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Sunday, 29 July 2007

SPM nightmares...

Blehh... I'm starting to panic already. I mean, what if I fail everything? My future gone la... Then again, I wouldn't have to worry cause I would've killed myself if I'd fail anything. =P

Havin' a party later at my place. Finally, something to take my mind off studying. Heh. Was doing preparations since yesterday. Getting the food, plates and cutlery. My dad's still in Pahang with a friend, collecting durians. *Scrunches nose in distaste* I don't fancy durians, to be honest.

Anyways, I did a performance last Sat in Mid-Valley. Played Windscape. Supposed to play another Chinese song, but m'dad reckoned it would put the audience to sleep. So yea... I should've stuck to playing the slower piece though. Cause I made a slight slip when I was playing Windscape and I panic-ed and made MORE slips. Thankfully the slips I made weren't noticeable till the point where tomatoes were wasted. You get what I mean, no? But yea, I've never made so many mistakes in a performance before, so I was scared. My dad's friend (Who apparently is a very accomplished pianist) said I played well, so I guess my mistakes were non-existant to those who don't know the score. THANK GOD!

Now back to school issues... I don't even know where to begin. Misunderstanding, problems arising, back-stabbing.. Thankfully, I'm not involved in any of those "cases". The only issue I'm currently bummed about is this annoying twirp who tries (is STILL trying) to copy whatever I do. She even copied my hairstyle for Pete's sake. Wait, lemme rephrase, for Yun Ho's sake =P

Trust me, it's driving me up the wall. The gal's practically gnawing on my last nerves. I mean, everyone's got something unique about them In HER case, it's her temper. She probably wants to do this cause there's a guy she wants to impress, but HELLO?? If the dude doesn't like you for who you are, why bother?!

Then again, who would like her for the person she is? XD

I'm evil =)

Anyways, I have to get going now. Guests would be arriving in one and a half hour's time so I gotta help out with the tables and chairs. Ciaoz!

P/S: "Someone might be coming. M'dad invited, not me =P

Thursday, 12 July 2007


I wanna go watch the movie wei... Mom and Dad says they'll bring us on Saturday =D. I'm workin' on getting the tickets. Blehh... Hope there'll be some available.

Anyways, had the "Musical Nite" thingy in school last Sat. Turn out was alright. But the program was so boring that half the hall was buzzing with chatter because those uncivilised humans don't appreciate Classical Music. Yeah... We had students from the Juliard Music School performing. All of them were playing Classical pieces. Save for two girls who sang My Fair Lady and Part of Your World. And guess what? Elizabeth Tee was there as well. Yup, she was accompanying two of the performances. Piano. I got a shock when I saw her. Haha!

My parents and siblings came too by the way... Cause I malas to persuade people to come. (All Orchestra members had to sell AT LEAST 4 tickets) So since it was my last performance, I decided to let my parents witness how awful we can sound =P No offense to the people of the Orchestra, but seriously, we are pathetic compared to the students from Juliard. Or from Ann Peru, for that matter.

I just hate it when past memories come back to haunt you, no? My friend asked me to write a song for her. She supplied the first two versus. I had to come up with the Chorus, the Bridge... Not to mention the notes, chords, accompaniment, etc... It's a love song. Says it all ne?

Oh yea, forgot to mention. I-Got-A-Haircut. My hair's like, super short now. It just brushes the nape of my neck. The most annoying thing is, the left side curls outwards whilst the right side curls inwards. So everyday after I wash my hair, I have to blow-dry it cause I'll look like Frankenstein's monster if I leave it to dry by itself =S

Okay... I gotta go now. Ma sis wants to check her mail. Toodles!

P/S: Life sucks when you keep remembering...