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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Tiring week... Frustrated much?

Carnival was last Saturday... Dead tiring. Guess the fact that I was sick didn't help. No thank to Carmen and Poly who made me try out the dunkin thing on Friday. I went home with a flu and a developing cough. I was dead sick on Saturday. Woke up with a splitting headache, fever, runny nose and a bad cough to boot. Joy...

The concert was alright. Shobs, Nik, Jil and I were nervous wrecks before it started. We rehearsed a number of times earlier that day but couldn't get this one part right. Thankfully, all fell into place in the end. You might ask why we didn't practice more, but our Oh-so-High-and-Mighty said we no longer had time to do that. Blehh...

The rock bands were... *Grimaces* Rock bands. The screaming (Note that I refuse to use the word- sing) was well... Screaming. The guitar jamming was unbearable and the sound systems were way too loud. The minute the first band launched into the chorus, I came out. Dao Zhong and Shiuann came out halfway too. Shiuann and I went back in to watch our juniors dance but left again when another rock band came on. Hey, I've got a pair of ears to protect.

After everything, Kart came up to me and said that some guy in her boyfriend's gang wanted to know my name. >_< Right... I don't want anything to do with Gangster dudes, thank you.

Coming back to recent stuff, I've started studying. Finally. =P Been staying up till way past midnight memorizing facts (Not fiction) Heh...

Just got an ear-full from me mom. =( Says that if I find practicing the violin a torture, then might as well stop. And again, being the stupid fool that I am, I said I want to continue. Why ah? I honestly don't know.

Life is a roller coaster
Ups which can change to downs without notice
Then you're stuck back where you started
(Which sucks)

Makes me wonder why I still bother living. Lemme dig up a couple o' reasons...

1#: Ain't got my first kiss yet
I ain't getting one anytime soon anyways, so why bother?
2#: Haven't done anything good for the society
Err... Right. That would stop me from dying because...?
3#: SPM coming up la...
HELLO?? SPM is the MAIN reason I wanna die!

Okay, I'm being lame. Gotta go cause I haven't finished my work yet. I'll try to update soon. Ciaozz!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Random pics of m'self and DBSK.. =P

This pic was taken when we were in HK on the first day...

I mentioned that this "Post" is of random pics right? I meant it. >_<

Jung Yun Ho... *Faints* He's damn hot la..

Xiah Kim Jun-Su. Looks damn hot here no?

Micky Park Yoo Chun. My sister's loverboy. In her dreams. HAHAHAHA!!

Don't ask me what I was doing. Was just bored outta my mind. =P

Friday, 15 June 2007

School was... O-kay..

Back to school week= no sleep, no TV, no online-ing, no electone, etc.
Back to school week= more homework, more nagging, more practice, more studying, etc.

What a life huh?

Then again, some of you might say... What life??

Tell me when you figure it out. I'd like to know what kinda life I have too... =S

Am supposed to go for VI's carnival tomorrow... But unfortunately, my dad says it would be a waste of time and therefore refuses to take me there. It's my last year la... At least let me see what the other schools' carnivals can be like.

Anyhoo, school has been quite okay. I didn't get into trouble with any teachers or anything. Just having some petty friend problems, of which (Thankfully) has nothing to do with me =D. It's nothin' much. Just the usual, friend got a problem with how another friend is acting... bla bla bla

Okay, my aunt is threatening to call my mom =S. Gotta run. Ciaozz!!

P/S: This is so weird. Am I goin' back in time again?

Friday, 8 June 2007

Hating this...

Hating where I'm stuck,
Wishing things turned out differently,
Don't understand why I miss you so much,
Was it all an illusion when you said you won't leave me?

Damn emo wei... But seriously, my feelings are so messed up. Best part is, I can't turn to anyone right now since the person I usually turn to is currently not wanting anyone in his life. So there... And I don't reckon there's anyone else where I can confide in comfortably. Well, usually it's Ken-kun, but the fella uses 019 larr... I ain't gonna raise my phone bill up any higher okay.

Just have to grit my teeth and face it. Pass time with work and stress myself out till I'm too tired to let my mind wander.

Actually, I don't think about it often. It's only when I don't do anything or at night before I fall sleep. Which explains the dark circles around my eyes no? Haven't been able to fall asleep these past few days... 2 words: pure torure.

It's like He (the one above) doesn't want me to have someone to run to when I'm feeling down. Is it some kinda test? If it is, stop it because I ain't likin' it!

