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Saturday, 8 December 2007

B.C. Gathering in Mid Valley...

Yup, yet another annual gathering of us 5SF mates. Woke up early to squeeze in a practice session before I ran off. THEN I had to pay a visit to Claris to help my mom out with the putting up of the "Chop" boards. (It's actually a list of names of my mom's students decorated nicely for them to put on stamps whenever they play well) I nearly fell flat on my face at one point. Managed to keep my face intact by quickly grabbing the side of an electone, but in turn, got a nice blue-black mark on my leg. Still hurts when I apply pressure on it.

Anyways, I reached Mid Valley at around 11.45a.m. Met Sam, Kent and Shiuann (who turned up unexpectedly) at GSC to decide on which movie to watch. Shiuann went off to eat while I waited for the 2 idiots at the side. =P

We walked around for a bit after purchasing the tickets. Then Dao Zhong came. I spotted him talking on the phone with Sam. Ju Ween was still stuck in KLCC with her dad. Shiuann, as usual made a beeline for the golf section in Studio R. Was commenting about the shoes, the clothes, the golf clubs... etc.

The movie (We watched "The Golden Compass") wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Storyline was interesting, but the special effects were... not special. For those who have watched Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Narnia would probably fall asleep halfway. I almost did. Not that the acting was third class or mediocre in anyway, but it was just so typical of the fantasy genre that nothing surprised me.

Anyhoo, a BIG drama unfolded right after we exited the cinema. I won't say exactly what (to give some respect to *a-hem* ...some people) The whole scenario really got me irritated and the "Person in concern" was literally treading on my last nerves. Thankfully my patience level has increased greatly in comparison to a few years ago, so I grit my teeth and swallowed it all.

Despite the few disturbances, I had quite a fun time with them. Sam and Kent are as wacky as usual, and Dao Zhong still "protects" me like the big brother he is. The bond we all have really can't be explained. Haha! The weird-ness of our friendship, more like.

Kent left around 5 minutes before I did. Within the last few minutes, Sam, Dao Zhong and I snapped a couple o' pictures with the Christmas decor in the Centre Court. The lights were really pretty.

Reached home at about 5.45p.m. and related the day's events to my nosy-poker of a sis and bro, had dinner, watched a dance show, talked to my parents about my "future" then made a card for Ms. Vira. Tomorrow shall be my last lesson with her. I'm starting with a collegue of hers, Liu Jian. Also from MPO, but I shall be learning with her privately. It's not that Ms Vira is not good enough, just maybe I can't absorb much of what she asks me to do. AND she tends to slant towards the show-off-ish kinda pieces when the last thing I want to do is play technical stuff. I ain't got the confidence to show-off in the first place...

Wokee, I shall finito here. Hopefully I can find time to blog tomorrow. Anyong!

P/S: I STILL love Yun Ho and his funky dance moves!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Tired and sleepy...

Went to Genting Highlands for a few hours yesterday... My parents, aunt and a friend dumped my siblings and I at the arcade centre with 150 bucks to play our hearts out. Almost literally. We changed 50 into tokens to play that coin thingy... (I don't know whatcha call it officially) Then raced other players-car racing- (I won, twice) Then went on to shooting hoops. Heehee.. My sis scored the best, I depended mostly on luck (I shot nearly 5 goals non-stop) my bro could hardly get on to stage 2. Heh.

After that, we all went for dinner at the Coffee Terrace. Quite a posh restaurant... We had a buffet dinner. Boy, we all felt so rojak after sinking our teeth in so many varieties of delicacies. I started with sushi appetizers, then some japanese fried rice and sate as main courses. Went on to some Chinese soup and fried chicked wings. I felt it was enough, so I got started on desert. 2 scoops chocolate and 1 scoop vanilla, jelly, cake and fruits to wrap it all up. If ya think that's a lot, yer should've seen how much my dad and sis were eating. Dish after dish after dish...

I was quite queasy after all the food. The jokes my parents cracked along the way did NOT help. My mom especially. She doesn't crack jokes often, most of the time, they're more like accidents. My bro had visited the toilet and told us that it ws filthy. A waitress chose a very untimely moment to ask my mom 'coffee or tea?' And my mom answered 'toile..'

Yea, she very nearly said toilet.

Unfortunately, that was already enough to make us all double over in laughter. Even the waitress started giggling. My sis was literally falling off her seat. Anyways, when we finally managed to compose ourselves, we checked into a hotel room and rested awhile.

Around half an hour later, my siblings were getting a little restless so we head for the arcade again to shoot a few hoops. My dad called to announce that we were going to head home, so we left the arcade and met with the rest of my family at the hotel lobby.

The ride home was torture. Not only it was uncomfortable, (I was squashed at the backseat with my sis and aunt), the air pressure blocked my ears so I had to keep blowing my nose to rid my ears of the aching sensation.

Alright, I'm currently hooked up to downloading songs so I'll sign off now. Ja-ne!

P/S: Curse the idiot that got to go for Live n Loud KL for free...