_o

Don't have much time to blog about anything. Went out yesterday. One Utama. Completely forgot it was V-Day until I saw couples everywhere. Well, we still see couples everywhere on normal love-less days... But those I saw yesterday couldn't keep their hands off each other. -_-;

Anyways, I've started teaching again. Had a 2 week break courtesy of 2 public holidays falling on Friday. Boy, do I hate teaching. Seriously, it's not my cup of tea. Especially when those irritating brats start testing your patience. It's annoying.

Havin a Chamber practice tomorrow at the MPO. MPYO called the other day and asked if I was interested to join their Chamber group. Seeing that I'm very free anyways, I said yes. Thankfully the piece we're playing isn't very hard so... Not too bad.

I hope.

Okay, I'm actually supposed to be doing something right now so I'll blog some other time. Cherio!