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Friday, 24 August 2007


Oh god... Trials are in a week's time. I'm dead. Somebody book me a place in the cemetery? I'll be there in about a week's time.

Anyways, I'm not in the mood to type anything, so I'll let pictures speak for themselves.

Went to the Badminton Quarter Finals to watch Lee Yong Dae-Jung Jae Sung and Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong play. The Korean pair won but the M'sian pair didn't. They fought valiantly though. I suppose it was the pressure of being the second seeds...

Don't ask me what was I thinking... I was just bored outta my mind.

Went to the TTDI library last week with Rachel to study Bio.

The library is pretty big, lotsa books. I had to grit my teeth to refrain from launching myself at those books. They looked so tempting....

Took a pic of my Bio books when we were having a break. Ha-ha!

Okay, that's pretty much all. Apart from hearing some tone-deaf people sing "Happy Birthday" at some cafe last night. It wasn't so bad after that. This guy set-up a keyboard on stage and started singing while playing. He went off-key occasionally, but his playing was good and his voice sounded somewhat soothing. My sis started whining and wanted to go home but my dad insisted for us to stay awhile longer. I was secretly smiling beneath my usual indifferent expression cause it's not everyday you get to see a talented guy who can sing and look good doing it. Well, not in M'sia anyway. The guy was kinda cute =P

Anyways, I gotta make a move now. Going for MPYO's concert later this evening with my parents. Ciaoz!

P/S: I hate guys who try and rush things, it gets on my nerves...

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Another week... Gone

It's been awhile since I've been able to blog about anything. Not that there's much to blog about, seeing that my life has been nothing but study, study and more study...

To cut the long story short, currently, my life = living hell. Welcome to the world of the undead, where we suck the fun out of everything and do nothing and see nothing but books. And I don't mean story books. School books...

School is a fun-sucking institution, the classroom is a fun-sucking torture chamber and school teachers are... Fun suckers. =P

At least, some of them are... When I don't feel like listening to life-long lectures like,
"You irresponsible children ah... How you orang boleh cari suami later? Boleh cari oso one day he sure lari wan!"
I just conveniently tell my grandma: Teachers won't be teaching tomorrow, so I'll just study at home. Heehee... XP

Well, technically I'm not lying or anything. Cuz whenever that woman goes into "Lecture" mode, we just pretend she's not there. So really, no diff. Come on, you actually expect me to sit there and listen to what she says about: Marraige is a commitment! Do you think you punya husband can stand the house looking like you just bombed it??

I'm telling you, I pity her kids. ESPECIALLY her daughter/son-in-law. Weird scenes are forming in my head...

I thought I told you to cook?? This is what you call food ah??
I bought it from the mamak stall outside...
AIYOH!! You tau tak how dirty the place is! Dunno how many virus you get from just smelling the crap they burn there. You takda otak ka?
I came back late from work, so I didn't have time to cook...
Then no need to work la! My son not rich enough for you ah?

I'll kill myself if my mother-in-law is like that. Sheesh...

Anyways, I gotta go and finish my add-maths project. (See what I mean when I say I'm lifeless?) I'll see if I can update next week. Ciaozz!

P/S: I don't need you anymore... I've learnt to move on =)