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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Sri Aman Carnival on 23rd June. Coupons anyone?

Pfft... Carnival again. For once, I'd like to see Pn. Alainal selling stuffs in her own booth. No one would buy anything. Haha.

She obviously thinks it's peanuts making RM2000 in one day. Yup, we're supposed to sell 2000 ringgit worth of coupons from 8a.m. till 4.30p.m... If we don't hit our target, we're gonna have to come up with our own money... =S

My class has decided to do a Dunkin' Booth and some slime throwing thing... Alisha and Carmen insisted on my assistance for the Dunkin' Booth >_<; I protested and practically begged if I could handle the cash instead. But NOo... Sha said there's not enough people. Perfect, just what I need -getting wet in front of guys. Not that there's anything to see anyways. I ain't got no visible feminine "assets". Heehee...

Guess what? We're getting teacher's to get "Dunked" as well. So far, we've got Pn.Usha (Form/Chem), Pn.Mary (Discipline/Bio), Pn.Chua (P.K.HEM/Moral) and... *Drum rolls*

Pn. Alainal

Hey, Don't look at me. I'm not the one who went up to her and said," Teacher, how would you like getting wet in front of hundreds of people?" Sheesh...

Oh, when I told my friends about me being involved with the whole getting wet part...

1#: Please tell me you're joking...
2#: Hmm... I know a lost cause when I see one.
3#: Goner la, you're gonna have to come up with RM2000 on your own...
4#: Why you worry? No one would wanna see you wet la.
5#: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Doesn't stop*

Thanks a lot guys.

Honestly speaking, I agreed to the Dunkin' thing cause I didn't wanna get slime on ma face. Heh... I look ugly enough without green and purple stuff smeared on my skin. So yea, the Slime Booth would be a no-no.

Oka, I'd better make a move now. Gonna bathe then make a beeline to Claris. *I wanna try out "Elegy" on the Stagea =D* Sayonara ja mata!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sunday = violin class = disaster

Guess what? Today's class was rubbish. Blehh... Stupid mid-year exams caused my practice hours to shorten. Ms. Vira criticized the recording we did. Bloody 300 bucks gone to waste. My dad had purposely bought the i-talk recording thingy for my i-pod just so we could record my playing. Now I'm seriously regretting my decision. About joining the competition I mean. Oh well, too late to go back on my word. Gotta slave my ass off this 2 months. Pfft...

Anyways, we all went for Izumi Takada's concert yesterday. As usual, she's real good. Oh-ma-god, the way she plays... Makes me feel like digging a hole and burying myself in it. After seeing her play, I don't even deserve to be called a musician. Oh, and this time she played a few new songs... I loved her Irish piece. She played "Elegy" by the way. The minute she announced that she was gonna play that piece, I immediately looked at Kah Yip, who was sitting a few rows in front.

That piece has a story to it by the way. She'd composed it when her boyfriend broke up with her. It's got a mixture of sadness, anger, frustration... Izumi-san looked a little sad while she was playing too. Oh well, heartbreaks are hard to get over. I should know. Heh...

She ended the concert with "Tong Hwa"... Again.

Anyhoo, back to the events of today, I'd walked to Claris at about 3.30p.m., thinking I'd wanna play awhile on the Stagea before my group class starts, but NOoo... The stagea's sound was so horrible I stopped playing and called my dad. Seems like there's some problem in it and the technician will be comin' over to check it out. Damn potong stim wei...

I'm learning "Elegy" now by the way. At least, I'm trying to. Was playing the left hand along with the recording earlier and I could barely keep up. Blehh... Looks like it's gonna take me quite a long while to get this piece down. It ain't easy. Rhythm's tricky, left hand keeps going, pedalling is simple but difficult to coordinate both hands AND feet.

I'd willingly practice electone 5hrs than practice 1hr violin. =S

Okay, I'd better make a move now. Gonna go back to P.J. later. Not going to school though... Oi, I got my performance 4 exam in 2 weeks. I don't wanna fail larr... No way. Ciaozz!

P/S: I need a life without you, to know that I don't need you...

Saturday, 19 May 2007

... stupid competition. Why did I agree to it??

Oh well, at least exam's are over. For now -_-; Then why do I not feel good? Hmm... Lemme make a list:

1- I'm bloody pissed with "someone"
2- We didn't do the whole confrontation thing yesterday.
3- Got a friend who's ruining her life cause of a GUY!

Why can't they just leave us alone?? Guys, they're all the same. When they need you, they come running. When they don't? Guess what? You're ignored. What the f- do you think we are??? Bl**dy genies whom you can conjure up at any time? We're humans with human feelings. You wanna talk then talk, when you don't want to, say so cause you're making all of us girls frustrated!

Honestly, I don't wanna care anymore. What, does he think I've got all the time in the world and he's the only living organism who has a lotta problems?? Hello?? You come and dump all your problems on me, but when I need to tell you something? Poof! You vanish into thin air. Now I'm wondering if what you've said so far are true or do you say them to all your other girlfriends? Cause if that's the case, don't ever bother calling me when you need someone, run to your precious girlfriends. I really couldn't care less.

