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Monday, 21 January 2008

Tired and sleepy... Flu-Cough-Fever Syndrome to make it ALL better.

Yeah... Ima sick gal right now... Was in Genting from abou' 6p.m. till 12 midnight. Jacky Cheung's concert. All thanks to Kent's invitation. Wouldn't have gone otherwise. First time I've been to a Concert without my parents. Oh well, after the whole thing, I told my parents bout the program-the songs he sang- they said it was pretty much the same as the one they went for last year. So really, they didn't miss much. Save for the "Sexy" moves he tried to do. (I had to look away at one point) But he looks good fer a 46-year-old. He sounded great, though there were a few barely noticeable flaws in his singing. He later mentioned that he was indead a bit sick. The lady on my right immediately started yelling "Jacky! I will support you!" in Cantonese. She really got onto my nerves during the concert. Fine, you yell all you want during the upbeat songs... But don't start blowing that blasted whistle when he singing ballads, for god's sake.

Concert ended about 11.30-ish. Boy, I was freezing as we crossed the road to meet my parents. The wind was blowing hard. After he passed me my Christmas present (I later unwrapped it to find a 2007 DBSK calender) we drove off. I thought my head would split during the drive home. Bad enough the altitude was giving my ears problem, the speed my dad was at gave my head a bad time too. (I was lying down in the backseat) Can't say how glad I was when we finally reached home.

Oh, before Jacky's Concert, I was at Rachel's place. Her house was, really really nice. Damansara Idaman. Quite new, and all were bungalows. Needless to say, her room was very nicely furnished and the furniture and ornaments around the house were tastefully chosen. I especially liked the "Love Seat" she had in her room. I was the first to reach her place, therefore I had a "VIP" tour of her house. Saw every room, every toilet, the gardens... When the rest finally arrived, we ate, then took a walk around the housing area. It was still quite empty, but according to Rachel, all the of them were already sold. It's nice place to live in, but I wouldn't even consider getting a house there because they don't allow dogs. What's all the space for if you can't even have a dog to run around and play with after work?

Anyways, we went to KLCC for a short while. (Mom wanted to get her cosmetics stuff from Shiseido) and went to look at some earrings. I refused to get anything in yellow gold cause it makes me look 20 years older than my real age. So my mom agreed to get me this pair of hoop earrings made of white gold instead.

Was an eventful day yesterday, the last of which caused me to be as sick as a dog today. Actually, I'm blogging while I'm really supposed to be helping my aunt with the ABRSM application forms. So I really think I should stop now. Cherio!

Saturday, 5 January 2008

First 2008 post... LOL!

First post of the year... December was a real busy month... Went to Macau then Genting, followed by Thailand... Came back on New Year's eve... Bought loadsa new clothes fer CNY in Thailand. Bro got the surf pants of his dreams, sis got her much awaited Gameboy SP and mom got to shop her heart out. HAHA!

Anyhoo, I've started teaching a little... Actually, I just started last night. Had no idea it would exhaus my supply of saliva... Gotta bring 2 bottles of water the next time.. This one 14 year old girl had me on my last wits... Couldn't even read notes. So I had ter start her on basic stuff... Note values, time signatures and stuff.

Oh, ENTANGLED has finally started praticing for our next performance in conjunction with Datin Yap's retirement. Had practice on New Year's day in Shal's place. We're having guys in as well this time... 2 dudes from Hartamas and 1 dude from BBBS so far. They're not bad, from what I've seen... Hopefully it stays that way. Heh.

Okay, I really should stop now.. Bit pathetic since I haven't posted for so long, but Ima usin' me mum's phone to come online so I reckon it's time I stop. Ciao!