Anyways, t'was really dull today so I won't bore you readers with my petty daily routines. (Like as if anyone reads my blog anyways. HAHA!) Ciaozz.

P/S: Been left alone often? I know I have... More than once =)

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Mentally drained...

1: Splitting headache
2: Tired
3: Emotionally unstable
4: Mental system has shut down

Would be bad enough if someone had 1 of those mentioned. Well, I've got all four. I'm surprised I haven't fainted yet. The nagging pain in my head is making my whole world spin. =S

Anyhoo, I finally got my revision books last night. After around 2 hrs of torture... (A.K.A.= violin practice) Went to Popular in Leisure Mall. Stupid bookstore... I still don't have a Chem and Bio reference book. And I couldn't find one anywhere on the premises of that sad excuse of a mall.

This hols was an utter failure as well. First thing is, I didn't get to go out with friends. Secondly, I only watched ONE new movie. AND I didn't do much studying. Die larr... Someone book me a place in the cemetary. I'd be there in about... 5 months?

With the violin competition thing around the corner, I'd jump into my coffin within the next 2 weeks. Wait, I'm involved with the Sri Aman Charity concert so I'll last another extra week. Blehh...

Okay... Now I gotta download some E-tutor thingy for my brother. I'll see if I can post somemore tomorrow. Ciao!

P/S: Wanna live the way I want...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Perlembagaan M'sia... Keluhuran Perlembagaan.. Kepentingan Perlembagaan. Yang di-Pertuan Agong berkuasa......

I've still got History facts stuck in my head. I suppose that's the whole point no? LOL!

Dang... I've still got Moral work to finish. Don't think I'll manage the whole 3 sets of paper within 5 days. Pn. Cheong is gonna kill me. Not to mention we'll be getting our remaining mid-year results- dead. Then comes open day- So dead. Parents disappointments and lectures- So SO dead. Whoa... I'll be dying repeatedly next week. Might as well do them a favor and kill myself first.

Nah, I ain't stupid. Will make the best of my life... (Or rather, what's left of it.) Dreading SPM. But can't wait for it to be over. Then finally, I can drive myself around without feelin' guilty. =P

Anyways, I learnt 2 new songs on the electone today. Well, not exactly new songs, but I played them for the first time on the electone. Went out to Claris and grabbed 3 books from the book shelf which caught my attention. Tried sight-reading "Dazzling" just now and failed miserably =S... All Jazz chords la. And I'm no electone student. Unfortunately....

Gotta do another round of violin when my mom comes back from work. Great. (Voice dripping with sarcasm) Can't help it if I don't like the instrument now can I? Talent is worthless if there's no interest, and vice versa. *hint hint* =P

I'm terrified of 12 June. That's when their gonna 'notify' the successful applicants. Part of me wants to continue... The other prays I don't get through. If I do, (Get through the 1st round), I'll have to practice extra hard, cause I don't wanna make a fool of myself in the midst of other talented and more accomplished violinists. If I don't get through, I won't have to look at the violin so often.

Tell you what, I'll just go with the flow. Gotta go now. Ja-ne!

P/S: I can no longer feel the brightness of your love...

Monday, 4 June 2007

It's just another day in paradise...

Another day of no work and all play. I'm feeling damn guilty wei... I haven't even finished my moral homework. SOoo dead. Got Sejarah notes to finish pun. =S

Somebody take a gun, point it to my head and pull the trigger please??

Ah, I'm guessing that ain't gonna happen anytime soon. Someone shooting me, I mean. Provided I land myself in someplace where there's war goin' on... Then again, if I'm in some warring country, I wouldn't get shot. I'd get a hole through my stomach. *Curses nuclear bombs*

Anyways, I finally watched Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End!! The movie was S-U-P-E-R-B! Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom looked damn hot. As usual. Didn't fancy Elizabeth much though. (But I have to admit she's a lucky girl. Oi, we NEVER see guys as hot as Orlando Bloom in M'sia now do we? Let alone kiss them...)

Okayy... Mom's makin' noise now. Gotta skitter. Ciaozz!!

P/S: Sometimes, you're just a pain in the rear...

Blehh... Problems thrown at me -_-;

First, I would like to point out that I-have-my-own-life. And would therefore appreciate it if some 'People' would acknowledge that. Don't come running to me when you have a problem, then run away when I need your help. Not saying I want payment or anything... Just when I'm already hinting heavily that I don't want to be bothered by petty "Boyfriend" problems or "My life is in a mess" so help me issues, 3 simple words: Leave-me-alone.

