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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Can't go for DBSK's concert... Blehh

Can't believe I can't go... Stupid SPM. Now I've got a stone-solid reason to despise SPM. Bloody no logic punya time-table. Why can't they finish off the exams on Friday?? Then I can go for the concert on Saturday. But no, they HAD to put the blasted Bio paper on Monday.

Got into a huge argument with my dad on Monday. Reckon it's the first time I've ever yelled at him. Not that I'd die without seeing DBSK, but I just didn't understand why he wouldn't let me go! Hello?? I have the whole of Sunday to study right? What really pissed me off was that he said flat out "no" the minute I voiced the question. At least have the courtesy to explain first, then perhaps I wouldn't have over-reacted. The tone of voice he was using really got on my nerves. I got so annoyed I haven't talked to him at all the whole week. I'm alright with my mom though. SHE seemed to understand better than my dad.

Dad was planning on taking us actually. Again, thanks to my beloved SPM... (Voice dripping with sarcasm)

Anyways, back to more cheerful happenings... Went to my aunt's church for their monthly youth gathering. Movie, this time-Drumline. When we got there, I saw my old Kuen Cheng school mate, Joel. I couldn't remember him at first, but when I saw his face clearly, I remembered the scrawny-looking kid that used to run around the school during reccess. Haha! Made friends with this dude from Sri KL- Johnston. And a girl who came with her brother and parents to visit Gramps when he was in the hospital took my e-mail add and phone number.

Movie was cool. It's about this dude who's into drumming but thinks he's the best. He is, actually, but he doesn't believe in teamwork. He gets kicked out at one point, everything works out in the end. Didn't quite like the language though, quite vulgar and rude.

Anyhoo, I'll scoot now. Tired already as it is, having to put up with both my siblings in my room for the whole night. Ciaoz!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Exams are KILLING ME!!!

I'm mentally, physically AND emotionally drained... Sejarah was horrible. My wonderful friend said teacher hinted that Tamadun and Mesopotamia would come out, therefore I spent the WHOLE night goin through form 4 stuff but guess what...


Oh, and this weekend was the worst ever. Went to leisure mall to get my books, and I got accused of stealing this one Korean guy's Japanese album. I tell you, I was effing pissed. Some god damn ass**** must have put the damn thing in my bag. Hello?? I haven't even heard of the singer be4. Gimme at least ONE good reason why the EFF would I wanna steal it. Even if I wanted it THAT badly, I wouldn't stoop as low as to steal it la. And another thing... I'm no 3-year-old. I know perfectly well there're surveilance cameras around and when you walk out, there's a scanner thingy which checks for stolen goods. So WHY THE HELL would I even try. And on top of that, I wasn't even running away from the store when the thing beeped. If I had really stolen something, I would be bloody sprinting off right? Bloody EFFING lady was insulting me to my face, I tell you, I was damn tempted to hit her lights out. Then when I asked her to show me the surveilance recordings, she said it was spoilt. So no proof. WHAT KINDA EXCUSE IS THAT???!!

My siblings also thought it was completely outrageous. I've never stolen ANYTHING in my life. So why the f*** would I wanna start now? My sis was with me the entire time, so she would've noticed if I put the CD in my bad right? And thank god I had the receipt for this DBSK CD I bought last week from the same place in my wallet. The effing woman was gonna say I stole that one as well. Bloody *inserts alternative for "female dog" here*

The whole incident was so dumb. I had to pay RM60.50 for something I didn't want. She said if I don't buy it, it would be 3 times the price. I tell you, if I had the money for it, I would tell her to keep the damn CD and I'll pay the 180 bucks. At least it'll prove my innocence. Unfortunately, I only had 80 bucks at the time, so yea...

I didn't tell my parents bout the whole thing. Didn't want them to doubt me. My siblings agreed to keep it to themselves too.

Okay, enough depressing stories. I gotta eat ma lunch, brother's nagging the living daylights outta me. Heh. Ciaozz..