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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Oh my god... It's finally over!!

Blehh... It's been awhile... Finished the drasted SPM 2 days ago. Blasted Bio... HAD to make me miss DBSK's concert. I swear, if they don't come next year... I would fly to Korea and give Yun Ho a piece of my mind. Seriously, what kinda boyfriend stages a concert when his girlfriend can't attend??

Ok, I was being lame. But I was REALLY looking forward to going for their concert. I miss their live performances... An article was published in the Star paper yesterday... Said their concert rocked. As usual. =P

Anyhoo, back to the happenings in M'sia... I've been goin out these 2 days non-stop. Monday was Sunway Piramid, yesterday- One Utama, then today I shall be goin out with my mom and siblings. Tomorrow, I shall crash in Tess's humble abode. She's currently asking me what we're gonna do there, but frankly speaking, I have got no friggin idea. Heh...

Was fun yesterday... Watched "Beowulf" (I didn't really like it. Too gruesome for my taste -_-;), ate lunch at Secret Recipe (Their lasagna is as good as ever) then did some stupid pictures in one of the pic booths. Major cam-whoring wei... Then after that, we walked around. Then it was time for me to dissappear. (Meaning I had to go home)...

My aunt gave me some new piano pieces to learn yesterday the minute I came home. Like she couldn't wait to gimme a reason to go to the piano and play. I didn't mind though... Haven't been doing any serious practice for at least 5 months. Heck, I've hardly practiced this whole year la..

Okay, I shall work on posting my graduation photos the next time I'm blogging. First, I gotta wrench them off Fiona's hands. =P