And I don't speak in any other languange apart from English, Mandarin and Cantonese. So only aliens would NOT understand me. And, of course, if you're illiterate or just being plain stupid. Then again, most of the time- ignorant.

Earth to all these inconsiderate people, I need my own space. I ain't no robot. My patience has its limits. Right now you people are treading on my last nerves. There's only so much I can handle, and right now my bowl of "Problems" in my brains are already over-flowing. Thank God for providing me with an outlet for all my rage- music. Or you'd be sending flowers to my grave.

Anyways, I'll just run through what I did yesterday...

Went to KLCC in the afternoon for a concert (After sending my dad to Bkt. Jalil) with my mom and sis. *Again, my bro was unable to join because he was in church camp* Ate lunch in "Nippon Tei" before the concert.

Conductor: Adrian Leaper
Soloist: Tasmin Little (Violinist)

Lol. The gal has a 300-year-old violin =S. Pity the concerto she played wasn't the really show off kind. Therefore resulting in my sis and I falling asleep during the lyrical parts of the piece. Her technique is real good though (At least, what I saw of it =P) And her intonation is crystal clear. All in all, it was a good performance.

But seriously, gimme DBSK anytime. =D

After the concert, we all had a cuppa in "Dome's". Oh, my mom and I shared a carrot cake.

Mom: *to sis* Have a bite?
Sis: I'm no rabbit.
Me: No, you're a pig.

Anyhoo, after that, my mom got 2 bottles of perfume from Calvin Klein (For herself and dad) then we headed to the carpark. Got caught in a huge jam which resulted in us reaching home after an hour with our behinds stuck in the car instead of our usual 15 minute drive back.

Oka, my mental system is shutting down again. Gonna watch Pirates 3 later. =D Ciaozz...

P/S: Yes I'm gonna be alright. Gonna take a chance...
-Shine We Are (BoA)-

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Emerges from the jungle, looking frazzled. =S

Lol. Did jungle trekking in some hills near Uncle Ti's place this morning. Seriously, we had to climb hills. My muscles were starting to ache halfway through the first level but I felt fine after that. My target was to reach level 3 but my sis couldn't rough it out so we began our descent. Just when we were reaching level 2. Blehh... -My bro couldn't take part cause he's in camp.

My mom and dad only climbed till level one. Bloody unfair right? So much for it being a "Family" thing. Excusable for my mom cause she's got knee problems, but my dad?

'Oh, I have to take care of mommy ma...'

Yea right.

It was tiring though. I nearly slipped at one point.

Louisa: Yea, and I nearly fainted.
Me: That's because you're weight's too much to carry.


Oh well, I can't deny I felt relieved once we reached firm, flat ground. The hills were so steep that I had to grab hold of the ropes throughout the whole climb for fear of falling. Lucky sister of mine had Uncle Ti's help the whole way... *Glares* Oi, I had to carry a backpack with a bottle of water also alright? Sheesh...

Anyways, my mom challenged me to learn this electone piece by a group called T-square. The rhythm is dead tricky and the tempo is unrealistically fast. Gonna take me awhile to get it done. I'm nowhere as talented as either of my parents so... Heh.

Okay, I gotta skitter now. Wanna continue with the next page of the piece ^_^ Ciao!

P/S: Don't take away my hopes and dreams... They're all I have left.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Finally... A day of relaxation...

YESH! I've finally got the recording thing out of my way! Damn sick of having to practice all day all night thanks to that god-forsaken competition. AND I don't have to touch the violin these 2 days... Holiday at last =P

Anyways, I didn't even have to LOOK at the violin today. Was out the whole day. First, dad dropped me to KLCC to get Ms.Vira's signature (to join the competition, we need a letter of recommendation from her) then we went to KLPac to drop off the application form and the recording. My sis and I were feeding ducks at one point XS. LOL! After that, we (Parents, sis and I) ate brunch in some old restaurant in my mom's hometown-Sentul.

Next stop- book fair

Some lousy fair larr... 3/4 of the halls were filled with Chinese books, of which I don't read. I managed to get ONE book though- Equinox. It's about some murder-mystery cases. I haven't even finished reading it yet. Heh...

I fell asleep on the couch almost immediately after we reached home. Hey, I slept real late last night. Or should I say, this morning? Ah, basically I haven't been getting enough rest. The endless issues bugging my mind aren't helping either.

Okay, I have no idea what the hell I'm crapping about right now so I'll stop here. My brains are malfunctioning...

P/S: Why is it everytime there's a flicker of hope, a blinker of a better ending, you have to snatch it away just when I finally start believing?