I'm tired. Tired of getting hurt like this all the time. Not one or twice. If hurt meant bleeding? I would've died a long time ago.

I need you out of my life...

I'd already gotten over it. Then...

Gah, I give up. Anyways, I gotta make a move now. Have to get somethings done before my mom comes back and chops my head off... Ciaozz.

P/S: I'd give anything to anyone with the ability to brainwash me.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Exam's are almost over... ALMOST...

Stupid exams... Why can't we cheat in exams? It'll make our lives SOO much easier... Then again, if we can cheat in exams, why have exams in the first place? Sheesh. M'sia is the ONLY country which is SO exam-oriented. Stupid edu system. I mean, the peeps who get straight A's don't even get jobs after comin' back from whichever big-time uni. So why emphasize on getting A's??

Ah, I just need to get through SPM. After that, I'm FREE!! I don't care, I'm throwing ALL my books in the dump THE DAY I finish. Haha! Then full time concentrate on learning electone pieces. I still suck at it. Gotta improve if I wanna take performance 4 next year. Heh...

Whoop-de-doop. I'm lookin' forward to next friday. Not only exam's finished, but we FINALLY will clear our heads on that matter. Not gonna go into details, but yea... Been mulling over the problem with that partucular person for a long time.

OH! Not forgetting Saturday as well. Izumi Takada's concert! Yep, she's comin' again. This time she'll be performing in KLCC. If my dad doesn't bring me, I swear I'll wring his neck. Heehee ><

Anyhoo, I gotta make a move now. Got violin class after this XP Didn't practice much this whole week. Heck, I haven't even SLEPT well this week. No thanks to stupid mid-year exams. Just hope Ms. Vira doesn't shoo me outta class. I didn't wanna go for class actually, but my mom... Nuff said no? Ciao!

P/S: Black Cat finished already?? What's wrong with the world?!
-Black Cat is with Saya, NOT Eve!- =P

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Bored to death... Scrabble anybody?

Lol. Supposed to be practising =P Malas lerr... Hey, I DID practise earlier alright. Only finished at quarter to midnight yesterday. Thanks to mum of course. And err... was on the phone till quite late *Smiles guiltily* Hehehe...

Anyways, this huge confrontation thing we're doing after exams... Dunno if we're doing the right thing. Seems a little too...mean. But still, if we don't do it, she's gonna climb on top of our heads. Not gonna her ruin our performances anymore. We all agreed to it on Thursday and was planning to tell her yesterday itself but that smart ass didn't come so... Luck was on her side, we're pushing it to after exams.

Anyhoo, coming back to happier thoughts, I'm on speaking terms with you-know-who again. It's always up and down, our friendship I mean. Ah, the busy lives we lead keeps us from conversing often. Oh well, gotta get used to it... The next time we talk on the phone will probably be after SPM. Heh...

She didn't even bother to wish me on my birthday. Must've forgotten all about it. Sheesh. I never forget her birthdays. Asked her to come for ICC, but she had some camp thing on so she couldn't make it. Don't think she realised it was on my birthday...

Oka, I gotta make a move now. Gonna have class with my mum at 6p.m. Have ter bathe and everything. Oh damn, I haven't practised much either. Better do one round first, I don't wanna die so young wei.. HAHA! Ciaoz..

P/S: I don't think I wanna go for prom this year la...
Tess: Oi! You're supposed to be my date!!
Clare: *Smiles innocently* You'll get a Boyfriend by then la..
Tess: If I don't??
Clare: Err... I'll find you one!
Tess: *whacks Clare*
Clare: Okay, okay.. (Gives in)

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Not a bad day... Could've been better though XP

Had a pretty easy day... Woke up around 8a.m. went for Physics tuition at 9... Went for brunch with my whole family in Bukit Jalil. Only thing I was quite pissed at is that I'm supposed to celebrate Tess's birthday in One Utama but no...

Dad: It's a family thing... your family more important than your friend or the other way round?


Tess is gonna kill me. I messaged her this morning and she hasn't replied... Must be damn furious with me. *Sigh* Just gonna have to rush up to her on Thursday and say sorry. All I can do now is pray and hope she understands. I didn't ask my dad to be so... evil

Anyways, after brunch, we dropped my grandma off to the dialysis centre and went back home. (My dad wanted my sis to change =P) When she finally found an outfit that wouldn't embarras us, XP we drove off to KLCC. Well, partly cause I wanted to get Tess and that useless fella their birthday presents. AND we had to do grocery shopping or we wouldn't have had food to eat for dinner! HAHA!

Came back home at around 3p.m.++, bathed and slept for awhile. (I didn't sleep well last night thanks to my uncle who was snoring away... Sheesh) Woke up at around 6 when my sis kept yelling in my ear, demanding that I make the stupid macaroni and cheese. -_-; After that, we had Jap/Thai/Italian style dinner... Ooh! And wine too =) THEN I was forced to "entertain" my parents with my pieces...

That's all anyhoo... Gotta go now. My parents are finishing the game already... -Scrabble- Heehee... Ciaozz!